NO PASARAN! /// A NYC 2013 fall newsletter from your friendly local Antifascists

“The struggle is not only against the fascists of past and present, those in the blackshirts, but is also and fundamentally against the power that oppresses us, with all the elements of support that make it possible, even when it wears the permissive and tolerant guise of democracy.”—Alfredo M. Bonanno
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OCTOBER 2oth — The White Supremacist gang Keystone State Skinheads held their annual “Leif Erickson Day” in Philadelphia . The skinhead gang and their allies, numbering about 20, were completely drowned out by anti -fascists, local students, and a group of cross-dressers who converged to “Drag Out” the Nazis.

SEPTEMBER 18 — Members of Greek’s neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn assassinated anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas in Keratsini. The coordinated hit lead to massive protests around Greece, and arrest of Golden Dawn PMs, and likely the end of the party as a legal organization. In New York, we stenciled Pavlos’ face at known Golden Dawn hangouts.

SUMMER — New York City venues 285 Kent, the Bell House, and The Acheron all coincidentally hosted pro-fascist bands. After dialogue with Antifa, promoters at all three venues admitted regret for giving these bands a stage, and assured patrons they would be more careful in the future.

JUNE 23 Deep Green Resistance, an ecology group with a mean streak for transphobia, was prevented from speaking at Bluestockings and the Crown Heights’ Launchpad due to their assertion that transwomen are “men in dresses.”

APRIL 19 — The National Socialist Movement held their annual conference in Atlanta this year. While the Wellesley Inn ignored the phone-jam and pretended the conference wasn’t happening, anti-fascists snuck into the parking lot and smashed up NSM leader Jeff Shoep’s car. An action by Chicago Southside ARA also prevented NSM’s Illinois cadre from attending. Last year, three Nazis ended up in the hospital after antifa attacked their meeting hall in Pemberton, New Jersey.

APRIL 13-2oth — “Anarcho-Fascist” group NATA (National-‘Anarchist’ Tribal Alliance), who use anarchist aesthetics to promote racial separatism and Holocaust denial, had a bad week after being barred from attending the NYC Anarchist Bookfair, having their flag stolen, and being uninvited from speaking a Right-Libertarian conference. Leader Craig FitzGerald calls for a march against the “Red Scourge”‘ in NYC, including Bluestockings, ABC No Rio, and The Swamp. He never shows.

APRIL 21 — New York’s chapter of the Greek neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn attempted to hold a rally celebrating the Junta, a 1967 fascist coup in Greece. With our comrades in Astoria anti-fascists made sure an anti-Junta protest pre-empted their own. When they tried to show up, they were chased down the street. Their attempts of infiltrating the Greek immigrant community in Astoria a total failure, they can hardly show their faces in public anymore, let alone publically organize.

APRIL 20 — Nazi skinheads from New York and Pennsylvania met at Exchange Place in Jersey City for a “memorial” for the Katyn Massacre. The Soviet execution of thousands of Polish industrialists and intellectuals during World War II is typically remembered the previous week, but this group chose Hitler’s birthday instead. Participating groups included Keystone State Skinheads and the Council of Conservative Citizens.

NYPD update:
New York’s Swinest continue their reign of brutality in New York. While opposition to racial profiling has lowered numbers of stop-and-frisks, police are still able to murder and rape with impunity. Kimani Gray and Ramarlay Graham are this year’s heartbreaking examples of the NYPD’s murderous policy of criminalizing all black
youth. Meanwhile, they continue their surveillance of all Muslims in the city, the harassment of sex workers, and the suppression of radical dissent.

POLITICAL PRISONERS: Jerry Koch and Jeremy Hammond remain locked up in Manhattan Correctional Center. Koch is a NYC Anarchist and Grand Jury resister who is not accused of any crime, but has been imprisoned for not snitching on fellow Anarchists. See Hammond is awaiting sentencing for alleged role in Anonymous actions leaking information about the Arizona Police Department and Stratfor. Visit CeCe McDonald, a transwoman, was assaulted by a group of Nazis outside a grocery store in Minneapolis. Her and her friends tried to flee the scene, but the assault continued, and one of the Nazis ended up dead. Despite only acting in the defense of herself and her friends, McDonald was sentenced to nearly two years imprisonment. She is currently in a male prison. Visit The Tinley Park 5 are a group of anti-fascists imprisoned for attacking a group of White Nationalists in a restaurant in Tinley Park, Illinois. Visit


PDF version here
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