Matthew Lyons on the Anti-State Right

from Three Way Fight

Anti-State Politics on the Far Right: audio and readings

[Matthew Lyons] gave a talk on “Anti-State Politics on the Far Right” at the A-Space Anarchist Community Center in Philadelphia, 9 June 2014. An audio recording of the talk is available here. (Thanks to Suzy S. for recording it!)

This is the description of the talk from the A-Space calendar:

In the era of Hitler and Mussolini, fascists glorified strong nation-states and highly disciplined, top-down organizations. But today, many far rightists advocate political decentralization. Some neo-nazis argue that any law enforcement above the county level is illegitimate, while others promote a strategy of “leaderless resistance” to establish an all-white society. Some far rightists even call themselves anarchists, notably the National-Anarchists, who call for a decentralized system of separate ethnic groups. Meanwhile, one of the most hardline branches of the Christian Right, known as Christian Reconstructionists, wants to impose a theocracy based on biblical law, which would be enforced mainly through local institutions, especially the church and the patriarchal family.

Matthew Lyons will discuss how anti-state politics became so popular on the far right, what the main versions of it look like, and how it relates to the far right’s commitment to social hierarchy and exclusion. He will also address efforts by some far rightists to build alliances with anarchists and other leftists, and how leftists have responded.

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from the talk:

“I think that there are certain features of US history that lend themselves to this kinds of politics. From the colonial period on, the US power structure has always relied on decentralized groups of armed men to enforce order: the slave patrols, lynch mobs, the militia units on the border that were fighting Indians. These are not disciplined, centrally created or directed organs of state power—but they have been vital for maintaining the system of racial oppression, and the system of economic oppression, that the US has been based on for centuries.”

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