Baldies to ARA documentary

A very rough cut of my Documentary about The Anti-racist movement In Minnesota in the Late 80’s. Which grew from meager beginnings to an International movement now known as the Anti-racist action network. The purpose of this documentary is to tell the story of the movement from its beginnings as a rag tag group of anti-racist youth to An International movement. As well as to show how this movement impacted the Twin cites. I will be posting a new excerpt which shot with the help of Alan Lloyd & Peter Lund, very soon with new footage & Interviews. Please feel free to comment.

About NYC Autonomous Antifascists

Sometimes antisocial but always Antifascist!
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2 Responses to Baldies to ARA documentary

  1. Alex Alvarez says:

    Hey thanks for reposting my rough cut..Will have a trailer up soon..

  2. Alex Alvarez says:

    Hey if you guys have any footage I can use 4 the doc. Send me a message via the youtube link. Really trying to get this thing finished already.

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