New York’s Alt Right (Part II)

New York’s Alt-Right if you’re a professional who leads a double life as a racist intellectual

Alt Right poster boy of the month Richard Spencer is not the first person to rebrand fascist politics to make it more acceptable. This project usually has a two-part strategy: 1) appeal to racist hipsters, and 2) put on an intellectual air by quoting half-understood lines from Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Evola.

British advocates of this strategy include the London Forum, a regular speaking series which bills itself as “the home of the British Alt-Right.” Now, the fascist Counter-Currents Publishing* have launched a local branch, the New York Forum. The UK monitoring group Hope Not Hate describes the London Forum as:

led by former British Army Corps of Signals officer Jeremy ‘Jez’ Turner. The group has attracted leading national socialists, Holocaust deniers and conspiracy theorists from across the globe to its meetings. More significantly, the Forum, and in particular Turner and his side kick Larry Nunn, have become increasingly influential on the far right, especially with NA [hipster fascists “National Action”].

The New York Forum held its first, private, racists-only meeting in May 2016, on a day they noted was “88 degrees.” Counter-Currents Publishing wrote:

Why a forum in New York City? First, New York is our top city in terms of readership, which makes perfect sense. The primary cause of white awareness of race differences, the Jewish question, and the negative consequences of multiculturalism is direct experience, and New York offers such experiences in abundance. Second, there are millions of people — and thus large numbers of racially aware whites — within a 3-hour commute of New York City. Finally, New York is a transportation hub, so many of our people pass through here.

Counter-Currents Publishing in New York include Margot Darby (aka Margot Sheehan, aka Margot Metroland) and James J. O’Meara. Both are long-time affiliates of the website, and both are careful to hide their fascist organizing from their professional lives. So here’s a little more about that!


Margot Darby aka Margot Sheenan aka Margot Metroland, 58, of Manhattan

During the day, Margot Darby/Sheehan is a flash developer who has worked for FCB Health, and, according to her LinkedIn, “Penguin Random House, Citigroup, American Express Publishing, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, The New York Times.” We’re pretty sure she doesn’t tell her coworkers that she spends her nights writing racist essays under name “Margot Metroland.”

On a November 2016 podcast, she brags about attending Richard Spencer’s recent Alt Right conference in DC. She also details her decades-long participation in fascist circles, which includes knowing racist godfather Willis Carto; doing freelance work for the Institute for Historical Review, best known for spreading Holocaust Denial; and being pen pals with neo-Nazi leader William Pierce, the inspiration for the Oklahoma City bombing.

Despite keeping her multiple lives compartmentalized, they all conveniently blend together in her Pipl profile. Her other online profiles include:


James J. O’Meara, 60, of Astoria, Queens

The other local Counter-Currents Publishing person associated with the New York Forum is James J. O’Meara, who signed books at the Forum’s May gathering. He lives in Astoria, Queens and in the past worked at the New York Law School and several disability education programs. He also says he volunteered at the Queens art space Flux Factory between 2009 and 2011.

In his free time, he is a featured writer at Counter-Currents Publishing and the author of several books, including The Homo and the Negro, which argues that gay men should be welcome into the ranks of the fascist movement. Just as with Margot Darby, for some odd reason O’Meara seems to keep his writing hobbies off his LinkedIn and Pipl profiles.

If you have additional information on the NYC Counter-Currents Publishing folks, the NY Forum, or other tri-state racists and fascists, send it to:

* The fascist “Counter-Currents Publishing” should not be confused with the lefty media source “Counter Current News” (

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New York’s Alt Right (Part I)


There is no shortage of media coverage for the “Alt Right”—the name for a loosely organized group of white nationalists who’ve rebranded their image and learned how to use the internet. The Alt Right’s army of racist trolls call for mass deportations, have reintroduced anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and holocaust denial into public discourse (and Trump campaign ads), spread Islamophobic lies, promote rape culture, and lionize the police murder of hundreds of people of color every year. They’ve been championed by Breitbart’s Steven Bannon, who Trump has appointed as his new chief strategist.

However, the local media has overlooked the Alt Right’s presence in New York. Perhaps this is because organized racists often hide behind the internet’s anonymity in order to spew their toxic stew of Pepe memes and curious fixation on cuckolding. The first step in countering them is pulling off the sheets they are hiding under. These people have jobs and hang out in neighborhood bars. We encourage everyone to get to know your local fascist.

NYC Antifa is going to unmask the Alt Right in the NYC metro area. We’ll be releasing information twice a week for the next couple of weeks. If you have any information to add, please send tips to

First up, the PROUD BOYS!

New York’s Alt Right if you’re a deeply insecure Hipster


PBs gather at historic McSorely’s, forcing it to close two days later

Since being kicked out of Vice, the magazine he helped found, Gavin McInnes has been relegated to late-night Fox News punditry and writing for a blog founded by a Golden Dawn-supporting millionaire and formerly edited by Nazi Dork Richard Spencer. He’s an antique of the worst aspects of ’00s hipsters: bad fashion sense, irony covering for insecurity, and deeply reactionary politics.

In the last few months he has compensated for his fall from relevance by starting a personality cult comprised of man-children called the “Proud Boys.” The name plays on the “red pill” concept of convincing impressionable and narcissistic young males that they are somehow victims of feminist, queer, and POC liberation movements. These (mostly) white boys  claim that their general deficiencies as human beings are, in fact, indicators of their “alpha” status.

Pitiful as the group is, and small as their numbers are, the Pasty Bootlickers are an experiment in bringing the prevalence of alt-right trolling to the streets. They served as a security force at the “Daddy Will Save Us” art show fiasco, where they smashed the phone of a lone counter protester, and bragged of beating someone up at a previous event. Nonetheless, much of their internal chatter is about encouraging one another to get over their fears of wearing Trump gear in public.

They are a politically diverse group, but have in common a love of Trump, a hatred of immigrants, refugees, and leftists, and a tolerance of neo-Nazism. Their blog hawks Western Chauvinism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia on a daily basis.

On election day McInnes hosted a “Trump Victory Party” at the Gaslight Lounge in the Meatpacking district of Manhattan. In attendance were:

Here’s some of the other boys (and two girls):


Aaron Servilio, originally from Waldwick, NY. Lives in Brooklyn and works for Fox News.


Richard Fohrelnbach Jr. of Brooklyn. Originally from Milford, CT.  Twitter.

Neo-Nazi Proud Boy Robert Campbell, pictured with Erik Proft of NSBM (Nazi Black Metal) band Grafvolluth, and one of his typical Facebook messages. Campbell is also associated with NATA and racist heathenry


Alex Caprio of Bayonne, NJ. Works at Matthews Food and Drink and White Star in Jersey City.


Stephen McCarthy, NY, comedian


Christopher Posser of Greece/Rochester, New York




Rich Donahue of York, PA



Sal Cipolla (left) of Oceanside, NY


Martina Markota of New York, originally from Red Hook, NY. Burlesque performer under the name Lady Alchemy at the Box and Diamond Horshoe.


Anthony Valenti or West Islip, NY. Facebook. Twitter.


Alex Jerez, 28 of Huntington, NY. Reddit. Twitter. LinkedIn.

If you’re not in New York, you can use this handy map to find some Proud Boys in your area, and maybe see how proud they really are for yourself! It should be noted that McInnes and everyone’s favorite LGBTQ Islamophobe Milo Yiannopoulos are on the “centrist” side of a split between Alt-Right neo-Nazis, and “Alt-Lite” racialist conservatives. Antifascist News has a summary of the split, and we agree with their conclusion: “We need to call the Alt Right what it is: fascist.”

UPDATE: We removed the photo of one person who initially joined PB, but has since disassociated himself 

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An Antifascist Response to the Trumpist Future

The shocking election of right-populist billionaire Donald Trump has unleashed a flood of analysis, finger-pointing, and despair on the Left. However, there is an urgent need for pragmatic action in the months and years to come.

We must fight tooth-and-nail against the future which Trump and his cabinet of horrors are working to usher in: increased deportations, the registration of Muslims, bans on abortion and birth control, attacks on LGBTQ people, anti-Semitic populism, and the newfound electoral coalition of U.S. White Nationalism. Before Trump expands Obama’s deportation and security policies, we must build self-organized counter-power with a newfound commitment to our comrades, neighbors, and coworkers.

Trump’s election has already unleashed a wave of racist attacks across the United States, and we encourage everyone to meet these attacks–and whatever else may come–with diverse tactics and ceaseless action from comrades of all abilities. Here’s how we are already starting to organize. We urge you to do the same:

Organize Antifascist Affinity Groupszip-hoodie-antifa-graffiti-d001001220831
Don’t wait until an established group sets up a public meeting, get something going with your friends today. Around the country, interest has grown in organizing local antifascist groups. We recommend Antifascist Network’s primer on starting a group as well as their resources for activists articles to anyone interested. Your affinity group can take part in other resistance movements, convene in anti-authoritarian blocks at demonstrations, and take action to resist oppression.

Solidarity and Rapid-Response Networkscat
Before the election, collectives in different cities were organizing in support of people dealing with exploitative bosses and slumlords. With larger participation, these networks could become increasingly viable in a post-Trump world. In New York, the Rapid Response Network is organizing to work with undocumented immigrants to thwart the machinations of ICE. The Community Action Team NYC (CATNYC) and Neighborhood Anti-Racist trainings from the Kuwasi Balagoon Liberation School are also setting up responses to racist attacks.

Another tactic is the New Sanctuary Movement, which provides spaces for those facing deportation to hide while considering their next moves. Many activist spaces are in the process of becoming sanctuaries and you can help a space where you live become one as well.

Win the Propaganda Warth.jpeg
For too long the streets have been dominated by advertisements and apolitical street art. We need to produce stickers, posters, and murals to announce our presence–as well as counter racist and fascist graffiti that is increasingly appearing across the country. The three arrows of the antifascist circle was developed exactly for this purpose, and we’d like to see it generalize as a symbol of our resistance. We will not allow organized white nationalists to engage in open organizing on the streets of New York.

Marches, Demonstrations, Walk-outs, and Strikes
In the days following the election, thousands of people took part in dozens of protests that spontaneously and immediately took place around the country. Antifascists must continue to expand this presence in the streets, sharing militant tactics learned from past movements–the city-shut downs of the anti-war movement, the massive “Day Without Latinos” general strike of 2006, the square reclamations of Occupy, and the infrastructure blockades of Black Lives Matter and #NoDAPL. We must also organize in our workplaces and schools, where politics have been an impolite topic for too long. We need to use the anger this election has generated to shut shit down.

Expose Fascists
Even with Trump’s election, the vast majority of organized white nationalists and fascists remain cowards who only share their views anonymously or around other fascists. This is why the KKK cloak themselves in masks and the Alt Right trolls use anonymous message boards and sock puppet Twitter accounts. However, they often make mistakes and expose personal information. Monitor their message boards, social media accounts, and document any information you find about them. Send it to your local antifa, start your own blog, or flier their neighborhood, workplace, or school to force them from the shadows.

The resistance is up against the full force of State, and will need to be well funded. Consider making personal donations or setting up fundraisers often. Here are some groups we recommend donating to:
Anarchist Black Cross Warchest
Just Info legal advice hotline
The Base
International Antifascist Defense Fund
It’s Going Down news
Queer Detainee Empowerment Project
Hoods For Justice

In the coming days, we will be releasing information about area fascist and Alt-Right/White Nationalist groups. Please send tips and info or

Update: a couple translations of appeared of this article, in French at La Horde, and in Finnish at Varis Antifasistinen Verkosto.


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NYC Antifa Fall Newsletter


Fasc Pepes beware

If our blog has looked a little slow recently, it might be because the work of an antifascist is overwhelming in 2016. We’ve also taken to updating our twitter account more frequently, as we are moving towards the blog being mostly for original content.

After the repression against Occupy and Arab Spring movements in 2010, global political trends have backslid into deeply regressive populism. The ascendance of Trumpism and the Alt-Right in the US are a result of the same fascist impulses that have solidified the power of Viktor Orban in Hungary, Putin in Russia, and Erdogan in Turkey — and convinced thousands to join the cause of ISIS.

As most realize that our only electoral alternative to neo-Nationalists and alt-right creeps is the continuation of the State’s atrocities at current levels with Clinton, we urge our readers to get organized now. Create or join an antifascist group to monitor your local Trumpists. Link up with immigration advocacy groups and start considering how to block ICE raids. Link up with prisoners who are struggling for their lives. Attend Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Use the fear and outrage of the election season to keep you going, and remind yourself, whatever you do, that voting (and mouthing-off on social media) is never enough!

Here’s what’s been happening in the New York area:

Brooklyn Commons triples down on support of anti-Semitism

Far Right conspiracy hack Christopher Bollyn had a lot of trouble with his September tour of the United States. Due to his obvious anti-Semitic agenda, venues in Connecticut, New York, and Washington, DC cancelled his bookings once they were made aware of Bollyn’s history of writing for White Nationalist papers, and working with David Duke and other holocaust deniers.

Nonetheless, one venue owner doubled down: Melissa Ennen of the Brooklyn Commons, a space better known for hosting radical and progressive projects such as Jacobin magazine and the Marxist Education Project. She defended her decision on the basis of free speech; in a statement now removed, Ennen said, “I agree that all forms of racism should have no place in leftist spaces, but in my opinion, to get to the root of racist thinking, confrontation works better than censorship.”

Local antifascists and other activists decided to take Ennen’s advice, and on September 7th, when Bollyn was escorted into the venue with hired security, a group of mostly anti-Zionist jewish protesters was waiting. Employees of the Commons called the police when one of them was spit upon for calling a protesters a “fat bitch.” Attendees interrupted Bollyn’s talk with questions, but were thrown out security. During the short Q&A, an attendee asked Bollyn about his blatant anti-Semitism; his response was to point to the exit, and say “There’s the door.” The crowd included


The Commons promoted the event on their website, Facebook, and hung posters in the Cafe itself.

Gabriel Brown of NATA and Cathleen McGuire, who loves to book holocaust deniers in left-wing spaces.

In the coming days, many projects pulled from the Commons or cancelled events, allegedly to a loss of $50,000. The Commons  tripled down by pulling the “progressive” label from their description page, and organizing a class called “No Free Speech for Fascists?” in a pathetic attempt to reframe their promotion of anti-Semitism as some sort of constitutional necessity.

In fact, Ennen is a 9/11 truther who is sympathetic to Bollyn’s nonsense. In the Brooklyn Paper, she claimed “Bollyn didn’t say anything derogatory about Jews,” and she, “doesn’t believe the government’s version of what brought the towers down.” (When Bollyn was asked during the brief Q&A if the Holocaust happened, he replied that it was “not his area of expertise.”)

Bollyn’s defenders are convinced that outrage at holocaust denial — and conspiracy-peddling in general which is designed to incite hatred against Jews — is a Zionist plot. On September 26, a new group calling itself Jewish Antifascist Action, which clearly denounces Zionism, went to an open mic event at the Commons. They were physically attacked with a mic stand, among other objects, for reading their position on the event. Clearly untrammeled “free speech” is not Ennen’s main concern. So why is she so ardent in creating a “safe space” for antisemites?

For those still confused about anti-Semitism and the Left we recommend checking the zine “The Past Never Went Anywhere

August Invictus speaks at “Liberty Fest”


Has little Augustus finally found love?

Earlier this year failed Florida Senate candidate, self-proclaimed fascist, and True Blood cosplayer August Invictus had his event shut down in Portland, was kicked out of Canada, was banned from a Left Hand Path conference, got dumped twice in one week, and likely spoke at a National Socialist Movement conference. Nonetheless, Ian Cioffi, who previously booked NATA’s Craig Fitzgerald to speak at anarcho-capitalist event called “Anarchy in the NYC” — before Cioffi was forced to drop him from the list of speakers after management caught wise — thought Invictus seemed like a fine speaker for his “Liberty Fest” event at the Cutting Room in Manhattan. (The venue did not returned our email when alerted of the event.) Invictus spoke to a small crowd from the balcony with alongside the aforementioned Gabriel Brown, who seems like some kind of neo-Nazi Zelig.

NSM to rally in Harrisburg


On November 5th the National Socialist Movement is planning to hold a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Local antifascists have called for a militant counter-demonstration, and are encouraging comrades from out of state to come through. See IGD’s post for more information.

KSS to Attempt Leif Erickson Day Rally Again


KSS and Matthew Heimbach were so scared of antifa they showed up the night before the announced day of the Leif Erikson rally in 2015. Hold your heads high, brave aryan warriors!

Philly Antifa are calling for antifascists to come to Philadelphia to oppose the annual neo-Nazi rally at the Thorfinn Karlsefni statue on Boathouse Row on Sunday, October 9 at 11 AM.

They write: “For the past 10 years, the city of Philadelphia has played host to a gathering of Neo-Nazis right under the noses of it’s residents. This gathering, known as ‘The Leif Erikson Day Celebration’ is organized, promoted, and attended exclusively by members of Neo-Nazi organizations. In past years the gathering has drawn upwards of 50 hardcore racists and fascists to Philly and served as an recruiting and organizing tool for the main organization involved, the Keystone State Skinheads (KSS).

In addition to KSS, past Leif Erikson day celebrations have been attended by members of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), The American 3rd Position Party/American Freedom Party (A3P/AFP), Volksfront (VF), The Vinlanders Social Club (VSC) and the Hated Skins. … Furthermore, individuals who have attended past Leif Ericson day celebrations have been tied to racist terror organizations such as Blood and Honour and the KKK.

After a massive turnout in 2013 to oppose that year’s event, KSS has worked to keep their plans very quiet to avoid having to face opposition whenever they come out. In 2014, they were successful in keeping those plans secret enough to hold the event without any opposition. In 2015 antifascists painted over the statue and a counter demo was organized.”

NYCFC supporters form Anti-fascist group


Love football, hate Nazi skinheads

New York’s newest Major League Soccer club, NYCFC, has been marred by the support of neo-Nazis, starting from their earliest games. Anti-racist fans have worked to identify and remove most of these types from the stadium, but the fash still congregate at bars and events outside the gates. Joining other antifascist fan clubs Cosmopolitan AFA and Garden State Ultras, NYCFC Antifa aims to nip fascist soccer culture in the bud.

Like them on Facebook and follow them on twitter: @NYCFCAntifa.



Sorry, Craig. Not anti-Semitic enough!

Our favorite local horizontalist-fascist clowns the National Anarchists Tribal Alliance (NATA) are having some  problems. As reasonable as it may sound for a Holocaust-denying, neo-Nazi loving anarchist group to endorse Donald Trump, the founder of the National-Anarchist Movement (N-AM) thinks differently. In a statement posted to N-AM’s Facebook, Troy Southgate cited NATA’s embrace of mixed racial organizing, Islamophobia, support for the Alt-Right and Trump — and even punctuation choices — as a reason for cutting ties with his international. In response, NATA commandant Craig Fitzgerald called Southgate an “esoteric Hitlerist hipster,” vowed to “cleanse” any dissidents in the group, and start a new American National-Anarchist network — despite not having the capacity to successfully organize a public event in years.

Here’s Southgate’s rollercoaster-ride of a purge speech in full:



Comrades at IWW Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) have been following and supporting a September 9th national strike against slavery which affected over 40 prisons nationwide. At the Holman facility in Alabama, corrections officers have joined the strike as well. Follow developments at Mask Magazine and check in with IWOC on how to support the prisoners in winning their demands and avoiding retribution.

Rojava Solidarity


With Turkey’s invasion of Northern Syria, the non-State of Rojava is now fighting a war on four fronts. Despite being the most effective fighting force against ISIS, Turkey has ordered their withdrawal and skirmishes have occurred between the alliance Rojava is part of (the SDF), the anti-Assad Free Syrian Aryan (which includes “moderate Islamists), and the Syrian Army.

Activists in New York are showing their solidarity with Rojava at demonstrations at the Turkish consulate and a banner drop. At the last consulate demonstration, ultra-nationalist thugs attacked the first pro-Rojava activists who arrived; when NYPD came, they threatened to arrest both sides, and then illegally tried to force the demonstration across the street. Rojava Solidarity NYC will return on October 9 for a rematch.



Feels good man

Keep up to date by following us on Twitter: @NYCAntifa



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J25 International Day of Solidarity Reportback!!

Much like last year, the second annual International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners was a great success, with events, actions, and other gestures of solidarity taking place on four continents! In addition to these benefit shows, letter-writings, dinners, banner drops, and solidarity photos, the call to action was translated into twelve languages, there is an ongoing t-shirt fundraiser by Antifa International, and social media was awash in #J25antifa solidarity!

North London Anti-Fascists break out the ultra-style and a sick mural for J25!

North London Anti-Fascists break out the ultra-style and a sick mural for J25!

In Great Britain, there were many solidarity photos taken by antifa crews in Manchester, North London, Cambridge, and South Wales. In Bulgaria, antifascists hung a banner at the courthouse in Sofia in support of Jock Palfreeman, calling for his freedom and the end of racist terror.

Anti-Fascist Action in Sydney does a banner action for Jock Palfreeman and all antifa prisoners!

Anti-Fascist Action in Sydney does a banner action for Jock Palfreeman and all antifa prisoners!

In Sydney, Australia, Anti-Fascist Action also hung a banner in support of Jock Palfreeman and all anti-fascist prisoners. In Indonesia, antifas attempted to march with banners in Cirebon and Surabaya, but were met with police repression.

Empty Cages/Progress for Science banner action in Los Angeles!!

Empty Cages/Progress for Science banner action in Los Angeles!!

Moving to the United States, in New York, local antifas organized a solidarity photo, and New York City Anarchist Black Cross hosted a letter-writing dinner for the prisoners. In California, Bay Area antifas held a bladed-knife defense workshop and a letter-writing; in Los Angeles, Empty Cages and Progress for Science held a banner action on the 101 freeway at rush hour (where passing cars honked in solidarity and passersby came up to reveal antifa tattoos as well as their support!). Antifascists in Denver, Colorado, and Minneapolis, Minnesota also hung banners for J25, while in Chicago, Illinois they held a Punk Rock Karaoke night to raise money for antifas injured in a fight with boneheads in Sacramento, California. Rose City Antifa in Portland, Oregon, once again facilitated the Postcards to Prisoners project, and also held a benefit for the Sacramento antifas.

The goal of July 25th is to bring attention to the many antifa prisoners behind bars and to raise awareness about the global struggle against fascism. Thanks to everyone who participated, we can say that solidarity knows no borders and that the fight continues stronger than ever. Now that the day of solidarity has passed, we encourage everyone to make prisoner support a part of your antifascist practice. We will do our best to keep our prisoner lists updated, so keep writing and keep the flow of solidarity moving!


Until All Are Free!!

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Get ready! July 25th International Day of Solidarity With Antifascist Prisoners Is Upon Us!

antifaprizonWe are fast approaching the July 25th Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners, and in preparation, we wanted to update everyone on the legal situation of our antifa comrades in the last year. In that time, quite a few antifascists have finished serving their time or have had their legal situations resolved, but unfortunately, a number remain behind bars, with many more expected to join them over the course of the next year.

Beginning with the good news, many antifascists finished serving their time, and have rejoined their friends and family after many months or years of separation. In Belarus, Dzimitry Zvan’ko—one of many antifas from Brest targeted by authorities—was released on parole on May 31, 2016 after serving three years. In Germany, on June 28th, Valentin, who was arrested and spent 10 months in jail for his involvement in a fight started by fascist soccer hooligans, was given a suspended sentence of 3 years instead of prison time. Many Swedish antifascists were also released in the past year—Dennis Miraballes, Nick Staffas, Linus Soinjoki, and Adam Taylor are now all home. In the United States, Jason Hammond was released on parole on April 1st, after serving a year and a half for direct action against the White Nationalist Economic Summit in 2012. Finally, Luke O’Donovan, after serving two years in prison for defending himself from a homophobic knife attack, will be released on July 25th, the International Day of Solidarity!

That these comrades are out is something to be cheered and celebrated, but we cannot forget the antifas who remain in prison, or the sad fact that many others will be joining them all too soon. Michelle Smith was sentenced on July 12th to twelve months in prison for her participation in the antifa counter-protest of an anti-immigration rally called by various far-right and fascist groups in Dover, England on January 30th.  Additionally, there are many other antifas currently on bail in England for actions over the past year who are also facing jail time. In the United States, seven antifascists were charged on June 30th in connection with a physical confrontation between antifascists and Klansmen in Anaheim, California this past February. Although three antifa were stabbed, none of the KKK members were charged by police. In Sweden, eight of the Kungsan 15 were sentenced to prison on July 1st to between 4 and 12 months for a physical confrontation with fascists during a huge counter-protest of a Nazi demonstration in 2014.

The worldwide increase in far-right activity means that more anti-fascists will risk not just prison, but their very lives, in confrontations with fascist scum (who are protected and encouraged by the state). In order to be as effective as we can be in this fight, we must create a strong flow of solidarity over the prison walls, not just on July 25th, but every day.

However, there is something powerful in a worldwide day of solidarity, and there is still time to do something for July 25th. Even something small, such as a solidarity photo, or a letter, is meaningful and appreciated. If you write to a prisoner, consider participating in Rose City Antifa’s Postcards to Prisoners project, and tweet a photo of your postcard or letter using the hashtag #postcardstoprisoners. Another way to be in solidarity is to contribute to Antifa International’s International Anti-Fascist Defense Fund, which raises funds for prisoners, as well as money for legal defense, medical costs, and family expenses for antifascists.

Tweet your solidarity with the #J25antifa hashtag and remember:
They are in there for us, and we are out here for them!

Free Roman Bogdan! Free Vlad Lenko! Free Dzmitry Stsyashenka! Free Jock Palfreeman! Free Michelle Smith! Free Aleksandr Kolchenko! Free Alexey Sutuga! Free Joel Almgren!


Thanks to @brighton161 for the great image!

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NYC: Tuesday, July 19th – Letter-Writing for the Day of Solidarity With Anti-fascist Prisoners

If you live in the NYC area, come down to The Base for letter-writing to anti-fascist prisoners sponsored by NYC Anarchist Black Cross!

WHAT: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner
WHEN: 7pm sharp, Tuesday, July 19th, 2016
WHERE: The Base1302 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11221 (directions below)
NOTE: The Base is on the ground floor, is wheelchair accessible, and has a gender neutral toilet.
COST: Free

As an anarchist collective, NYC ABC opposes capitalism, the state, and all forms of oppression. Naturally, this includes totalitarianism and fascism. So when the call for an international day of solidarity with anti-fascist prisoners was made, we answered. Our next every-other-week letter-writing dinner will be dedicated to sending cards to folks imprisoned for the actions they have taken in the name of fighting the spread of fascism around the world.

If you are unable to make it to our dinner, but want to write to the prisoners, please reference this list complied by NYC Antifa.

The deal, as always, is that you come bringing only yourself (and your friends and comrades), and we provide you with a delicious vegan meal, information about the prisoners as well as all of the letter-writing materials and prisoner-letter-writing info you could ever want to use in one evening. In return, you write a thoughtful letter to a political prisoner or prisoner of war of your choosing or, better yet, keep up a long-term correspondence. We’ll also provide some brief updates and pass around birthday cards for the PP/POWs whose birthdays fall in the next two weeks thanks to the PP/POW Birthday Calendar.

Getting to The Base is simple:
From the M Train:
Central Avenue Stop: Walk east on Myrtle Avenue (away from Hart Street, toward Cedar Street). We’re about two blocks down on the south side of the street.

Knickerbocker Avenue Stop: Walk west on Myrtle Avenue (away from Harman Street, toward Himrod Street). We’re about three blocks down on the south side of the street.

From the L Train:
DeKalb Avenue Stop: Walk south on Stockholm Street (away from Wyckoff Avenue, toward Irving Avenue). We’re about four blocks down, at the intersection of Stockholm Street and Myrtle Avenue.

From the J Train:
Myrtle Avenue Stop: Transfer to the M train and follow the above directions.

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July 10th: Day of Solidarity With Injured Antifa in Sacramento

combatantsOn June 26th, over 500 anti-fascists ran Nazis the fuck out of Sacramento, preventing a rally and show of force at the state capitol by the Traditional Workers Party, the Golden State Skinheads and other assorted fascists (from Blood and Honor and Red Ice Creations).

Nine anti-fascists were seriously injured in the chaos of the day and needed to be hospitalized. According to the fundraising website, all nine have been released from the hospital as of yesterday, July 4th, although their recovery process is not yet finished:

So it has been an exciting couple of days. All Antifa folks are out of the hospital and recovering. Many have a long road to being fully healed. We want to give a shout out to our medics who saved people’s lives on the 26th, without you all at least 2 people would have died.

Many of the folks who were injured spent a significant amount of time in the hospital and many had to undergo surgery. The bills for their treatment at the hospital and continued medical care are going to be very expensive.

A day of solidarity has been called by west coast comrades for July 10th to show support for the injured Antifas, but also to help continue the work they were willing to risk their lives for.

This is a call for a day of solidarity with all those who put their lives and bodies on the line to confront white supremacists in the streets of Sacramento on the 26th. Solidarity means many things, and can articulate itself in many ways. Demos, attacks, letter writings, benefits for medical fee, banner drops and more are welcome on this day. Just make sure to securely take photos or write reportbacks and post them, or your local anarchist news source.

It’s Going Down has compiled a list of things you can do to help, as well as posters and images you can distribute in person or on social media:

Donate to the Medical Fund:
If you can, please donate to the bail and medical fund. Anything helps and you can also share the link on social media. Go there at:

Throw a Benefit:
Several groups are already planning benefit events in several locations. Host an event, discussion, or party to raise funds. ‘Welcome to Leith’ is now on NetFlix if you are looking for an excellent film to show. We also recommend getting in contact with a local anti-fascist speaker or holding a discussion about how these struggles are linked to what is happening in your area.

Drop a Banner or Hold a Rally:
Drop a banner in a public place, take a picture, and send in report to Hold a rally or demonstration, hand out flyers and talk with people about how what happened in Sacramento was a victory against fascism and white supremacy and why we should support the people that were injured fighting. These acts of solidarity with help build people’s spirits and show that our struggles are connected.

Send a Card of Support:
Want to send a message to anti-fascists who are dealing with injuries? You can send messages of support to:
Sacramento Prisoner Support
PO Box 163126
Sacramento, CA 95816

Take Action Against Fascism In Your Area:
Organize, confront, and combat fascism and white nationalism in your area. Let us build from this mobilization and sweep the fascists off the streets. ¡No pasarán!

Print out and Put Up Solidarity Posters:
Download posters here and place them around where you live, work, or go to school. Take pictures and send them to

If you are in NYC, come out to the Solidarity Dance Party on Saturday July 9th at the Silent Barn!




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Call for the 2nd Annual International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners, July 25, 2016

In the year since the first July 25th International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners in 2015, there has been a disturbing increase of Far Right activity worldwide. Every day brings news of some new wave of reaction—in the name of nationalism and security—which demonizes refugees and immigrants, stokes hatred for Muslims, and attacks LGBTQ and other oppressed groups fighting for their liberation and their very lives.

We see Nigel Farage and UKIP in the UK, the Burmese magazine The Irrawaddy, the Front National in France, and Donald Trump in the U.S. all making the same racist claims about refugees using almost identical Far Right language. In response, anti-fascists from Poland, Thailand, Malaysia, England, Australia, Brazil, Burma, Greece, France, Sweden, the United States, and all points in between, have the same response to this bigoted garbage:


Antifascists are on the front lines in the fight against these fascist and other Far Right nationalist nightmares. In the U.S. we have already seen a large increase in antifa arrests at increasingly confrontational demonstrations against KKK and similar rallies. Internationally, there has also been an increase in street confrontations, and unfortunately this means more repression by the State. We will not allow our comrades—surrounded by steel cages and concrete walls—to be forgotten.

The July 25 International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners originated in 2014 as the Day of Solidarity with Jock Palfreeman, an Australian man serving a 20-year sentence in Bulgaria for defending two Romani men from an attack by fascist football hooligans. In 2015, we expanded our solidarity efforts to include all antifascist prisoners across the globe. There were a variety of actions around the world: groups held benefit concerts, movie nights, talks, raffles, banner drops, letter-writings, and literature distribution on the street and at a punk festival. Others did photo-ops and videos, and issued statements of solidarity.

We call on anti-fascists worldwide to act in solidarity with antifascist prisoners! Consider having an event or dedicating an action to them. They are in there for us, and we are out here for them!

No Pasaran!
Until All Are Free!


TRANSLATIONS OF THE CALL AVAILABLE IN SPANISH, RUSSIAN, GERMAN, FRENCH, BAHASA INDONESIA, GREEK, FINNISH, JAPANESE,  TAGALOG, SWEDISH, and DUTCH (Español, русский, français, Deutsche, Bahasa Indonesia, ελληνικά, suomalainen, 日本語, Tagalog, Svenska,
and Nederlands)

Below is a list of global antifascist prisoners. Please contact us: if you know an antifa prisoner who is missing form the list (include their details, and what languages they can read); if you can help translate the call; or if you are planning an event that, so that we can help publicize it:

Note that there is a separate call for International Days of Solidarity with Russian Anarchist and Antifascist Prisoners, from July 1-10, 2016. It doesn’t matter if you want to participate in one or both calls, as long as you show your solidarity!

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««««««Global List of Antifascist Prisoners»»»»»»
(list will be updated shortly; check back soon!)
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New Clément Méric Film on 3rd Anniversary of His Murder by Fascists

On June 5, 2013, antifascist activist Clément Méric was murdered in Paris by skinheads associated with a Third Positionist fascist group. (For background on this, see here.)

The media collective Left Report and the North-East Antifascists Berlin have produced a new, 30 minute documentary called Une vie de lutte (The Fight Goes On), which is subtitled in English. It documents the antifacist struggle in recent years in France, the death of Méric, and how the political landscape has swung to the right with the electoral successes of the far right Front National.

You can find further information about the movie on:

Additionally, the filmmakers have also asked for help funding a new project:

“We’re currently planning to produce another antifascist movie about the political events in France, e.g. about the new powerful social movement Nuit Debout, which fights against neoliberal labor market reforms and questions the whole capitalist and political system in between, the continuing rise of the Front National and the swing to the right in the parliament and society, the militarization of the public sphere after the Paris attacks from January and November 2015 and the precarious situation of the migrants and refugees.”

They are calling for donations, and have only raised about half their goal. A donation link is available here:

There is also a short donation appeal video (subtitled in English):

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