NYC-SEP. 17 AND 20 / Call To Action For Russian Antifas!


One of the reasons for this call is the fact that two Russian antifascists (Gaskarov and Solopov) are being held in police custody for organizing huge antifa/anarcho demonstartion in Moscow suburb (I’ll write later what it was about, but you can get idea reading first link below). In fact, these two persons didn’t organize that demo but are public persons who always speak in the name of antifascist movement so they are well known by both journalists and cops (including those assholes from Center of Extremism Prevention (For them antifascism=extremism). So after that huge demo when nobody

was arrested cops from Center “E” started heavy repressions against whole antifascist movement. First, they arrested above mentioned Gaskarov and Solopov who are now imprisoned. Then they started to shut down all punk/hardcore shows where bands with strict antifascist position were playing, they arrest ALL people from the shows and put
them in their extremists’ databases (photographing and fingerprinting everybody), they pick up some of the people and beat them hard forcing to sign confessions and fake testimony to have grounds for arrests of other antifascists.

When Alexey Alesinov (famous antifascist who spent a year in jail on trumped-up case) tried to bring some food for Gaskarov and Solopov he was detained by police and held for questioning.

Few days ago there was an attempt to kill another active antifascist Vladimir Skopintsev “(Ukrop”) by shooting him. But the police wasn’t investigating the case but started to pressure on his brother trying to get info where is he now. And this is not the first example of cooperating of cops and nazis.

Russia more and more looks like fascist state. While boneheads/far-right soccer fans attack, beat, stab people authorities pursue antifascists. That happenned before.. there were few cases in different cities against antifascists who basically just tried to defend themselves when attacked by nazis. But authorities wanted to put them to the jail (practically for not letting kill or maim themselves). But present wave of repressions on antifascist movement is unprecedented.


Friday Sep. 17th, 2:30PM – In front of the Russian Consulate

Day 1.
Where: Consulate General of Russia
Address: 9 E 91st StNew York, NY
Picket: 3pm-4pm
Meetpoint: 2:30pm, E 91 Street & 5th Avenue

Please bring some banners!!
You can write any antifascist message you want.. Like:

“FREE Alexei Gaskarov AND Maxim Solopov”


You can use any huge piece of fabric and color doctape to make signs
or use stencils..
Or you can find some big cardboard and write slogans there or print
them out on several sheets ang glue to the cardboard.

Saturday Sep. 18th, 3:PM – Abc No Rio Hardcore/Punk Matinee in support of the Russian antifas

Monday Sep. 20th – Russian Mission at United Nations


> Call for international Days of Action in Support of Gaskarov
> Police folied the punk /hardcore concert and now “press” the organizers in Kostroma
> The Charity hardcore concert didn’t suit the police of Zhukovsky
> Gunshot fired at a window of an antifascist
Action Alert: Khimki Battle Solidarity 17-20 September


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