Rose City Antifa statement on the SPLC

From our comrades at Rose City Antifa:

The SPLC article about Stormfront has been circulating around. We did not publish it due to serious political disagreements with the SPLC and their position in the article itself. It may however be useful to outline those issues briefly, and post an article based on the SPLC piece.

The SPLC characterizes the far left as equally problematic as the far right. Groups like ARA and Earth First! are also classified as dangerous extremist organizations by the SPLC. The SPLC has published numerous smear pieces on militant antifascists while simultaneous co-opting our research and taking credit for our gains. We must admit, the SPLC does do useful research on ongoing far right activity. However the over-arching politic is not one we can support.

In the article the SPLC posits that increased government intervention including censoring Stormfront and increased surveillance of neo-Nazis are good solutions. We feel that this misses the very obvious point that the U.S. gov’t is an agent of white supremacy. Any increased gov’t powers will be used more, and with greater force against the left. There are very clear *reasons* why neo-Nazi and far right activity is ignored whereas leftist activity faces constant repression, is branded terrorism, and gets long prison sentences. It is not a case of the Department of Homeland Security having “taken its eye off the ball”, it is a case of a system devoted to maintaining massive inequalities that serve capitalist interest.

Anyway, we feel the SPLC statistics when extracted from their messaging are important. They demonstrate that white supremacists are extremely dangerous, which is something that we are constantly stressing in our education and outreach. We feel that the far right should be monitored and vigorously opposed. They should not be allowed to have platforms or networking opportunities. However, we feel that this opposition should come from working class communities themselves and not from the state.

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