Two Years On: Remembering Pavlos Fyssas/Killah P

RIP KILLAH P Two years ago today, September 18th, 2013, Greek rapper and antifascist, Pavlos Fyssas, also known by his stage name, Killah P, was fatally stabbed after he was assaulted leaving a cafe in Piraeus, Greece, with his girlfriend and two other friends by the black-shirted thugs of Golden Dawn. Pavlos helped his friends to escape and stood to confront the 20-25 neo-Nazi scum surrounding him, many wielding sticks.

Police officers of the loathsome Greek DIAS motorcycle squad were on the scene. DIAS cops–as all of them do–routinely brutalize protesters, anarchists, immigrants and collude with and offer protection to Golden Dawn. Such was the case last year, when appeals by Pavlos’ friends to intervene to prevent the assault were met with responses such as, “They are too many,” and, “What can we do?”

While the police did nothing to help, as is the norm, a man drove up to Pavlos, jumped out of the car, and stabbed him twice in the chest and once in the abdomen. Pavlos held on to life for 20 minutes afterwards, and named his assailant repeatedly. The name of his killer were the last words he spoke.

Four months later, in January 2014, over 100 Golden Dawn members destroyed the memorials for Pavlos at the place he was stabbed to death. Afterwards, they marched through town, destroying anti-fascist, anarchist and leftist posters, banners, and graffiti, escorted by their friends, the DIAS motorcycle police. The neo-Nazis then went on to attack the Resalto, an anarchist social center. The dozen or so anarchists inside the space were able to repel the attack, and watched as the cops told Golden Dawn, after awhile, to simply leave–there were no arrests or consequences for their thuggery.

Today, we remember Pavlos Fyssas, and we echo our comrades in the Resalto– “FASCIST MURDERERS, WE WILL CRUSH YOU!”

never forgive; never forget(this post is adapted from here)

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