ALERTA! Ultra-Right Wing Paramilitary Group Issues 24-Hour ‘Leave or Die’ Threat Against Animal Rights Activists in Colombia

10983206_10153176036782813_8628928763847274685_nOn December 10th, a group of Colombian Animal Rights activists—who are fighting the barbaric ‘art’ of bullfighting—received death threats from the ultra-right wing Aguilas Negras (Black Eagles). The paramilitaries, in addition to narco-trafficking, are involved in the violent and often murderous suppression of the whole spectrum of the left in Colombia—all done with the tacit support of the government. The Aguilas Negras have targeted Afro-Colombian rights activists, trade unionists, anarchists, indigenous leaders, communists and journalists critical of the government and its right-wing policies. In December, they issued  a similar letter to 14 journalists and media organizations. This month, two journalists  have been assassinated. In the past several days, two other left-wing figures have also been given 24 hour ‘leave or die’ notices.

The letter, which is filled with grammatical errors and epithets, gives the activists 24 hours to “leave or be killed,” describing how the paramilitaries will carry out their bodies in trash bags and play football with their decapitated heads. It claims to know where they live and where their families live, and in typical fashion, the activists are called terrorists and communists, the usual names given to those undesirable to the government.

The activists named in the letter have been tirelessly campaigning for the abolition of bullfighting, a ‘sport’ which is fiercely supported by the ruling class and the Colombian oligarchy. Last year, a 2012 bullfighting ban in the capitol city, Bogotá,  was overturned, the judge saying that it violated “artistic expression.” The center-left mayor, Gustavo Petro, who brought about the law and supports animal rights was also threatened in the letter to the activists.

Carlos Crespo, one of those named in the threatening letter, spoke with NYC Antifa:

“We are staying in resistance to keep fighting the struggle. We are stronger than the threats. Abolitionist animal rights to me is, non-speciesist anarchism, freedom for all species.”

11051495_10153177176137813_383391689_nCarlos also mentioned that the former president of Colombia, Uribe Velez, recently tweeted that he “hopes there is no coincidence with the anti-bullfighting spirit and the tendency of impunity to terrorism.” This is typical of Uribe, and the death threats from Aguilas Negras echo his words—no other reason needs to be given by the state and its non-state actors in its quest to crush not only the social struggle for liberation but also the struggle to extend freedom to all animals, human and not.

NYC Antifa is concerned about the safety of these activists and hopes that with attention, we may perhaps safeguard the well being of these comrades.

Following is a translation of the threat letter which adapts the slang as best as possible and maintains the punctuation and grammatical errors.


To you triple-motherfuckers and your bunch of communist faggots, animal rights activists, dick head vegans and guerrillas, defenders of the terrorism in Colombia, who are involved in whatever demonstration and gathering happens with the faggots of always Natalia Parra, Carlos Crespo, Rodrigo Arian, Batman Camargo, Juan Parraga, Jesus Merchan, Andrea Padilla, Andres Guzman and the fucking lice-head Petro we are going to kick you out of Colombia with lead bullets.

Colombia can´t continue to be on the hands of faggots that don´t know what they are doing and allow communism to take over the homeland and you bunch of motherfuckers will be the first ones that we will take out in trash bags or playing football with your heads.

Hope many wreaths arrive to your funeral, your hours are counted, we will quite down the spokespeople and the aforementioned. You have 24 hours to leave the city, after that you will be killed. We are not playing gonorreas either you leave the city and country or you die.

Motherfuckers all of you have families, we know where they live, in which house in which neighborhood, motherfuckers you already know, 24 hours for you bunch of faggots.

Death to communists.



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