Burn the American Flags – Wednesday, July 1! (updated)


Note: This event has been renamed from “Burn the Confederate Flag” to “Burn the American Flags,” and moved to Wednesday, July 1.

After the protest to shut down Rikers in honor of Kalief Browder, burn a Confederate flag with Disarm NYPD somewhere in NY! Details to follow on this Facebook event.

On June 17th, white supremacist Dylan Roof callously murdered nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina. As people across many cities have mourned and demonstrated in solidarity with the victims and their families over the past week, the Confederate flag – a symbol of racist oppression and hatred – remained raised on the South Carolina State House grounds.

We cannot ignore the roots of Dylan Roof’s savagery in America’s long history of institutionalized racism and murderous violence against black people. The Confederate flag, which Dylan Roof proudly displayed, is a lasting symbol of slavery, segregation, and the racist exploitation that still dominates our society. Dylan Roof isn’t an isolated actor – he is a product of a consistent pattern of state-sponsored terrorism and racialized dehumanization in America. Still today, because of the color of their skin millions are imprisoned, thousands are executed in the street by police, and those that escape death and torture are harassed daily. There will be no peace until we tear down this system of oppression. It isn’t enough to take the flag down; we must put an end to white supremacy once and for all.

Please join us on June 27th, a national day of action, at 7:00PM to demonstrate for the Charleston nine and all of those killed by racist violence in America. We will set fire to this symbol of oppression – the Confederate flag – and march to honor our brothers and sisters who have fallen in the long struggle for freedom. Rise up!


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