NYC’s Golden Dawn Targets Greek-Americans

anti GDIt is always a great irony that New York City chapter of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn organizes support for racist, anti-immigrant policies in their home country  exactly the place where they don’t live! You’d think as immigrants or children of immigrants they’d be a little more aware of how ridiculous this is… but, then, a thoughtful fascist is hard to find.

The irony-deficient NYC chapter has responded with typical vitriol to a new, short documentary about them  or rather, one filmmaker’s failed attempts to interview them. (In their place he interviewed members of the local Greek community and business leaders, as well as some anti-fascists from, for example, AKNY.)

As Lamprini Thoma describes it, NYC Golden Dawn has responded with:

A witch-hunt with a chiefly anti-Marxist slant…. In an act of ‘retaliation’, as they themselves called it, against the ‘criminals’ and their ‘conspiracy’, the Greek-American Golden Dawn published personal details, phone numbers and addresses of whomever they put in their sights…. They dub [the film] ‘a propaganda film against Golden Dawn pretending to be a documentary’ and attack all those who speak against the group in it. They don’t restrict themselves to slander however. They proceed to publish personal details, asking that their readers call them and… take to task all those who dared speak out.

Read the whole story, with a link to the documentary on Youtube, here: Lamprini Thoma, “Golden Dawn witch hunt targets members of the Greek-American community.”

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