Maine Governor Meets with Sovereign Citizens

Recently, it’s come to light that Maine Governor Paul LePage met with a group of Sovereign Citizens who told him they hoped to execute his Democratic rivals in the state government. As Steve Mistler summarizes:

The first chapter of Mike Tipping’s book, “As Maine Went,” was published…on the political news website Talking Points Memo. The book is based in part on emails, memos and other documents he requested from LePage’s office under the Freedom of Access Act, and the records have since been obtained by the Portland Press Herald…. The first chapter describes the governor’s eight meetings with a handful of individuals who are members of a Maine group associated with the Sovereign Citizens movement, although one of the members denied that association Monday. The citizens movement, a conspiracy organization, believes the government is plotting a Christian holocaust via the mass collection of firearms, that it runs mind-control operations and that it was behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Sandy Hook school shootings.

The governor is reported to have have long meetings met with the group at least eight times. Some Sovereign Citizens – best known for filing bogus legal paperwork against federal officials – have turned extremely violent in recent years. Which should come as no surprise, as (despite the presence of people of color in their movement) their origins are tied up in the white supremacist and antisemitic underground.

Read the first chapter of Mike Tipping’s book here: “Why Did Maine’s Governor Conspire With ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Extremists?”

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