NYPD a client of Italian Hacker fascists

Last week thousands of internal communications and invoices from the Italian firm Hacking Team were published on Wikileaks. In the emails it has been revealed that the NYPD was a client, along with the FBI and other government security agencies and death squads worldwide. Comrades in Italy have noticed something else in the leaked emails: Hacking Team CEO David Vincenczetti and his employees gleefully quote slogans from the fascist era. From Infoaut:

At the end of his email Vincezetti David, the pathetic CEO that we have seen scrambling in recent days to defend his indefensible (and incompetent) company, has a habit of greeting with a nice “Boia chi Molla” [note: this roughly translates to: Executioners who Spring, a phrase that means something like “death to traitors”]  ( 1  – 23 ). This nostalgia is confirmed by other Mussolini quotes… So, as usual, we know all too well who is going hand in hand with police, dictators, rulers and other worms …

Along with NYPD officers defending Stormfront in Wikipedia edits, ongoing collaboration between the KKK and US police departments, instances like this show how the liberal democratic State, although publicly rejecting fascist organizations as a radical threat, rely upon its authoritarian ethos and Blackshirt ideologues whenever threatened.

In related news, Open Whisper Systems’ Moxie Marlinspike was profiled in the Wall Street Journal, which quotes the government agencies and police departments who might purchase Hacking Team’s software concerns about his secure messaging app Signal – a reminder that we always need to say one step ahead of the Suits and Spooks out there.

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