August 20th 2014 – NYC Solidarity Protest with the People of Ferguson

On August 20 at 9pm, the people of New York took the streets to protest police brutality in solidarity with Ferguson. The murder of teenager Michael Brown –a pattern that unfortunately keeps repeating systematically–has sparked national and international rage.  The protest coincided with the solidarity with Palestine march, which joined the protest against police brutality and both gathered at Union Square. At the culmination of the protest, people took spontaneously over the megaphone on the steps of Union Square to denounce an oppressive, racist and authoritarian system and to express their abhorrence with the murdering of children in Gaza by the Israeli state and in the U.S. of the youth in the hands of the police.  Police made a massive presence in the protest and arrested four civilians.

The march successfully congregated hundreds of people being one of the biggest ones against police brutality in NYC in recent years. What started as “hands up don’t shoot” on the east village, ended with people chanting “Anti-capitalista” in Union Square.

From New York to Ferguson, from Ferguson to Palestine, Antifa-solidarity against racist nationalism and fascism!


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Sometimes antisocial but always Antifascist!
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