NYC: June 13th 2013 /// FERMIN MUGURUZA Kontrakantxa, “No More Tour 2013”

463984_457466834330102_1048527343_oThursday June 13
Rebel Roots Fest III
EastRev & UCNYCollectiveThe REBEL ROOTS FEST has serve as a stage, supporting independent culture since 2005. And now for the third time this DIY collective joins forces with long time friend and collaborator Fermin Muguruza alongside The Frightnrs, (A)TRUTH and Sonidero Mixteco on the 1 2s’ to bring you the REBEL ROOTS 3.Presenting:
Six years later, FM is back on tour Fermin Muguruza Kontrakantxa, commemorating 30 years of his musical career, celebrating 50 years of commitment and life. NO MORE TOUR 13 will once again be an explosive gathering, a great new reunion of those who come to Asthmatic Lion a.k.a Fermin Muguruza’s concerts, roaring back in 2013.

Seis años después vuelve FM a girar con Fermin Muguruza Kontrakantxa, conmemorando 30 años de carrera musical, celebrando 50 años de compromiso y vida. NO MORE TOUR 13 volverá a ser una ceremonia del encuentro y los abrazos para aquellos que se acerquen a cada estación musical del León Asmático aka Fermin Muguruza, que ruge de nuevo en el 2013.

New York City Reggae in a Brooklyn Style

NYC HxC Anark Punx bilingual hardcore punk from Brooklyn

Sonidero Mixteco sound selector DF/NY connection

@Bowery Electric
327 Bowery New York, NY 10003

pre-sale tickets $8


more info:

Antifa Music!

Antifa Music!


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