Atlanta, GA: Reportback on Antifascist Actions 04/19 & 04/20



On April 20th, about 200 people gathered to protest an anti-immigration rally being held by the neo-nazi group, National Socialist Movement and the Klu Klux Klan.

The night before an anonymous communique was posted from some Atlanta Antifascists

“On April 19th, Atlanta antifascists descended upon the Wellesley Inn Hotel, where the neo- nazi group known as the National Socialist Movement was holding their annual conference. We smashed every window and a tire of their member Richard Wight’s car. We did this to disrupt their conference, avert their attention off of the conference, to hit them monetarily, and show them that their will always be consequences for fascist organizing.
-Fuck off nazi scum

(It was later revealed the the hotel asked the NSM to leave.)

There were only about 40 fascists present at the rally – in contrast to the 200 people prepared to counter it. Counter-protesters held two banners, one reading “Remember Tinley Park?” and “(A) – fight fascists”. The surrounding streets were also adorned with some antifascist propaganda.

Upon the arrival of counter-protesters, police immediately stepped in and threatened the protesters. With some success the cops were able to separate the crowd into three different sections. We should always avoid allowing ourselves to be split. Solidarity gives us strength.

During this time there was no visible presence of nazi demonstrators (other than those with badges), but soon the klan and NSM emerged, marching on the sidewalk up towards the capitol. Immediately, the crowd began to move towards them. The Georgia State police pulled out an assault rifle to calm people down.

The NSM and the Klan were escorted behind the barricade to the protest area and their fascist rally began. The police attempted to block off a section of the street, placing only a small line of cops, a medium sized road, and some barricades between the nazis and the counter-demo. Despite having been earlier told to get out of this area, the crowd realized the cops were not prepared to contain them so they pushed forward and took the sidewalk directly in front of the rally. The majority of the nazi scum never turned their backs to the angry crowd and became visibly upset about the things being yelled. People from the crowd were yelling “Kill yourself”, “Please die,” “Die Nazi Scum,” “Choke on a bullet,” and “Fuck your car!” (in response to the previous night’s attacks), amongst other things. Towards the rally’s end some of the younger neo-nazis came towards the barricades, yelling that they wanted to sexually assault and confront the crowd. The crowd returned their threats with globs of spit and middle fingers raised high. Once some camera men made it close to them, many nazis backed a way in fear of having their photos taken.

When the rally ended, the nazis were escorted down the street and the crowd followed them, lining the other side of the street and yelling for them to get out of Atlanta. The police showed themselves to have been unprepared for this type of confrontation and had to mass up in the street to consider their next move and were forced to call in their green-shirts and Mounted Patrol. The nazis made it down to a parking deck and were led inside by Atlanta Police. Realizing there was only one entrance, the crowd then surrounded the parking deck. Some of the crowd got close enough to try and break down the fencing on the side of the deck, but the police were able to get around the corner too soon for the task to be completed. NSM and the Klan yelled down from an upper level of the deck at the crowd. They were told to jump to their deaths and come fight. Eventually the crowd dwindled and they were able to leave the deck, but some information was collected and will be shared soon.

There was one arrest that occurred during the rally after an officer harassed a person who refused to hand over a sign that read “Fuck off Nazis”. The person was severally beaten by about 6 officers and charged with a misdemeanor. (Bail has been posted and the person should be out within 24 hours.)

The cops seemed to not be prepared for what could have ensued had there been more people present and prepared. The possibilities to make the situation uncontrollable were many. Given that there were definitely more protestors than the cops and the klan combined and that there were many times where the cops had to run to catch the action, things could perhaps have ended differently. However, in the end the message was clear: Fascist Nazi Scum are not welcome in Atlanta or in life.

Fuck Nazis. (A)

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