Aug. 4th 2012 – Queer/Pink Bloc In Greenwich Village

Saturday, August 4, 2012
Washinton Square Park, NYC

We are calling for all queers, radicals and anarchists in NYC to join us at Washington Square Park on August 4th and form a Queer Bloc (AKA Pink Bloc).

Greenwich Village has long been a safe haven for LGBTQ people but has recently been undergoing gentrification. Lower class LGBTQ people, mainly POC and transgender people have been forced out their homes due to the rising price of rent and property tax in the neighborhood.

The police presence has also been growing in the village. Sex workers, transgender people and queer POC are often harassed by the NYPD and frisked with no reasonable cause as required by law.

On the 4th of August we will show solidarity with the queers in our city and remember those who liberated the LGBTQ community during the Stonewall Riots.

RSVP HERE!, spread the poster and invite your friends. Don’t forget to wear pink!

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