Oi Fest and the Santos Party House of Lies

The sudden closing of Santos Party House immediately after it hosted the second day of the pro-Nazi, “Rock Against Communism” 2016 Oi Fest has been the focus of a media onslaught. Santos manager Sean Kane told DNAinfo that, in principle he was fine with having pro-Nazi bands play there, although in this case he was unaware of their affiliations: “I do tons of parties here…. I don’t sit here and do a background check on people. I don’t know what these peoples’ religious beliefs are or what their affiliations are…as long as they don’t display aggression towards people in my venue I’m not going to have an issue here.”

In fact, Kane didn’t need to do a background check, because friends of ours warned Santos about booking the Oi Fest on Sunday, May 19 – twelve days ago. (Santos was warned because it had hosted the Oi Fest’s first day in 2015.)

So what was the response from Santos’s event coordinator Jackalyn Tipchaieuh on May 24? “There is nothing wrong with the events at our venue on May 28th or May 29th.”

It seems that Brooklyn Vegan, Gothamist, Gawker, DNAinfo, Billboard, NME, Vice’s Noisey, and BrooklynPaper – as well an our antifa friends at One People’s Project and Anti-Fascist News – all disagree.

Last, the role of venue finder Curtis Nystrom in booking the Oi Fest both in 2015 and 2016  – and moving it to Santos on the second day – also needs to be explained.

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