Abc No Rio, June 23rd / Book Thug Nation June 24th – Mysterious Rabbit Puppt Army in NYC

Puppet Tour To Raise Awareness Of Ecological Collapse And What We Can Do To Stop It

– June 23rd, Manhattan: ABC No Rio – 156 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002-2411 / FB event:

– June 24th, Brooklyn: Book Thug Nation – 100 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY / FB event:

The Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army is coming to NYC on Saturday, June 23rd with their newest puppet production, “Donny Quixote!” The show is a scathing critique of “green” capitalism and “green” technology told through a humorous adaptation of the story of Don Quixote. MRPA will present two other fun performances and travels with a distro of materials related to the content of the shows. All shows are rated PG.

This tour is to help build a culture of ecological resistance that embraces a diversity of tactics, including direct action. The shows are designed to help audiences see through the false solutions capitalism proposes to ecological crises. “Our goal in this tour is to use art to explore these relationships and brainstorm with our audiences how we can fight back against the destruction of the planet.” said Mysterious Puppeteer Michael Snacks.

Why this tour? Why Now?
The very future of life on Earth is in danger. Human activities—from hunting to habitat destruction—have already driven countless species to extinction, and the process is only accelerating. The destruction of the Earth and its sustainable indigenous cultures has led to tragedy in
every corner of the globe.

The same corporations who have been driving us to the brink now posture as if they are the cure for the cancer they have caused. They peddle consumer goods as a solution to the devastation they have wrought. It is not enough to ask politicians and corporations to destroy less wilderness. We need to preserve it all, to recreate lost habitats and reintroduce extirpated predators. We need to stop and reverse the poisoning of our air, water and soil, as well as the modification of life’s genetic code.

The tour is being co-sponsored by the Earth First Journal, the voice of the radical environmental movement.

For more information on the Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army,


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