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NYC – Saturday, Oct. 5th /// Greece: Fascism, Crisis, and Conflict: A Talk With Dimitris Dalakoglou of Occupied London Collective

When: Saturday, October 5, 2013 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Since 2010, Europe is going through a profound crisis of its capitalist establishment. Greece is in the centre of that crisis. Unemployment and poverty prevails while class war has … Continue reading

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Golden Dawn offices bombed by anti-fascists in Greece

Via Submedia TV: UPDATE: Anarchists in Greece have allegedly attacked the headquarters of racist neo-nazi party Golden Dawn last week. According to the corporate media, a powerful bomb fucked up the structure of the building and blew off a door … Continue reading

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Hundreds of anti-fascists riot in the city of Agrinio as police from across Greece protect the newly-opened office of Golden Dawn Nazis

[via Occupied London] Agrinio, a medium-sized city of just over 100,000 saw some of the most severe rioting in its history on the evening of November 18th. As the Nazi party Golden Dawn formally opened an office in the city, … Continue reading

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Call for an Open Meeting Say “NO” to the Neo-Nazi “Golden Dawn” in New York City

Void Network invites all friends and comrades to participate on this Open Meeting and organise collective power: Call for an Open Meeting* Say “NO” to the Neo-Nazi “Golden Dawn” in New York City Golden Dawn, G.D. (in Greek, Chrysi Avgi), … Continue reading

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Anonymous attacks Golden Dawn NY’s website

Hackers respond fast to news of the Greek neo-Nazi group’s New York chapter Via Natasha Lennard – salon.com After news broke Monday that Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn had opened up an office in New York to garner expat support, … Continue reading

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