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Meet the Real Sons of Anarchy — Greek Anti-Fascist Motorcycle Club Confronts neo-Nazis

Via GREEN IS THE NEW RED Meet the real Sons of Anarchy. An anti-fascist motorcycle club in Athens, Greece, patrols the community, fighting neo-Nazis who attack immigrants. From Athens Anarchist Anti-Fascist Motorcycle Club: As of June 2012 the far right/neo-Nazi party Golden … Continue reading

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Greek government urged to probe police abuse claims against Anti-fascists

Human rights groups have urged the Greek government to investigate allegations of abuse by police officers. The claims of abuse were made by protesters who took part in a recent anti-fascist demonstration. They say they were physically and verbally attacked … Continue reading

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9 Theses on the Golden Dawn and the Postmodern Totalitarian Capitalism Galloping Ahead

Via Occupied London >greek original 1. First of all, the struggle against the (totalitarian) nationalism-racism is a struggle against the (authoritarian) liberalization of the Nation, the State, the Market and the System of Justice and — by extension — against … Continue reading

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Athens: Third antifascist motorcycle demo clashed with neo-Nazis; police attacked the demo in retaliation

Anarchist banner in Kamara, Thessaloniki: “Solidarity with the arrestees of the antifascist motorcycle demo – Athens – Evelpidon courts, 4/10” The night of September 15th saw the first motorcycle patrol through Athens centre with flypostering and protest chants against neo-Nazi … Continue reading

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Tension in Athens continues…

 Via   Athens has been especially tense for the last ten days.  Social and political conflict is escalating.  Ten days ago at the general strike, riot police beat an anarchist demonstrator into a coma and hospitalized dozens more.  When repressive … Continue reading

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“Anti-Fascist Greece”

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Call-Out For Solidarity With Greek Struggle, May 13-15

Via Anarchist News Dot Org In Athens, over the past three days, there have been two murders and one attempted murder. A Greek man was killed on May 10th in a largely immigrant district, triggering a police-sponsored fascist pogrom that … Continue reading

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