SC Anti-Klan Arrestee Eddien Patterson Now Out of Jail

from Free Eddieneddien

We have good news!

Eddien Patterson is no longer in jail. We received a call from his lawyer yesterday, Tuesday 9/15 that he is out of jail. He plead guilty to 3rd degree misdemeanor Assault & Battery as well as misdemeanor Breach of Peace and was sentenced to 30 days for each, but was able to get time served for both charges after paying court costs and a fine. Though we believed he could have beaten all charges Eddien and his lawyer decided to move on with his life and plead guilty.

We ask that people no longer send in money for Eddien; all the money that has already been donated will go to him to pay his fines and to help him resettle in Columbia because his 2 months in jail caused him to loose his job.

Thank you so much for the support.

Fuck the Klan
Fuck the Law

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