NATA Plans Day of Protests against Leftist Spaces on Fascist Holiday

Kicked out of a Libertarian conference, NATA plans to march against the “Red Scourge” this Saturday.

Ever year on April 20th Neo-Nazis worldwide celebrate Hitler’s Birthday with street demonstrations and attacks against ethnic minorities. New York’s Holocaust denying, pro-Fascist, and pro-White Separatist group NATA (who of course claim to be “Nationalist Anarchists,” not National Socialists) will be celebrating this year with a roving march against bookshops and music venues which they feel represent the “red scourge.”

From Bluestockings’ FB page:

Q: Want to know what a good gauge of a projects efficacy?

A: Ethno-nationalists identify your space as UNSAFE and plan to protest YOU.

NATA (the racists who were not allowed into the NYC Anarchist Bookfair) have announced (via a closed, clandestine group on FACEBOOK) that they plan on meeting on Saturday at noon at Union Square and will be MARCHING on Bluestockings and ABC NO RIO.

From the description in the FB event page:

“Seeing that Craig FitzGerald and the National Anarchist Tribal Alliance have been blackballed from the Anarchy in NYC event. NATA is going to protest at as many communist and “left” wing “anarchist” venues in the NYC area as possible. We will be meeting in Union Square at 12 noon and promptly leaving at 1230pm (as to not attract angry drunks) to Revolution Books. Then we will make are [sic] way downtown to Blue Stocking books @ 172 Allen St. and then over to ABC NO RIO @ 156 Rivington street after we attempt to enter ABC we will make our way out the [VENUE NAME REDACTED] in Brooklyn allegedly an “Antifa” spot. and continue our protest against this red plague.”

Judging from NATA’s past attempts gain attention (one saw them kicked to the curb, another they ended up in the gutter with their flag stolen) we assume that these jokers will be an annoyance rather than a real threat. It should be noted, however, that Craig Fitzgerald is attempting to bring some RAC (Rock Against Communism) skinheads along on this march. It is yet to see if the 9/11 conspiracy geek/ tough-guy patriotic macho skinhead alliance will come to fruition.

We are advising that the spaces mentioned in the NATzi’s ‘call to action’ be aware that this circus will be coming their away, that they go about business as usual, but be prepared to deal effectively with NATA if they attempt to disrupt the goings on.

There is no indication as of yet whether they will be wearing brown shirts.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a video of the “angry drunk” to which FitzGerald refers in the event page. Warning: there is some homophobic language on both sides. At 0:55 Luke Bilgrey calls the man a n*****, and at 8:05, FitzGerald calls him a f*****.

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