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  • J25 International Day of Solidarity Reportback!!

    Much like last year, the second annual International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners was a great success, with events, actions, and other gestures of solidarity taking place on four continents! In addition to these benefit shows, letter-writings, dinners, banner drops, and solidarity photos, the call to action was translated into twelve languages, there is […]

  • Reportback on the July 25 International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners

    The July 25 International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners was a resounding success! In addition to comrades in Britain, the United States, Finland, Australia, Germany, Sweden, and Bulgaria taking part, the call to action was translated into five different languages and shared thousands of times on social media. The Day of Solidarity brought awareness […]

  • ’70s British Punks Against the National Front

    Anti-fascist history time: a story about punk rock, Rock Against Racism, the National Front, and the Anti-Nazi League in 1970s Britain. ‘See Them Ah Come, But We Nah Run’ – A view from the ground of campaigning against the National Front Colin Revolting April 1978 In the middle of 70,000 young people who’ve come to rock […]

  • Polish “Fascists Against Nazism” in Britain

    An illuminating backgrounder on fascist organizing in Britain’s Polish immigrant community. There is the same dynamic here in the New York City, in Greenpoint’s Polish enclave. But can you be a fascist and an anti-Nazi at the same time? Maciej Zurowski says Yes. ‘Christ of Nations’ in London Maciej Zurowski Workers Have No Country It was one […]

  • Physical Resistance: Eric Clapton, Enoch Powell & Anti-Fascism

    Taken from: By: Karl Smith , January 29th, 2013 In an extract from his posthumously published anti-fascist history, Physical Resistance, Dave Hann recounts the events that lead to the birth of Rock Against Racism and pushed anti-fascism in to the mainstream. Dave Hann, anti-fascist and writer, pieced together a collective history of anti-fascism that also re-defines […]