“Who Bombed Judi Bari?” sneak preview to air at NYC Anarchist Forum

by WW4 Report

The Libertarian Book Club,* New York City’s oldest continuously active anarchist institution (founded 1946), kicks off the fall season of its Anarchist Forum series as legendary Northern California songster and activist Darryl Cherney returns to his native New York for a sneak-preview screening of his new film Who Bombed Judi Bari?—revealing the story behind the 1990 terror attack in Oakland on ecological defenders struggling to protect some of the last surviving old-growth redwoods from the timber barons. Director Mary Liz Thomson will also be on hand.

Darryl also hopes to organize a screening at the Wall Street Occupation. He writes: “We think this is an important—an urgent—movie to bring to the Occupiers… This film presents a blueprint for success on the labor, environmental and civil rights fronts while also being action-packed with a bona fide crime story, full of music and entertaining. Our goals: To educate on successful tactics and strategies; to inspire action and to inform the world as to who the historical Earth Warrior, labor organizer, fiddler and mother of two Judi Bari was. Oh, and if we can get a renewed interest in solving the bombing case, that would be a great fringe benefit!”

Tuesday, Nov. 15
7:30 PM sharp at
The Brecht Forum
451 West Street (between Bank & Bethune streets in the West Village)

This Sneak Preview is free for Wall Street Occupiers and their supporters. Donations for the Anarchist Forum and film costs are encouraged but not required. There will be a Focus Group discussion with the Producer and Director after the screening. Please RSVP to hokeypokey [at] asis.com or by phone: 707-223-3788.

*We are not right-wing, capital-L Libertarians. We are left-wing anarchists. When LBC was founded in 1946, the word “libertarian” had not yet been co-opted by the free-market right, and was basically a synonym for “anti-authoritarian” or “anarchist.” We stubbornly refuse to surrender the name.

Donations to help the Anarchist Forum survive can be made via World War 4 Report:

Source: World War 4 Report

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