Greece, April 21, 1967—–NEVER AGAIN!

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Greece, April 21, 1967

In Remembrance of the Victims of the Dictatorship
In Protest against State Authoritarianism and Neo-Nazism
In Defense of Democracy and Economic Justice for the Greek People

Sunday, April 21st, 12:30 pm to 3 pm
30th Avenue between 28th and 29th Street
Subway: N/Q to 30th Avenue in Astoria, Queens


(From Jan 19 International Day of Anti-Fascist Solidarity)By

Forty-six years after the coup of April 21st, 1967 put Greece under a brutal right-wing military dictatorship backed by the CIA, the country again finds itself in a deep political crisis.

The junta of 1967-74 tyrannized the people with fear and murder. Many were killed, thousands were jailed, trade unions were banned and newspapers, music and books were censored. Today democracy in Greece is once again under attack. Since the economic crisis began in 2009, successive governments have engaged in censorship of the free press and violent suppression of protests and strikes, turned a blind eye to police torture, and rounded up thousands of migrants into concentration camps. These anti-democratic practices, although in violation of international laws, have the backing of the European Union the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund (the “Troika”) — who, in order to enforce austerity and a series of devastating economic measures, have abolished democracy in Greece.

The Troika has set impossible terms for the Greek people to repay debts accumulated in large part through private frauds orchestrated out of financial centers in Europe, London and Wall Street. These policies have robbed the elderly of pensions, generated 60% youth unemployment, destroyed the welfare system and predictably caused the economy to collapse. Now Greece is being pushed to privatize the public sector and sell the country’s natural and cultural wealth at fire-sale prices.

Perhaps most recklessly of all, the present Greek government tolerates the violent outrages of Golden Dawn (GD), the neo-Nazi party that celebrates the anniversary of the 1967 coup as a day of national upheaval. They make no secret of their intent to destroy democracy and the rule of law in Greece, just like the colonels of 1967, whom they count among their heroes. Indeed, they hardly conceal their nostalgia for dictatorial regimes like Hitler’s and accordingly they deny the Holocaust, physically attack immigrants, gays, leftists, journalists, women, and recently four of their representatives in the Parliament publicly expressed on television support for a “euthanasia” policy for the disabled and mentally ill.

As an international solidarity movement of Greek-Americans, friends of Greece, anti-fascists and supporters of human rights and justice for all, we gather in Athens Square with a peaceful, simple and powerful message: We say NO to state authoritarianism and police violence. We say NO to the systematic violations of human rights and constitutional freedoms. We say NO to the ruthless economic exploitation of the people. We say NO to Neo-Nazism.

People in Greece take the streets with slogans like “Ψωμί, Παιδεία, Ελευθερία. Η Χούντα δεν Τελείωσε το ’73” (Bread, Education, Freedom, the Junta was not over in 1973). With the same demands and in solidarity with the Greek people join us for a gathering at Athens Square Park, Sunday, April 21st, 1pm, 30th Ave between 28th and 29th Str, Astoria, Queens.

Athens Square Park - In the Heart of Little Athens, Astoria

Athens Square Park – A gift from the people of Big Athens .
Located in the heart of Little Athens, Astoria, Queens.

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