Darren Wilson is innocent? Indict America

#INDICTAMERICA: National Day of Action for Mike Brown!

Darren Wilson is Innocent. Indict America.

America made Darren Wilson innocent. How long will we dispute these court rulings before we realize they’re telling the harsh truth? Killer cops are law abiding citizens. Darren Wilson says he was just doing his job. He’s right. Richard Haste, Ramarley Graham’s murderer, claims he did nothing wrong. He’s right. Cops who murder black and brown people in the name of capitalist white supremacy aren’t just innocent; they’re commended for a job well done.

We’re sick of pinning our hopes on the courts. Their justice system is a joke. White supremacist capitalism is the law of the land in the U.S., and no judge or jury can change that. Maybe a few cops will see some jail time if people get mad enough. But capitalist courts can never give us justice.

We’re sick of waiting for bogus legal decisions. We understand that people want closure, and our hearts go out to everyone who has lost someone to police murder. But the sooner we realize the courts are incapable of giving us closure, the better.

To America, Darren Wilson is innocent. George Zimmerman is innocent. Richard Haste is innocent. Paul Headley, Michael Carey, Marc Cooper, Gescard Isnora, and Michael Oliver — the pigs who pumped fifty bullets into Sean Bell — are only guilty of loving their jobs a little too much. They’re free to knock back beers with the pigs who murdered Amadou Diallo, and have a good laugh that we’re still holding out for a conviction, for capitalism to reform itself.

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