NATA Unwanted at Anarchist Bookfair, 4/20 Conference, or seemingly anywhere else

FitzGerald cowers as a passerby chews out his group’s presence in Union Square late last month

Upon a closer evaluation of the word and its etymology one can see that fascism does not imply hierarchy but rather unity, and some anarchists may want to reclaim the term. – Craig FitzGerald, NATA-NY

National Anarchist Tribal Alliance (NATA) Commander Craig FitzGerald might be deluded enough to think things would have gone differently for his fledgling third-positionist constellation of 9/11 Truthers, Right-Libertarians, and White Nationalists, but so far the NATzis have had little luck finding a safe haven.

First we reported how our comrades kicked them to the curb when they attempted to attend a punk show in East Williamsburg. Since then they were barred by organizers from entering this year’s Anarchist Bookfair, seemingly dropped from the lineup of a Ron Paul supporter’s  “Anarchy in the NYC Conference” on April 20th, and chewed-out during their charity mission to “help disadvantaged people” by distributing oranges and bottles of water in Union Square.

Not to be deterred, the NATA trolls spammed the Anarchist Bookfair Facebook wall day and night, arguing that mixed-racial couples are committing a “genocide” against the “white race,” that they can’t be anti-Semitic because FitzGerald was once labeled a Jew by rival Truthers, and they even threatened to beat up Hakim Bey.

It didn’t take long before organizers told them they were not only unwelcome, but would be escorted from the bookfair if they showed. A flyer was produced labeling the NATzis most likely to show, and organizers were on high alert for their presence.

Two members finally showed around five, but were easily recognizable due to sub-Commander Gabriel Brown’s trademark Revolutionary War reenactor outfit (we think?). Along with [NAME REDACTED*] the two were heckled mercilessly, spat upon, and were only able to remain on the sidewalk due to the watchful eye of the NYPD who were  stationed across the street all weekend.

More NATzis and their allies turned up through the rest of the day. Two of them, Hartford based We Are Changers Steve Boutelle and Jeff Durkin, lied their way in and secretly took photos and videos of the tables and attendees, violating the bookfair’s policy designed to protect people from surveillance. Meanwhile, Brown and Riadtchikov continued to handout Truther flyers and beg for attention from people walking by. They were later joined by NATA sub-Commander Robert Erick, Glen Jonathon Waldrip III, and Rebecca Fusco.

NATA was advised on multiple occasions prior to the bookfair that they were not welcome and their very presence would cause a conflict. They continued to cross their boundaries by filming and attempting to enter several times, and predictably attendees got pissed. Around the time the bookfair ended a woman got upset at their rhetoric, yelled “fuck off with your Nationalist shit!” and a scuffle began. According to a radio interview with NATA members, Boutelle had his camera slapped out of his hand, two NATzis were knocked into the gutter, one socked in the face, and their N-AM flag was stolen by ANTIFA.

We regret that the violence had to occur, and predictably NATA are calling themselves victims despite coming to a place they were not welcome (Don’t Tread on Me, guys?) and filming against the consent of the anarchists in attendance. Their disgusting exaggerations of their treatment included Brown’s claim that he was treated “exactly like a Black person at a Klan rally,” and Boutelle’s comparison of the experience to being “raped.”

As much as NATA wants to argue that they are not racists or anti-Semitic, they continue to identify with the National-Anarchist Movement (N-AM) which is anti-miscegenation, calls mixed-racial people “coffee colored mush,” and have a manifesto that begins with the premise that “an elite coterie of Jews” run the world. They are yet to distance themselves from Craig FitzGerald, who endears himself to fascism, calls the Holocaust a hoax, and wants to disseminate Holocaust denial literature outside the “Holohoax museum.” In addition, they are yet to denounce the various neo-Nazis that contribute to their Facebook discussions. Hopefully soon the members of NATA-NY will realize the more they show their faces the less welcome they will be in any political circle in New York, and they will give up their façade of an anarchist group and join the fight for a world without ethnic divisions or nations.

*We have removed this person’s name from the article as he assured us that he will not attend future NATA events.

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