A few pieces on the upsurge of right-wing populism in the global uprisings



Ukraine's fascists steal our colors

Ukraine’s fascists steal our colors

From Cicada Press: The Circling of the Squares, an upcoming broadsheet with communiques from some of the anti-authoritarian workers and artists countering the Nationalist upsurge in Ukraine.

From Crimethinc: The Ukrainian Revolution and the Future of Social Movements, an analysis of the Nationalism of the Maidan uprising in Ukraine and it’s what it means for the trajectory of mass protest movements.

From Kasama Project: The Solstice. A schematic look at Ukraine, Italy, the United States, and an excellent longer essay about Thailand’s Red vs. Yellow (democrats vs. royalist) conflicts. Ends with a Marxist analysis through a non-parliamentarian historical understanding of the “party.” Worth a read for the Thailand section, for sure.

From Vice: The Egyptian Military’s Long Con is Almost Complete, How the military defeated the Libertarian aspects of the Egyptian revolution with counter-insurgency, including their most recently horrific tactic of sentencing over 500 alleged Islamists to death for their involvement in a protest in which an officer was killed.

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