Thurs, Apr 14 – Trump on LI, Vigil for Marcelo Lucero

A framed image of Marcelo Lucero at a 2009 vigil in Patchogue a year after his murder.
A framed image of Marcelo Lucero at a 2009 vigil in Patchogue a year after his murder.

Eight years ago Marcelo Lucero, an Ecuadorean immigrant, was brutally murdered by seven teenagers on Railroad Avenue in Patchogue, Long Island. The case drew national headlines at the time not because it was an isolated incident but because it seemed like the peak after a build up of anti-immigrant sentiment during the Steve Levy’s term as County Executive.

Just last week, the Suffolk County Republicans invited Donald Trump to speak at their fundraiser this Thursday, April 14, at the Emporium in Patchogue — on the same block that Marcelo Lucero was stabbed to death. The family has requested that the event be canceled out of respect for Marcelo. Joselo Lucero (Marcelo’s brother), who became an activist after the death of his brother, said that the anti-immigrant rhetoric of politicians like Steve Levy led to his bother’s death. For Trump — an icon who has inspired hate crimes and bold racism from the country’s right wing — to speak at the same location as his brother’s death is a slap in the face.

“This is personal,” Joselo Lucero said. “You know, this is not a reality show where you can say something and you can get away with that…. Every dollar he’s going to collect on Thursday is going to have blood. If he uses this money for his campaign, he’s going to have blood in his hands.”

As expected, Long Island Republican’s have no empathy or respect for the Lucero family, or Long Island’s immigrant community at large. Suffolk Republican Chairman John Jay LaValle has confirmed that the fundraiser will go on, denied any correlation between anti-immigrant sentiment and having Trump as a speaker, and instead blamed immigrants for “opening old wounds.”

The family and supporters will hold a vigil on Thursday starting at 4pm, which is the time of day that Marcelo Lucero was attacked, until 6pm, when Trump is scheduled to leave the fundraiser via helicopter for his NYC appearance.

Vigil for Marcelo Lucero
Thursday, April 14, 2016

4PM to 6PM
95 Railroad Avenue, Patchogue, NY (Corner of Railroad Avenue and Sephton Street

Also, call the Emporium (631) 627-8787 and let them know your thoughts on hosting a racist on the same block an immigrant was murdered.

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