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  • “The Undying Appeal of White Nationalism”

    from the good comrades at Candles and Torches Neofascism in the Cultural, Artistic, and Ecological Movements The earth is firmly enveloped in crisis. This crisis is at once material and existential. The economy can no longer support the human weight that bends it at its foundation. Can not, or will not. The aftermath of the […]

  • A Response to Sean Ragon

    NYC Antifa presents this essay in order to further a constructive discussion on the growth of fascist aesthetics in New York’s punk scene. A major problem with asserting our opposition to racist and fascist bands in this scene is that they are entangled with respectable artists, labels, and shops. Nonetheless, the trend is worthy of […]

  • Why we don’t like Death in June

    This Saturday fascist Neo-Folk band Death in June will be ending their U.S. tour at the Bell House in Brooklyn. The tour is already mired with difficulty after vandalism in  L.A., San Francisco, and a last minute venue-switch in Salem. We stand in solidarity with anti-fascists answering the call to disrupt the tour, but after […]

  • 03/24/2013 – 3PM /// March for Justice for Kimani Gray!

    March for: Justice for Kimani Gray! Jail the Killer Cops! Drop the Charges Against All the Arrested Protestors! Sunday, March 24, Church Ave at E. 55 3 pm rally & march to 67th Precinct Event page: facebook.com/events/227164960762890/ 16 year old Kimani Gray was shot down by cops who filled his young body with 7 bullets, […]

  • Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn intimidation in Queens

    From The North Star Golden Dawn, a neo-Nazi party that has tormented Greece and terrorized immigrants, has now brought its fascist message of anti-democratic intimidation to New York City. On March 2, New York supporters of the Greek Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) had planned a discussion event: “Beyond Scapegoats & Moralism: Greece and […]