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NYC’s Golden Dawn Targets Greek-Americans

It is always a great irony that New York City chapter of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn organizes support for racist, anti-immigrant policies in their home country – exactly the place where they don’t live! You’d think as immigrants or … Continue reading

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Nipsters: German Neo-Nazi Hipsters

Rolling Stone has published a fascinating story about hipster Nazis in Germany. As many antifascists have warned for years, fascists are abandoning the old bonehead-and-white-robes approach for one that is closer to the cultural tastes of the radical left. The … Continue reading

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Why We Still Don’t Like Death in June

Last year we detailed the fascist entanglements of the Neo-Folk band Death in June when they played in town. We’re reposting this if you’d like a good reason to not attend their show this Saturday night (5/31) at Webster Hall. … Continue reading

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Why Does the European Far Right Support Assad?

“SYRIA: A reading into the new wave of European far-right and the reasons behind its support for the Syrian regime” By Hisham Al Ashqar Originally published in Arabic on Al-Manshour Translated by Laila Attar and Ubiydah Mobarak from Arabic for Tahrir-ICN … Continue reading

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Updates on National Anarchist infiltrations in the New York area

In a recent interview with a fascist Dutch Magazine NATA‘s commander, Craig Fitzgerald, boasted that despite being rejected by all anarchists in NY for their support of White Nationalism and Holocaust denial, they are “Continuing to collaborate with groups as … Continue reading

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