• “The Undying Appeal of White Nationalism”

    from the good comrades at Candles and Torches Neofascism in the Cultural, Artistic, and Ecological Movements The earth is firmly enveloped in crisis. This crisis is at once material and existential. The economy can no longer support the human weight that bends it at its foundation. Can not, or will not. The aftermath of the […]

  • Shutdown Brooklyn RAC Show: No More Anti-Muslim, Anti-Jewish, Neo-Nazi Shows in Greenpoint

    UPDATE (Thursday, August 28, 9PM): One People’s Project has announced that Coco 66 has cancelled the booking!!! See “Controversial Brooklyn Show Cancelled” [eventually this show was moved to The Place in Greenpoint, where many of these shows have been held] One People’s Project has called for people to contact Coco66 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and ask them […]

  • Updates on National Anarchist infiltrations in the New York area

    In a recent interview with a fascist Dutch Magazine NATA‘s commander, Craig Fitzgerald, boasted that despite being rejected by all anarchists in NY for their support of White Nationalism and Holocaust denial, they are “Continuing to collaborate with groups as diverse as We Are Change, Occupy Wall Street, Earth First [see update], the Libertarian Party […]

  • NATA Unwanted at Anarchist Bookfair, 4/20 Conference, or seemingly anywhere else

    Upon a closer evaluation of the word and its etymology one can see that fascism does not imply hierarchy but rather unity, and some anarchists may want to reclaim the term. – Craig FitzGerald, NATA-NY National Anarchist Tribal Alliance (NATA) Commander Craig FitzGerald might be deluded enough to think things would have gone differently for […]