Quadir Lateef – Fuck Golden Dawn!

#Antifascist track from #Houston rapper @QuadirLateef, in memory of RIP Killahp – Fuck Golden Dawn

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Yeah,rest in peace Killah P
Yo, I’m ’bout to bring it to your coward ass Golden Dawn, KKK wannabe
Wanna go to war homie, let the AK spray
who the hell is golden dawn, the new KKK
Supported by the Greek government who let y’all stay
bunch of coward ass racists, Imma make y’all pay
rest in peace Killah p he was taken away
take the life of a man who has something to say
you attack immigrants and the people who gay
you attack muslims, and the people who pray
bunch of fascists, that’s why I gotta spit in your face
y’all attack Killah P, it was 20 to 1
come attack Quadir Lateef, we got plenty of guns
I’m a soldier homie, see I was raised in the slum
It won’t be a Golden Dawn if you ain’t seen the sun it’s war!
Could you wanna be the Kuk Klux Klan
I’m about to bring the ruckus like Wu Tang Clan
catch you (?) protest I won’t y’all stand, nigga.
Fuck Golden Dawn (x6) You wanna go to war homie? Bring it on.
Fuck Golden Dawn (x6) I fear no man, bring it on
Niggas–cowards man.
I don’t understand this fake skinhead, this fake KKK wannabe
running around, getting at people man like y’all boys run things man
the people, the people in greece gotta stand up man
the people in greece gotta stand up man and form, and form a unit man
and get (??) boys, man
you gotta take the power back man
can’t let them people kill people man
just walk around and tryna be racist and fascists man
y’all (??) about it man
we gotta lock and load on them boys man
that’s the only way you’re gonna get peace
sometimes it takes war
Quadir Lateef, rest in peace Killah P
Who next? Yeah…

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