Normally when a band associated with Nazis gets bounced from a club for being Nazis, they aren’t asked back, but promoters at a New Jersey club not only booked Call the Paramedics for the third time after booking and canceling twice, they booked them on the weekend damn near every Nazi and antifa is supposed to be in the state! We don’t know if this has any connection to the National Socialist Movement’s (NSM) conference and rally April 15-16, but we don’t have a lot of Nazi activity in New Jersey, let alone two seperate events. On top of that, it’s starting to look like we have a problem with either the club, promoter or both, and some bands that don’t want to work with those that insist on working with Nazis who believe in making light of rape may want to pass this place by when they book their next tour.

CLIFTON, NJ–Despite have to shut down their show twice in the past year, the club Dingbatz has not only booked a racist and sexist band with ties to white supremacist groups for seemingly the third time, the date of their show is on the weekend that a neo-Nazi conference and rally is to take place in the state.

According to an announcement on the Dingbatz website, as well as flyers being distributed around New Jersey, Call the Paramedics, a group fronted by Atlantic City “Skinheads” (ACS) associate Martin Jason Schacteer (a/k/a, “Shlak”), is scheduled to perform on Sunday, April 17. On April 15-16, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) is planning a conference with a rally that Saturday at the Statehouse in Trenton.

In its most recent edition of its magazine Intelligence Report, the Southern Poverty Law Center lists Atlantic City Skins among the list of 1002 hate groups they have compiled. In addition, Call the Paramedics has also been called out for their misogynist messages such as ones in their song “It’s not rape, it’s surprise sex!” Last year, they lost several gigs around the country after communites voiced outrage.

Two of the gigs they lost, one in July and another in October, were at Dingbatz, a club that regularly books regional and national acts. Gutter Christ Productions, the promoters who booked them for those gigs, are also the ones booking them for this third time. It is not known if Call the Paramedics have performed since their last Dingbatz cancellation, particularly at the club.

Reportedly, Schlacteer was incarcerated for a few weeks since then, but at press time no other information was available regarding the situation.


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