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  • Kieran P. Morris

    Kieran P. Morris

    UPDATE (2021.2.11): Kieran Morris is reported by Texas Antifa to be living at the Patriot Front “headquarters” in Grapevine, Texas. From the report: “Since moving to Texas, Morris has updated his vehicle plates to NNR 4884 (Texas) and added a tonneau-type soft bed cover to his dark blue 2007 Toyota Tacoma.” This fascist is not […]

  • Alt-Right Bonus Dox: New York’s Racist Heathens

    ALT-RIGHT SERIES BONUS DOX! Meet New York’s Racist Heathens Heathens are modern pagans who worship the ancient Norse gods. There is nothing wrong with this of course—but some take Heathenry in a racialist direction, believing that it is a faith only for whites, and seek to build coalitions with political White Nationalists. Anti-racist Heathen groups like […]

  • New York’s Alt Right (Part II)

    New York’s Alt-Right if you’re a professional who leads a double life as a racist intellectual Alt Right poster boy of the month Richard Spencer is not the first person to rebrand fascist politics to make it more acceptable. This project usually has a two-part strategy: 1) appeal to racist hipsters, and 2) put on […]

  • New York’s Alt Right (Part I)

    There is no shortage of media coverage for the “Alt Right”—the name for a loosely organized group of white nationalists who’ve rebranded their image and learned how to use the internet. The Alt Right’s army of racist trolls call for mass deportations, have reintroduced anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and holocaust denial into public discourse (and Trump […]

  • An Antifascist Response to the Trumpist Future

    The shocking election of right-populist billionaire Donald Trump has unleashed a flood of analysis, finger-pointing, and despair on the Left. However, there is an urgent need for pragmatic action in the months and years to come. We must fight tooth-and-nail against the future which Trump and his cabinet of horrors are working to usher in: […]