Reportback from #IndictAmerica March

A march in Lower Manhattan, Hundreds strong, was only one of several taking the streets back from the murderous NYPD, who looked on helpless as we marched on the FDR Drive, Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Flatbush Avenue all the way through Crown Heights and Bed Stuy.

While Anonymous’ #OpKKK has unmasked  Klan and police cooperation in Missouri, the police should be a target of antifascists everywhere. Darren Wilson may be a racist liar, but regardless of the alleged KKK connections he was doing his job—terrorizing people of color.

Even in New York, where the NYPD is said to reflect the city’s diversity, young people of color are constantly harassed and murdered. The United States’ history of slavery and lynch mobs continue with mass incarceration and racial-profiling, trigger-happy cops. For that reason we stand with the unruly youth of Ferguson who have no access to justice, and thus promise this thoroughly White Supremacist society no peace.

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