Sat, Oct 10: Oppose Neo-Nazi Annual Event on Philly’s Boathouse Row


COMMUNITY ALERT! Neo-Nazis plan to rally and march in Fairmount Park.

Where: Thorfinn Karlsefni Statue, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
When: October 10th, 2015 @ 11:00 AM
What: Stand up to racist hate and bigotry of all kinds.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that Matter” – MLK Jr.

For the past 9 years, the city of Philadelphia has played host to a gathering of Neo-Nazis right under the noses of its residents.

This gathering, known as “The Leif Ericson Day Celebration” is organized, promoted, and attended exclusively by members of Neo-Nazi organizations. In past years the gathering has drawn upwards of 50 hardcore racists and fascists to Philly and served as an recruiting and organizing tool for the main organization involved, the Keystone State Skinheads (KSS).

In addition to KSS, past Leif Ericson day celebrations have been attended by members of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), The American 3rd Position Party/American Freedom Party (A3P/AFP), Volksfront (VF) , The Vinlanders Social Club (VSC) and the Hated Skins. All of those groups are considered hate groups by several independent organizations including the Southern Poverty Law Center, The Anti-Defamation League and the FBI. Furthermore, individuals who have attended past Leif Ericson day celebrations have been tied to racist terror organizations such as Blood and Honour and the KKK.

If past years are any indication, they will do a very short march in formation down lemon hill at Noon and attempt to lay a wreath and make speeches at the statue at the statue of Thorfin Karlson along Kelly drive.

After a massive turnout in 2013 to oppose that year’s event, KSS has worked to keep their plans very quiet to avoid having to face opposition whenever they come out. In 2014, they were successful in keeping those plans secret enough to hold the event without any opposition, but just this week, it was leaked that they are indeed planning something for this weekend. There is nothing publicly on the internet about it, no public announcement, and that makes it harder for people to organize against them, especially with a week’s notice.

Which is not to say we won’t try.

We hope to mobilize a huge continent of Anti-Racists, progressives, and all good people of Philly to the Thorfinn Karlsefni statue. THIS WILL BE A PEACEFUL PROTEST. Please bring any signs, banners, noise makers or drums in order for our contingent to block/drown out the hate-speech of the Nazis.

We intend to stand together in defiance of racism and all forms of bigotry. Won’t you join us?

In solidarity,

Philadelphia Residents Against Racism

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‘Resistance: Anti-NSBM’ benefit albums

The Dark Skies Above Us Collective has released three benefit albums of “anti-NSBM” (National Socialist Black Metal) bands. Each album is a benefit for a great cause: an anti-fascist’s medical bills, the post-release fund for former environmental prisoner Eric McDavid, and funds for the families of the 43 students murdered in Guerrero, Mexico. Each of them is available as a digital download by donation (and vol. 1 also as a cassette).

The Dark Skies Above Us Collective, Athens, Greece:
Antifascist and anarchist bands & distros collective



Resistance: ANTI-NSBM Volume 1antiNSBM1

released February 21, 2015

Nihilist Waves – Where is the Unity
Doom – Nazi Die
Absolutist – Pain
Ruinas – Iconoclastas
Void Forger – Raise The Curtain (Jerry’s Kids)
Døde Rotter – Жоом
Mácula – Seguindo o Coração
Aurea – VI
Iskra – Cursed Realms of the Winter Demons
Human Host Body – Sankcije
G.U.O.R. – Quante volte…
Social Horror – Caracas
N.I.S. – Parassiti
Heädshöt – Slaves
Eternal Noire Doom – Dust
Norn – Ég Hata Ísland
Kalashnikov – Vampirizzati oggi

All benefit goes to Emilio and CSA Dordoni.

A group of around 60 fascists (mostly from CasaPound) attacked activists from Cremona’s Dordoni social centre. The attack on seven or eight activists was launched by around ten people, and very soon bolstered by 40 more. Emilio, one of the activists and someone very well known in Cremona, was beaten with a bar and then kicked in the face and head as he was lying on the ground. The attack appears to have been prepared in advance, taking advantage of a football match to bring together fascists from Parma, Brescia and other towns with those from Cremona. Emilio is now in a very serious condition, he is in coma. Dordoni’s activists have made a complaint that the fascists were merely identified by the police and then released but that the activists who were defending Dordoni were charged.

Anti-racist activists from Cremona and from all over Italy have called for a national anti-racist demonstration in Cremona on 24 January, and for solidarity demonstrations in many different cities. Clashes broke out at an anti-racist rally in Cremona, Italy when around 2,000 protesters took to the streets to object to this attack by far-right group supporters. According to La Stampa, the protesters were trying to reach the headquarters of CasaPound and broke windows and vandalised streets in the process.

This episode is not isolated: there have been many different attacks let by CasaPound or other far-right movements over the last few months. In September, in Naples, a high school student was beaten by some far-right individuals. In Rome, in November, a group of far-right militants attacked supporters of Ardita San Paolo football team.

All the money from this compilation will go to Emilio for medical care and to CSA Dordoni squatters.

Racism: the maximum of hatred for the minimum of reason.
Love music – hate racism!
Crust punk, anarcho punk, HC and HNW united.


Resistance: ANTI-NSBM Volume 2antiNSBM.v2

released February 14, 2015

Modesto Continente – Cat-ass-trophy
Acromo – Faces do Ecocídio
Cuscuta – Untitled
Larva Ov Cum – Imploro fiumi di IRA Sociale
Satanatum – Do The Drones Dream Of Electric Gods?
Angoracoid – Satanico Pandemonium
SatAnarchist Apparition Storm – Total Fucking Anarchy
Regnvm Animale – Samsara
Pulso Etilico – Paranoia
Ierru – Cussu chi Depet Èssere Fatu
Nephilim – The Necromancer
Wild’s Reprisal – Death of Nature
Schattenlicht – Niemals vergessen
Virium – Wolved by the moonlight
In Flagrante Delicto – Ultio
Misery Index – The Color of Blood
Gulag – Gauzes
Deafest – Rising From the Ridgeline
Rejekts – Caduta
Black Cascade – Arise
Karg – Asternregen
Twilight Fauna – Emancipation in Chaos
Peregrine – Reduced to Ashes
Smärta – Postmodernism

Eric McDavid is an anarchist and environmental activist who was entrapped by an FBI informant and charged with a single count of “conspiracy to use fire or explosives to damage corporate and government property”. In May of 2008 Eric was sentenced to an outrageous 19 years and 7 months in prison.

On January 8th, 2015, after serving 9 years in prison his judgment and sentencing were vacated when it became known that the FBI had failed to disclose potentially exculpatory evidence to the defense. Eric plead guilty to a lesser charge that carried a 5 year maximum sentence and was released almost immediately.

This incredible victory occurred because we all refused to give up the struggle to set him free. Thank you to all of you who have supported Eric during these last 9 years. Despite the heavy-handed repression of the state, Eric refused to compromise his politics or his integrity, just as all of us who supported him refused to abandon the struggle to see him free. But the struggle is not over. Though Eric is no longer held in a prison cell he is faced with the difficult task of rebuilding his life after a lengthy period of incarceration.

All money from this compilation will go to Eric McDavid to help him get back on his feet.

Resistance: ANTI-NSBM Volume 3antiNSBM.v.3

released August 24, 2015

D.O.C. – Riposa in Pace, Lurido Verme
Antlers – To The Throats
Ancient Emblem – Ancient Emblem
Stellar Descent – Lost (Excerpt)
Årsta – Fall Of Iriy
Slaughterday – Slaves to the Artificial God
Marginal – More Violence
Neverchrist – Acao, Reacao, Renegacao
Repressione – Distintivo
Nuit Noire – My Pretty Lunar Blade
Iprit – Последний поезд
Elurra – Die Jagt
Ancst – Spark
Alda – In The Wake Of An Iron Wind
Abismus – Black Chant
Anti-freeze – World Struggle
Abyssal – Landscapes
Bonjour Tristesse – Lifeforce
Wildspeaker – Power Lines
Rütäbägä – Survival
Vow Of Thorns – Forest Dweller
Morbid Blood – I Still Have Faith
Leper – Wild And Free
Disterror – Gilgamesh
Thränenkind – This Story Of Permanence
Fortress Black – Dead Heart
Profecium – Esteros De Sangre
Kvltyst – Zweifel
Crown of Asteria – Stag Head Wounded in Looming Spirit
Искра Жизни – Театр абсурда
Puna Terrori – The Storm Of T34
Dark Mass – Cursed Blood of The Fallen Kings
L’Isola Di Semo – J

100% of the proceeds of this compilation will go toward to help parents and classmates of the 43 (Normalista students who disappeared on September 26, 2014 in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico) going to United States.

The main aim is to provide an international forum for the parents who have lost their children in a government of systemic violence and impunity. Another important goal of the caravana is to shed light on US foreign policy, specifically the Merida Initiative and its connection to socioeconomic conditions and violence in Mexico.

On September 26, 2014 a group of students was attacked by the police and other people in the city of Iguala, leaving six dead, 25 or more wounded, and 43 disappeared. While there have been several official and other unofficial investigations as of this date (January 2015) we have no clear idea of what happened to the students. We don’t know who killed, wounded, or kidnapped them, nor do we have a clear motive.

Thanks to Modesto Continente for the art.

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Two Years On: Remembering Pavlos Fyssas/Killah P

RIP KILLAH P Two years ago today, September 18th, 2013, Greek rapper and antifascist, Pavlos Fyssas, also known by his stage name, Killah P, was fatally stabbed after he was assaulted leaving a cafe in Piraeus, Greece, with his girlfriend and two other friends by the black-shirted thugs of Golden Dawn. Pavlos helped his friends to escape and stood to confront the 20-25 neo-Nazi scum surrounding him, many wielding sticks.

Police officers of the loathsome Greek DIAS motorcycle squad were on the scene. DIAS cops–as all of them do–routinely brutalize protesters, anarchists, immigrants and collude with and offer protection to Golden Dawn. Such was the case last year, when appeals by Pavlos’ friends to intervene to prevent the assault were met with responses such as, “They are too many,” and, “What can we do?”

While the police did nothing to help, as is the norm, a man drove up to Pavlos, jumped out of the car, and stabbed him twice in the chest and once in the abdomen. Pavlos held on to life for 20 minutes afterwards, and named his assailant repeatedly. The name of his killer were the last words he spoke.

Four months later, in January 2014, over 100 Golden Dawn members destroyed the memorials for Pavlos at the place he was stabbed to death. Afterwards, they marched through town, destroying anti-fascist, anarchist and leftist posters, banners, and graffiti, escorted by their friends, the DIAS motorcycle police. The neo-Nazis then went on to attack the Resalto, an anarchist social center. The dozen or so anarchists inside the space were able to repel the attack, and watched as the cops told Golden Dawn, after awhile, to simply leave–there were no arrests or consequences for their thuggery.

Today, we remember Pavlos Fyssas, and we echo our comrades in the Resalto– “FASCIST MURDERERS, WE WILL CRUSH YOU!”

never forgive; never forget(this post is adapted from here)

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SC Anti-Klan Arrestee Eddien Patterson Now Out of Jail

from Free Eddieneddien

We have good news!

Eddien Patterson is no longer in jail. We received a call from his lawyer yesterday, Tuesday 9/15 that he is out of jail. He plead guilty to 3rd degree misdemeanor Assault & Battery as well as misdemeanor Breach of Peace and was sentenced to 30 days for each, but was able to get time served for both charges after paying court costs and a fine. Though we believed he could have beaten all charges Eddien and his lawyer decided to move on with his life and plead guilty.

We ask that people no longer send in money for Eddien; all the money that has already been donated will go to him to pay his fines and to help him resettle in Columbia because his 2 months in jail caused him to loose his job.

Thank you so much for the support.

Fuck the Klan
Fuck the Law

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Sat, Sept 12: NYC No Borders/Antifascist contingent at Refugee Solidarity Rally

No Border No nation fight Deportations


Saturday, September 12, 2015
Union Square, NYC
12pm sharp

Call for a No Borders and Antifascist contingent to the 9/12 Syrian Refugee solidarity demonstration

In Budapest, Lampedusa, Lesvos, Berlin, Calais, Kobani, Manus Island Melilla, the Negev, Yarmouk, Rafa, Santo Domingo, San Antonio, and Nogales, we see the same crisis, the same dehumanizing rhetoric. We are told those fleeing violence and poverty of in Latin America, North Africa, and the Middle East are contagions of instability, that in order to defend our national character, we must build walls and detention camps, and ruthlessly exploit the chosen few we allow in.

They call this the worst refugee crisis since World War II. And today, just as Jews, Roma, Queers, and others were turned away by the Allies, the thousands of Syrian, Iraqis, Kurds, and Afghans now fleeing ISIS, Assad, and Erdogan are labeled pariahs and infiltrators. In Turkey, Hungary, Germany, Britain, Sweden, France, Greece, Israel, and the United States, nationalist politicians and fascist groups have used the crisis to heighten the friend/enemy and inside/outside rhetoric that props up their disgusting militarism, bigotry, and ethnic cleansing.

Over the last four years, sections of the United States have begun to wake up and take to the streets, confronting the bourgeois state and the murdering racist police that protect it. In New York this Saturday, hundreds will call for the United States to take in Syrian refugees. We will stand with them to push that rhetoric even further:

– Solidarity with all those displaced by bombs, markets, or discrimination
– Abolish borders, and the nationalism and racism that depend on them
– Free entry for Syrian refugees, and everyone else!

Invite friends! Bring your crew, signs, banners, noisemakers, or just yourself and your energy to Union Square at 12pm sharp, you’ll know us by the antifa and black flags!


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