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Philly Antifa on KSS: “Economics is a red herring”

The comrades at Philly Antifa have published a very good article about Pennsylvania’s Keystone State Skinheads (KSS) and the meaning of their many changes over the years. KSS started as a gun-toting Nazi skinhead crew but have become soft(er) spoken “white nationalists,” changing both their names and approaches … Continue reading

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NYC’s Golden Dawn Targets Greek-Americans

It is always a great irony that New York City chapter of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn organizes support for racist, anti-immigrant policies in their home country – exactly the place where they don’t live! You’d think as immigrants or … Continue reading

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Nipsters: German Neo-Nazi Hipsters

Rolling Stone has published a fascinating story about hipster Nazis in Germany. As many antifascists have warned for years, fascists are abandoning the old bonehead-and-white-robes approach for one that is closer to the cultural tastes of the radical left. The … Continue reading

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Why We Still Don’t Like Death in June

Last year we detailed the fascist entanglements of the Neo-Folk band Death in June when they played in town. We’re reposting this if you’d like a good reason to not attend their show this Saturday night (5/31) at Webster Hall. … Continue reading

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Why Does the European Far Right Support Assad?

“SYRIA: A reading into the new wave of European far-right and the reasons behind its support for the Syrian regime” By Hisham Al Ashqar Originally published in Arabic on Al-Manshour Translated by Laila Attar and Ubiydah Mobarak from Arabic for Tahrir-ICN … Continue reading

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