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  • Nipsters: German Neo-Nazi Hipsters

    Rolling Stone has published a fascinating story about hipster Nazis in Germany. As many antifascists have warned for years, fascists are abandoning the old bonehead-and-white-robes approach for one that is closer to the cultural tastes of the radical left. The apolitical or right-wing political tendencies of the largely white hipster culture make this no surprise […]

  • Clément Méric aged 18 from Brest, France – Beaten to death by neo-Nazis in Paris on 5 June 2013

    Active with ‘Action Antifasciste Paris-Banlieue‘ and the student group ‘Solidarity”, Clement was attacked by a group of neo-Nazis in central Paris. He was rushed to hospital and later was pronounced ‘brain-dead’ Meric and three of his friends were attending a Fred Perry private sale in the central Rue de Caumartin when a group of four […]

  • Knifing at event dealing with right-wing extremism

    Knifing at event dealing with right-wing extremism One person was injured Wednesday evening in a knifing that took place in the Jyväskylä city library where a presentation was underway of a new book about the extreme right in Finland. There was no information immediately available on the extent of injuries suffered, but according to eyewitnesses, […]

  • Athens: Third antifascist motorcycle demo clashed with neo-Nazis; police attacked the demo in retaliation

    Anarchist banner in Kamara, Thessaloniki: “Solidarity with the arrestees of the antifascist motorcycle demo – Athens – Evelpidon courts, 4/10” The night of September 15th saw the first motorcycle patrol through Athens centre with flypostering and protest chants against neo-Nazi attacks. On September 22nd another antifa motorcycle demo was realized successfully. In the evening of […]

  • Chile: The New Nazis

    Hitler’s unlikely followers Chile once harbored Nazi fugitives and has a history of racial discrimination, but its predominantly mixed-race population makes it an unexpected home for a neo-Nazi movement. Frontline/World reporter Lygia Navarro examines why some brown-skinned, working class kids have bought into Hitler’s ideology. Watch the video here: http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/fellows/chile_2008/ /// Via: pbs.org