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  • NYPD’s Racist Brethren: Long Island Cops Gone Wild

    In 2015, police in the United States have killed nearly 1,000 people. In December, as protests raged at the Chicago Police Department and Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the cover-up of the police murder of Laquan Mcdonald, the city cops gunned down a mother of five simply for answering her door. Juries did not issue indictments […]

  • #4thPrecinctShutown in Minneapolis attacked by racist trolls

    Last night a group of 3-4 men opened fire on our comrades at the #4thPrecinctShutdown in Minneapolis. They had been harassing the camp for days, releasing videos of themselves brandishing guns inside their SUV, spouting racial slurs, and telling their online audience to “stay white.” Fully aware of their white supremacist leanings, protesters formed a defense […]

  • Anti-Immigrant Racism on Long Island

    From the “social cleansing” of Haitians in the Dominican Republic to Golden Dawn’s increasing power over parliament and police in Greece, the worldwide backlash against immigrants is increasing. The United States is no exception to this global rightward shift: over 2 million have been deported under Obama—who has also increased funding for more detention facilities and […]

  • Hundreds of anti-fascists riot in the city of Agrinio as police from across Greece protect the newly-opened office of Golden Dawn Nazis

    [via Occupied London] Agrinio, a medium-sized city of just over 100,000 saw some of the most severe rioting in its history on the evening of November 18th. As the Nazi party Golden Dawn formally opened an office in the city, just opposite the local police station, hundreds of police and Golden Dawn members arrived from […]

  • Greek government urged to probe police abuse claims against Anti-fascists

    Human rights groups have urged the Greek government to investigate allegations of abuse by police officers. The claims of abuse were made by protesters who took part in a recent anti-fascist demonstration. They say they were physically and verbally attacked by officers while under arrest. The Greek police force denies the allegations, but the group […]