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  • Atari Teenage Riot + 6000 Anti-Fascists in Berlin

      On the night of April 30th to May 1st 2013 German authorities allowed Nazi groups to march through Berlin. Over 6000 people joined Atari Teenage Riot, the Anti-Fascist Action, and various other anti-racism activists and artists who gathered for a free concert to block the Nazi march! Since the economic crisis in Europe began, […]


    Hey, you know what’s a big re-emerging trend in Europe at the moment, besides the Cosby sweater and poverty? Fascism! I mean, it’s only the middle of July and so far we’ve seen nationalists playing football with anarchists’ heads in Poland, slapping women on Greek TV and crashing May Day and Gay Pride parties in Sweden and Bristol respectively. The hacking/general mischief collective Anonymous […]

  • Crack Shoot Hitler! @ Falarek VHSrip

  • Alec Empire from ATR interview by Leftdance

    Leftdance talks with Alec Empire, member of Atari Teenage Riot, the legendary german techno-punk band. I recommend visit this website: www.atari-teenage-riot.com/ Here the interview: 1)When and how ATR born ? I started Atari Teenage Riot in early 1992. Hanin Elias and Carl Crack were the first members back then. But the group did change over all […]

  • Atari Teenage Riot in NYC!

    Next Thursday Sep. 23rd the Berlin anarcho-electronic ATARI TEENAGE RIOT will be playing in NYC. Be ready NYC ANTIFAS! Atari Teenage Riot – Berlin May 1st 1999 riot footage with Alec Empire commentary. Throughout the ‘90s, ATR spread sonic fire and antifascist ideas from the nexus of hard techno, thrash-punk and noise. “The group was […]