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NYC Antifa Fall Newsletter

If our blog has looked a little slow recently, it might be because the work of an antifascist is overwhelming in 2016. We’ve also taken to updating our twitter account more frequently, as we are moving towards the blog being … Continue reading

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No “Little Europe” for Nazis in North Dakota

Run out of everywhere they try to set up shop, neo-Nazis have hatched a new scheme in recent months to take over the 17-24 person village of Leif in North Dakota. They hoped that there they could find refuge for … Continue reading

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FROM http://antiracistaction.org/node/1653 The Battle of Pemberton: ARA vs. NSM The Battle of Pemberton: ARA vs. NSMThe National Socialist Movement (NSM), a group that tries to dance around the fact that they are Nazis while sporting swastikas on their uniforms and sieg … Continue reading

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