NYC Ukraine/Syria Photo Exhibit Attacked

Literature left at the exhibit  (photo: Benjamin Hiller)

Literature left at the exhibit (photo: Benjamin Hiller)

According to Hyperallergic, the curator of a photo exhibit about Syria and Ukraine called Material Evidence was attacked and maced on the morning of Friday, Oct0ber 3. Apparently two individuals entered the exhibit, held on West 21st Street in Manhattan (at the old Eyebeam space) and distributed propaganda in favor of  Ukrainian fascist groups (including the Azov Battalion), before a third came in and maced the exhibit’s curator, Benjamin Hiller. Regarding his assailant, Hiller said:

He asked me if I am the guy responsible for the exhibition, that we have brought shame on the Ukraine people. I tried to explain that we show also the killed [Euromaidan] protesters, but then he pulled out pepper spray, sprayed it in my face and kicked against the table and my laptop fell on the ground.

This is not the first time pro-fascist Ukrainian activists in the United States have attacked those who they perceive to be their opponents; in April, Right Sector activists stormed a meeting in Chicago.

Read the full story: Mostafa Heddaya, “NYC Photo Exhibition Vandalized, Curator Attacked”

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