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For the Charleston 9 and Kalief Browder

Two new posters from our comrades Teresa Panza: There’s also a march to “Shut Down Rikers” this Saturday at 3pm. Fuck the prisons, Nazis, police, and all other organs of white supremacy!

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Reportback from #IndictAmerica March

A march in Lower Manhattan, Hundreds strong, was only one of several taking the streets back from the murderous NYPD, who looked on helpless as we marched on the FDR Drive, Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Flatbush Avenue all the … Continue reading

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Darren Wilson is innocent? Indict America

#INDICTAMERICA: National Day of Action for Mike Brown! Darren Wilson is Innocent. Indict America. America made Darren Wilson innocent. How long will we dispute these court rulings before we realize they’re telling the harsh truth? Killer cops are law abiding citizens. … Continue reading

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Shutdown Brooklyn RAC Show: No More Anti-Muslim, Anti-Jewish, Neo-Nazi Shows in Greenpoint

UPDATE (Thursday, August 28, 9PM): One People’s Project has announced that Coco 66 has cancelled the booking!!! See “Controversial Brooklyn Show Cancelled” [eventually this show was moved to The Place in Greenpoint, where many of these shows have been held] One … Continue reading

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Fascist Presence In and Around The Rebellion Punk Festival

from Blackpool Antifascists “Fascist Presence In and Around the Rebellion Punk Festival” For a big punk/Oi! fan like myself the Rebellion Punk Festival that takes place in August every year in my home town is a much looked forward to … Continue reading

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Follow us on Twitter

NYC Antifa is now on Twitter! Follow us for blog updates and more.

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Rose City Antifa statement on the SPLC

From our comrades at Rose City Antifa: The SPLC article about Stormfront has been circulating around. We did not publish it due to serious political disagreements with the SPLC and their position in the article itself. It may however be … Continue reading

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Greece: When the state turns antifa

A detailed history of the rise and fall of the Golden Dawn, and the Greek government’s complicity. Golden Dawn (GD), as we knew it, is over. Their leader N. Michaloliakos is behind bars, along with other prominent members, while those … Continue reading

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Response to Todd P, Ric Leichtung, and 285 Kent

The organizers of last night’s Cold Cave/Boyd Rice show: Todd P., Ric and 285 Kent have released a statement about the controversy surrounding the show. We are disappointed with the decision to continue this show and we do hope that … Continue reading

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