Atari Teenage Riot in NYC!

Next Thursday Sep. 23rd the Berlin anarcho-electronic ATARI TEENAGE RIOT will be playing in NYC.


Atari Teenage Riot – Berlin May 1st 1999 riot footage with Alec Empire commentary.

Throughout the ‘90s, ATR spread sonic fire and antifascist ideas from the nexus of hard techno, thrash-punk and noise.

“The group was founded as an attack on the increasingly neo-Nazi influenced German techno scene. On ATR’s early releases (which included the track “Hetzjagd Auf Nazis!”/”Hunt Down the Nazis!”) were surrounded by controversy in Germany.”

(((Hunt Down the Nazis!)))

“On the May 1st 1999 in Berlin, the ATR members result arrested for “inciting violence” after crowds, assembled for an anti-NATO protest, rioted with police.”


Ticket$$$ h3r3

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