Atari Teenage Riot + 6000 Anti-Fascists in Berlin


On the night of April 30th to May 1st 2013 German authorities allowed Nazi groups to march through Berlin.

Over 6000 people joined Atari Teenage Riot, the Anti-Fascist Action, and various other anti-racism activists and artists who gathered for a free concert to block the Nazi march!

Since the economic crisis in Europe began, various Neo-Nazi organizations have tried to win new support. They are either denying the Holocaust or openly support the mass killings ordered by Adolph Hitler. It’s a shame that in our time the German taxpayer is financing Nazi marches that are protected by the police.

If you are reading this, help us educate and mobilize friends, family and people you know.

Too many racist attacks are happening everywhere – the threat is real.

We fight for a world in which Nazi ideology does NOT exist anymore. That world has existed for thousands of years and it will exist again!

We fight for that world with our minds.

The content of your mind is NOT inherited – your convictions, character and values are not determined before you are born. You, as an individual, control them.

Don’t let racists and Nazis tell you otherwise.

When we came together in Berlin on April 30th, we sent a message.

Let’s also think of those who fight from behind the computer screens in the virtual world: Anonymous Operation Blitzkrieg, all bloggers, activists and those who spread the message!


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