Call for the Third Annual International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners, July 25, 2017

New York City anti-fascists represent for J25!

As the third annual July 25th International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners approaches, we find ourselves fighting the hydra of fascism and far-right ideology. While its many heads have distinct looks in different parts of the world, this beast spews the same venomous poison of nationalism and bigotry everywhere. It demonizes refugees and immigrants, stokes hatred for Muslims, and attacks LGBTQ and other oppressed groups who are fighting for liberation and their very lives.

The July 25 International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners originated in 2014 as the Day of Solidarity with Jock Palfreeman, an Australian man serving a 20-year sentence in Bulgaria for defending two Romani men being attacked by fascist football hooligans. Whether acting as individuals or as part of larger organized demonstrations, this is the kind of bravery and solidarity which defines antifascist actions against the forces of hate. Since the day of solidarity last year, we have seen this spirit all over the world—in Indonesia, Czech Republic, Brazil, Poland, England, Greece, the United States, France, Syria, Australia, Japan and all points in between.

While antifascism is global, unfortunately so is state repression. In the U.S., hundreds of antifa have been arrested resisting both the Trump regime as well as Far Right street forces. In Belarus, the state continues to harshly repress the antifascist resistance. While many of these comrades are awaiting sentences, there are still many who languish in prison. We will not forget these comrades behind the prison walls!

We call on anti-fascists worldwide to act in solidarity with antifascist prisoners. Consider having an event or dedicating an action to them. They are in there for us, and we are out here for them!

No Pasaran!
Until All Are Free!


The call is now available in German and Greek.
Translations are forthcoming in Spanish, French, Finnish, Swedish, and other languages.
Contact us if you can translate it into another language!

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««««««Global List of Antifascist Prisoners»»»»»»

Below is a list of global antifascist prisoners who have been sentenced. Hundreds more have been arrested but have not been convicted; we encourage local groups to support the antifascists of their choosing who are in legal trouble. If you are not donating to a specific person, a good option is to support the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund.

Please contact us: if you know an antifa prisoner who is missing form the list (include their details, and what languages they can read); if you can help translate the call; or if you are planning an event that, so that we can help publicize it:


Roman Bogdan

Roman Bogdan was arrested on April 15, 2015, as part of the long-going state repression of anti-fascists in Brest, stemming from a fight between anti-fascists and fascists on May 8, 2013. In October, Roman was sentenced to 8 years in a penal colony and must pay 3500 Euro in damages. On December 15, 2015 a regional appellate court commuted his sentence by 2 years.

He can read Russian and simple English phrases.


213010 Shklov
p. Molodezhnyj, IK-17, otryad 12
Mogilevskaya obl.

Vlad Lenko

Vlad Lenko is an antifascist from Ivatsevichi (Brest region). He was arrested on December 27, 2014, and accused of taking part in a fight against local neo-Nazis earlier in December. Vlad was charged with group hooliganism and aggravated bodily harm, and in September 2015 was sentenced to 6 years in a penal colony.

Supporters are trying to raise money to appeal the verdict, which they hope will reduce his sentence by half. They also need to collect 1000 Euro to pay damages ordered by the court.

Fundraising WebMoney:
$ Z418615316084
€ E146518161935

He can read Russian and simple English phrases.

Lenko Vlad Igorevich
211300 Vitebskaya obl.
Vitebskiy rajon, Vitba, IK-3

Maxim Yahnieshka

Maxim Yahnieshka was arrested after a fight on April 1st, 2015, where he was hospitalized in a fight with right-wing hooligans. Cops were called by hospital staff, and Maxim refused to name his attackers to police. After obtaining surveillance camera footage, the police identified the right-wing hooligans and had them accuse Maxim of prior conflicts. On September 7, 2016 he was sentenced to 3 years of custodial restraint for malicious bodily harm, theft of a hat, property destruction, and threatening to kill right-wing hooligans. Appeals to a higher court in November left his sentence unchanged, and on December 12, 2016 he was transferred to an open-type penitentiary institution.

He can read Russian and simple English phrases.

Maxim Yahnieshka
IUOT No. 7
225140, Pruzhanski r-n, d. Kuplino

Jock Palfreeman

Jock Palfreeman is an Australian anti-fascist political prisoner serving a twenty-year prison sentence in Bulgaria for the rather mysterious death of a neo-Nazi football hooligan who was part of a group attacking two Romani men in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2007. Jock came to the aid of the Romani, and quickly found himself the focus of the attack. Bulgarian authorities did everything they could to ensure that Jock did not receive a fair trial, and after his sentencing have refused–in contravention of their own treaties–to transfer him to Australia to serve the rest of his time closer to his family.

Jock recently wrote that, “Although I do not want people to forget that I continue to stay incarcerated for defending a Roma man being brutally beaten by 15 neo-nazis, this July 25th 2017 I request that as many people as possible can organize solidarity funds for our prisoners’ union here, the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association (BPRA).” He also asks that people write  to government officials and request that they meet with BPRA representatives.

He can read English and Bulgarian.

Jock Palfreeman
Sofia Central Prison
21 General Stoletov Boulevard
Sofia 1309, BULGARIA

Aleksandr Kolchenko

Aleksandr  Kolchenko was arrested in Crimea on May 17, 2014, along with several others, and accused by Russian authorities of participation in a “terrorist group” which planned explosions near the Eternal Fire memorial and the Lenin monument in Simferopol, as well as having sabotaged railway tracks and electricity lines. Aleksandr is also alleged to have carried out two arson attacks in April: against the headquarters of the Russian Unity-Party, and the Russian Community of Crimea. He was transferred to Moscow and is being kept in draconian conditions. His lawyers are under a gag order, and have been refused elementary rights to defend him. He faces fifteen-to-twenty years in a labor camp.

Russian authorities claim that Aleksandr is a member of Right Sektor, a Ukrainian ultra-right nationalist organization, but he has no connection to the group—a fact confirmed by relatives and friends. Moreover, Aleksandr is an antifascist and anarchist who consistently opposed nationalistic movements in Crimea and faced constant fascist attacks for his activism. For example, after a film screening about murdered anti-fascist journalist Anastasiya Baburova, he was attacked by thirty Nazis with knives.

Since this case is highly political, Aleksandr’s legal costs are high, around 850 euro per month. The investigation has created a heavy financial strain on local ABC groups, and there is a call for financial support and information distribution. You can make donations via PayPal to or using a bank account (write to the same e-mail address for details).

Kolchenko Aleksandru Aleksandrovichu, 1989 g.r.
Chelyabinskaya obl, Kopeisk,
ul.Kemerovskaya, 20,
IK-6, otryad 4

Please note: Moscow ABC advises that letters in English are seldom accepted in Russian prisons, so please write only in Russian (try using a translation program), or just send photos and postcards.

Joel Almgren

Joel Almgren was sentenced to five years and six months for defending a local community-organized anti-racist demonstration in Stockholm against a brutal Nazi attack on December 15, 2013. The peaceful protest—against fascist assaults on local anti-racists and the dissemination of Nazi propaganda in area schools—was attacked with knives, sticks, and glass bottles by the most militant Nazi group in Sweden. Anti-fascists at the scene defended the demonstration from the attack and many were injured themselves.

Joel has over 4080 USD in fines, and his supporters are asking for help raising the money.

To donate from a non-swedish bank account:
IBAN: SE0680000832799438650120

He can read Swedish and English.

Joel Almgren
KVA Tidaholm
522 85 Tidaholm

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Saturday June 10: Noise Against Islamophobia in NYC!

NYC Antifa endorses MACC’s call for a noise demonstration this Saturday morning, June 10 in Foley Square. We will drown out the Islamophobic prattle from a hodge podge of Far Right mouth breathers who seek to spread their lies about Muslims in order to recruit for their movement of bigotry and intolerance. The NYC event is just one of dozens being held across the country.

Those slated to appear include racist hipster Gavin McInnes, leader of the Proud Boys; the vice president of the New York state Oath Keepers, a right-wing paramilitary; and members of ACT for America, an Islamophobic group which has Trump’s ear, and which is sponsoring the national demonstrations.

Please come with the loudest noise maker you can find and join us at 10AM!

No Platform for Fascism:
Noise-Demo against Hate!

Saturday, June 10
10 AM—2 PM

Foley Square, 111 Worth St, New York

Join us to make noise and drown out hate at Foley Square! Bring noisemakers of all kinds!

Bigots, Racists, Fascists out of NYC!

America’s proto-fascists have issued a national call for a “March against Sharia” on June 10th. In NYC, this thinly veiled racist rally will be taking place at Foley Square from 10AM – 2PM featuring such infamous bigots as Gavin McInnes of the Proud Boys and Frank Morganthaler of the Oathkeepers. We at the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) are taking this opportunity to announce a new campaign, No Platform for Fascism, which will seek not only to confront far-right organizations in the streets but will also pressure businesses like Squarespace that give them a mouthpiece and profit off of their hateful ideologies. We call on all of those in the broader anti-fascist movement to join us as we inaugurate this campaign with a counter-noise demonstration at Foley Square starting at 10 AM. We encourage all organizations allied with immigrants and the oppressed to use this campaign and to call their own parallel events. Together we can shut it down and show that racist movements have no place in our city!

To be clear, this rally for Christian supremacy has nothing to do with the First Amendment and everything to do with promoting terrorism against minorities. In the last week two people lost their lives in Portland (Ricky Best and Taliesin Namkai-Meche), knifed to death after attempting to defend a Muslim woman from a known white supremacist spewing hate speech on the light-rail. This isn’t an isolated event. America’s own law enforcement organs state that the vast majority of fatal attacks on U.S. soil are carried out by white supremacists. We at MACC believe that the atmosphere of fear that the Trump administration and the far-right are cultivating in marginalized communities is an extreme form of a systemic violence that has long existed in the United States – precisely calibrated to deny these communities anything like “free speech” or a voice in the public sphere.

How can you expect the Muslim community to engage in dialogue, if being visible means the constant threat of attack, murder, deportation, or imprisonment? And how can the Islamophobic movement wrap themselves in the mantle of free speech and women’s rights when they recently beat a young woman at their rally at CUNY, where they were trying to prevent a moderate Muslim leader from speaking?

The anarchist and anti-fascist movement understands that we must fight both neoliberal terror and fascist terror wherever it arises if we are to create a new radically democratic and radically pluralistic society. A society in which all voices have a say in their political lives.

Anti-fascists to the streets June 10th! No Platform for Fascism!

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A New Year’s Update on Antifascist Prisoners

13669088_1009082462538060_5988014648065168917_n12017 promises to be a busy year for antifascists around the world. We will continue the fight against fascism and the far right, and oppose—in every way possible—their relentless campaigns of bigotry against refugees and immigrants, Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ, and people of color. The new year seems like a good time to remind everyone of the many antifascist prisoners around the world, not simply because solidarity is the cornerstone of our various movements, but because it may very well be any one of us behind bars.

Since our last update in July, many more antifascists are in need of solidarity. Maxim Yahnieshka from Belarus was arrested in 2015 after being hospitalized by right-wing hooligans and was recently sentenced to three years in prison. In Sweden, some of the Kungsan 15 have begun serving their sentences, ranging 4-12 months, for an enormous demonstration against a neo-nazi Swedish political party in 2014. Olle Smedberg is one on those who would like to receive letters from the public. We are also overjoyed that two antifascists, Dzmitry Stsyashenka from Belarus, and Michelle Smith from England, were released in November 2016 and could ring in the new year with their friends and family.

Please do not wait for July 25th, the International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners, to show your solidarity with these new prisoners, or those who have been on the Global Antifa Prisoner List since the beginning. A card or letter is an easy way to support comrades who are separated from us by concrete blocks and steel bars. To show how much your solidarity matters, please see the letter below, sent to NYC Anarchist Black Cross by antifa prisoner, Alexey Sutuga, after their #J25 event last year. Help us make sure that 2017 really lives up to slogan, “They are in there for us, and we are out here for them!”

Until all are free!


During the week of solidarity with international antifa prisoners, NYC ABC sent a card to Alexey Sutuga, a Russian antifascist, who wrote back. The note says: “Hello My Friends, I received your letter of solidarity. Before this, I received another one last fall. I was very glad. I didn’t expect that you would be interested in my fate. Although it really couldn’t be any other way for either of us. We’re all united, and that is one thing we have in common no matter where we live. I don’t know many people from the US. (But a big hello to Freddy from Madball NYC). This is why it’s so good that I have new friends. I’ll be happy to stay in touch. Best of luck with everything. Stay strong, brothers, and take care of yourselves.”


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Alt-Right Bonus Dox: New York’s Racist Heathens

Meet New York’s Racist Heathens

Heathens are modern pagans who worship the ancient Norse gods. There is nothing wrong with this of course—but some take Heathenry in a racialist direction, believing that it is a faith only for whites, and seek to build coalitions with political White Nationalists. Anti-racist Heathen groups like Heathens United, Circle Ansuz, and Patheos have denounced this renegade strain, which centers on Stephen McNallen’s Asatru Folk Assembly. They have railed against multiculturalism, Latino immigration, and non-binary gender identity.

Despite the many heathens that criticize and fight against these fascistic sub-groups, racist heathenry has deep roots in the neo-folk and occult scenes, as well as in National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM), a racist and anti-Semitic form of metal. Unfortunately, a common trend in these scenes is that criticism of fellow musicians, no matter what their political affiliations or beliefs, is considered impolite and akin to censorship. We hope that with the obvious uptick in white nationalist organizing, the taboo on rejecting fascist sympathy will be smashed.

Here are a few examples in the New York area:


Earlier this year Idavox put out an alert about a Nazi Black Metal show happening at the Diamond Club in Ronkokoma, New York. The show was set up by Wolftyr Productions, a NSBM label run by Paul Guhring (aka Paul Tyrinn aka Bobby Dokken). Guhring is an organizer of Heathen Circle, an “art community dedicated to promoting pan-European heritage among the people of its descent worldwide.” Their main project seems to be putting out a zine that praises fascist philosophers, musicians, and racist gangs like the Wolves of Vinland and Soldiers of Odin.

Wolftyr set up a similar show earlier this year at Lucky 13 Bar in Brooklyn with Witchblood, a band that uses the neo-Nazi “Black Sun” symbol in their album art. Wolftyr’s online store also sells books by fascist philosopher Julius Evola, and the white nationalist publication Tyr.  

Paul also sings for Grafvolluth, a self-described NSBM band. The band features Erik Proft, who is involved with the National Anarchist movement, playing music with  National Anarchist founder Troy Southgate. Proft also performs in BELIEVER/LAW, Kama Rupa, and Blood and Sun (with Nazi cosplayer Luke Tromiczak), and is connected to the neo-Nazi music distro “Vanguard Productions” on Facebook. Most recently, Grafvolluth contributed to a tribute album of Polish Nazi band Graveland and a split with Slavecrushing Tyrant.



Ticket for a Graveland show in last year in Italy


Wolftyr and Heathen Circle promote Polish Nazi bands like Graveland


Paul singing for Grafvolluth, with Erik Proft on guitar


PA Nazi Metal band Wotenorden, promoted by Wolftyr

Another racist tied to the Heathen scene, Stuart Sudekum—a former editor of the pro-fascist blog Heathen Harvest—is still at it in Bushwick. As NYC Antifa previously reported, Sudekum distributes Michael Moynihan’s Tyr  in New York City, and gives classes on tarot card readings at Bushwick’s Tarot Society. Working with Heathen Harvest, Sudekum promoted numerous fascist projects, and started anti-Semitic threads


Albo and Stuart Sudekum

in their now deleted politics message board. In one, he says he wishes Brooklyn’s Jews “would all buy a one way ticket to Israel…”

Although Sudekum is less politically open these days, he’s still involved in Third Positionist groupings like Attack the System and the National Anarchists—as well as being tight with Counter- Currents’ James O’Meara, National Anarchist organizer Donald Pomeroy, and Blood and Sun’s Luke Tromiczak.

UPDATE 12/31/2016: Both Bushwick occult spaces that hosted Sudekum have dropped his Tarot Reading classes, stating they don’t support his politics.  

Connecting the threads, thanks to the work of the Twin Cities GDC Luke Tromiczak‘s Blood and Sun recently had his entire midwest tour cancelled. In a Facebook post, Luke claimed that not only is he not a fascist, but has a liberal mindset, and would be sickened to even sit next to a racist. Unfortunately there’s a lot of photos of him doing just that.


Tromiczak performing at a Death in June concert at Home Sweet Home. For those keeping score, the Black Sun and SS Totenkopf are not “pre-Third Reich religious symbols”

We also found this interview where he promotes neo-Volkisch movements and insults Jewish people. His Black Metal label Antitheist Disseminations was working with Nazi bands and labels as recently as 2013. Many of his fans believed his empty defense, but the venues did not. All three cancelled his performances.

If you have any more information about racist Heathens, NSBM bands, or any other fascists in the New York area please email

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Brooklyn Commons Boycott – No Collaboration with the Far Right


safe-space-copyThe Brooklyn Commons is a “progressive” space in downtown Brooklyn, whose sole owner—heiress Melissa Ennen—has changed their mission statement to allow Far Right groups to use the space. This new policy follows a speaking engagement in September 2016 by Christopher Bollyn, an anti-semite with a long history in neo-Nazi circles.

NYC Antifa has always supported the use of boycotts to make it clear that spaces which host racist, fascist, and bigoted speakers will not be tolerated in our city. Therefore, we have signed the Common Decency call to boycott the Brooklyn Commons café and speaking area. The boycott will be active until Ennen changes the space’s policy to prevent Far Right speakers and activists from using it. (However, this is not a boycott of the projects that rent space from the Brooklyn Commons.)

There is no community control or accountability at the misnamed Brooklyn Commons. Ennen privately controls one of the most scarce resources in NYC—which she has access to because of her family’s wealth—and is using it to provide direct support for the Far Right. NYC Antifa opposes all “progressive,” radical, and countercultural projects that collaborate with the Far Right, including allowing them to use space, and we oppose normalizing this behavior.

The complete boycott call and full list of signatures is available at the Common Decency website. We ask other groups to also sign on to the boycott call.

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New York’s Alt Right (Part II)

New York’s Alt-Right if you’re a professional who leads a double life as a racist intellectual

Alt Right poster boy of the month Richard Spencer is not the first person to rebrand fascist politics to make it more acceptable. This project usually has a two-part strategy: 1) appeal to racist hipsters, and 2) put on an intellectual air by quoting half-understood lines from Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Evola.

British advocates of this strategy include the London Forum, a regular speaking series which bills itself as “the home of the British Alt-Right.” Now, the fascist Counter-Currents Publishing* have launched a local branch, the New York Forum. The UK monitoring group Hope Not Hate describes the London Forum as:

led by former British Army Corps of Signals officer Jeremy ‘Jez’ Turner. The group has attracted leading national socialists, Holocaust deniers and conspiracy theorists from across the globe to its meetings. More significantly, the Forum, and in particular Turner and his side kick Larry Nunn, have become increasingly influential on the far right, especially with NA [hipster fascists “National Action”].

The New York Forum held its first, private, racists-only meeting in May 2016, on a day they noted was “88 degrees.” Counter-Currents Publishing wrote:

Why a forum in New York City? First, New York is our top city in terms of readership, which makes perfect sense. The primary cause of white awareness of race differences, the Jewish question, and the negative consequences of multiculturalism is direct experience, and New York offers such experiences in abundance. Second, there are millions of people — and thus large numbers of racially aware whites — within a 3-hour commute of New York City. Finally, New York is a transportation hub, so many of our people pass through here.

Counter-Currents Publishing in New York include Margot Darby (aka Margot Sheehan, aka Margot Metroland) and James J. O’Meara. Both are long-time affiliates of the website, and both are careful to hide their fascist organizing from their professional lives. So here’s a little more about that!


Margot Darby aka Margot Sheenan aka Margot Metroland, 58, of Manhattan

During the day, Margot Darby/Sheehan is a flash developer who has worked for FCB Health, and, according to her LinkedIn, “Penguin Random House, Citigroup, American Express Publishing, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, The New York Times.” We’re pretty sure she doesn’t tell her coworkers that she spends her nights writing racist essays under name “Margot Metroland.”

On a November 2016 podcast, she brags about attending Richard Spencer’s recent Alt Right conference in DC. She also details her decades-long participation in fascist circles, which includes knowing racist godfather Willis Carto; doing freelance work for the Institute for Historical Review, best known for spreading Holocaust Denial; and being pen pals with neo-Nazi leader William Pierce, the inspiration for the Oklahoma City bombing.

Despite keeping her multiple lives compartmentalized, they all conveniently blend together in her Pipl profile. Her other online profiles include:


James J. O’Meara, 60, of Astoria, Queens

The other local Counter-Currents Publishing person associated with the New York Forum is James J. O’Meara, who signed books at the Forum’s May gathering. He lives in Astoria, Queens and in the past worked at the New York Law School and several disability education programs. He also says he volunteered at the Queens art space Flux Factory between 2009 and 2011.

In his free time, he is a featured writer at Counter-Currents Publishing and the author of several books, including The Homo and the Negro, which argues that gay men should be welcome into the ranks of the fascist movement. Just as with Margot Darby, for some odd reason O’Meara seems to keep his writing hobbies off his LinkedIn and Pipl profiles.

If you have additional information on the NYC Counter-Currents Publishing folks, the NY Forum, or other tri-state racists and fascists, send it to:

* The fascist “Counter-Currents Publishing” should not be confused with the lefty media source “Counter Current News” (

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New York’s Alt Right (Part I)


There is no shortage of media coverage for the “Alt Right”—the name for a loosely organized group of white nationalists who’ve rebranded their image and learned how to use the internet. The Alt Right’s army of racist trolls call for mass deportations, have reintroduced anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and holocaust denial into public discourse (and Trump campaign ads), spread Islamophobic lies, promote rape culture, and lionize the police murder of hundreds of people of color every year. They’ve been championed by Breitbart’s Steven Bannon, who Trump has appointed as his new chief strategist.

However, the local media has overlooked the Alt Right’s presence in New York. Perhaps this is because organized racists often hide behind the internet’s anonymity in order to spew their toxic stew of Pepe memes and curious fixation on cuckolding. The first step in countering them is pulling off the sheets they are hiding under. These people have jobs and hang out in neighborhood bars. We encourage everyone to get to know your local fascist.

NYC Antifa is going to unmask the Alt Right in the NYC metro area. We’ll be releasing information twice a week for the next couple of weeks. If you have any information to add, please send tips to

First up, the PROUD BOYS!

New York’s Alt Right if you’re a deeply insecure Hipster


PBs gather at historic McSorely’s, forcing it to close two days later

Since being kicked out of Vice, the magazine he helped found, Gavin McInnes has been relegated to late-night Fox News punditry and writing for a blog founded by a Golden Dawn-supporting millionaire and formerly edited by Nazi Dork Richard Spencer. He’s an antique of the worst aspects of ’00s hipsters: bad fashion sense, irony covering for insecurity, and deeply reactionary politics.

In the last few months he has compensated for his fall from relevance by starting a personality cult comprised of man-children called the “Proud Boys.” The name plays on the “red pill” concept of convincing impressionable and narcissistic young males that they are somehow victims of feminist, queer, and POC liberation movements. These (mostly) white boys  claim that their general deficiencies as human beings are, in fact, indicators of their “alpha” status.

Pitiful as the group is, and small as their numbers are, the Pasty Bootlickers are an experiment in bringing the prevalence of alt-right trolling to the streets. They served as a security force at the “Daddy Will Save Us” art show fiasco, where they smashed the phone of a lone counter protester, and bragged of beating someone up at a previous event. Nonetheless, much of their internal chatter is about encouraging one another to get over their fears of wearing Trump gear in public.

They are a politically diverse group, but have in common a love of Trump, a hatred of immigrants, refugees, and leftists, and a tolerance of neo-Nazism. Their blog hawks Western Chauvinism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia on a daily basis.

On election day McInnes hosted a “Trump Victory Party” at the Gaslight Lounge in the Meatpacking district of Manhattan. In attendance were:

Here’s some of the other boys (and two girls):


Aaron Servilio, originally from Waldwick, NY. Lives in Brooklyn and works for Fox News.


Richard Fohrelnbach Jr. of Brooklyn. Originally from Milford, CT.  Twitter.

Neo-Nazi Proud Boy Robert Campbell, pictured with Erik Proft of NSBM (Nazi Black Metal) band Grafvolluth, and one of his typical Facebook messages. Campbell is also associated with NATA and racist heathenry


Alex Caprio of Bayonne, NJ. Works at Matthews Food and Drink and White Star in Jersey City.


Stephen McCarthy, NY, comedian


Christopher Posser of Greece/Rochester, New York




Rich Donahue of York, PA



Sal Cipolla (left) of Oceanside, NY


Martina Markota of New York, originally from Red Hook, NY. Burlesque performer under the name Lady Alchemy at the Box and Diamond Horshoe.


Anthony Valenti or West Islip, NY. Facebook. Twitter.


Alex Jerez, 28 of Huntington, NY. Reddit. Twitter. LinkedIn.

If you’re not in New York, you can use this handy map to find some Proud Boys in your area, and maybe see how proud they really are for yourself! It should be noted that McInnes and everyone’s favorite LGBTQ Islamophobe Milo Yiannopoulos are on the “centrist” side of a split between Alt-Right neo-Nazis, and “Alt-Lite” racialist conservatives. Antifascist News has a summary of the split, and we agree with their conclusion: “We need to call the Alt Right what it is: fascist.”

UPDATE: We removed the photo of one person who initially joined PB, but has since disassociated himself 

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An Antifascist Response to the Trumpist Future

The shocking election of right-populist billionaire Donald Trump has unleashed a flood of analysis, finger-pointing, and despair on the Left. However, there is an urgent need for pragmatic action in the months and years to come.

We must fight tooth-and-nail against the future which Trump and his cabinet of horrors are working to usher in: increased deportations, the registration of Muslims, bans on abortion and birth control, attacks on LGBTQ people, anti-Semitic populism, and the newfound electoral coalition of U.S. White Nationalism. Before Trump expands Obama’s deportation and security policies, we must build self-organized counter-power with a newfound commitment to our comrades, neighbors, and coworkers.

Trump’s election has already unleashed a wave of racist attacks across the United States, and we encourage everyone to meet these attacks–and whatever else may come–with diverse tactics and ceaseless action from comrades of all abilities. Here’s how we are already starting to organize. We urge you to do the same:

Organize Antifascist Affinity Groupszip-hoodie-antifa-graffiti-d001001220831
Don’t wait until an established group sets up a public meeting, get something going with your friends today. Around the country, interest has grown in organizing local antifascist groups. We recommend Antifascist Network’s primer on starting a group as well as their resources for activists articles to anyone interested. Your affinity group can take part in other resistance movements, convene in anti-authoritarian blocks at demonstrations, and take action to resist oppression.

Solidarity and Rapid-Response Networkscat
Before the election, collectives in different cities were organizing in support of people dealing with exploitative bosses and slumlords. With larger participation, these networks could become increasingly viable in a post-Trump world. In New York, the Rapid Response Network is organizing to work with undocumented immigrants to thwart the machinations of ICE. The Community Action Team NYC (CATNYC) and Neighborhood Anti-Racist trainings from the Kuwasi Balagoon Liberation School are also setting up responses to racist attacks.

Another tactic is the New Sanctuary Movement, which provides spaces for those facing deportation to hide while considering their next moves. Many activist spaces are in the process of becoming sanctuaries and you can help a space where you live become one as well.

Win the Propaganda Warth.jpeg
For too long the streets have been dominated by advertisements and apolitical street art. We need to produce stickers, posters, and murals to announce our presence–as well as counter racist and fascist graffiti that is increasingly appearing across the country. The three arrows of the antifascist circle was developed exactly for this purpose, and we’d like to see it generalize as a symbol of our resistance. We will not allow organized white nationalists to engage in open organizing on the streets of New York.

Marches, Demonstrations, Walk-outs, and Strikes
In the days following the election, thousands of people took part in dozens of protests that spontaneously and immediately took place around the country. Antifascists must continue to expand this presence in the streets, sharing militant tactics learned from past movements–the city-shut downs of the anti-war movement, the massive “Day Without Latinos” general strike of 2006, the square reclamations of Occupy, and the infrastructure blockades of Black Lives Matter and #NoDAPL. We must also organize in our workplaces and schools, where politics have been an impolite topic for too long. We need to use the anger this election has generated to shut shit down.

Expose Fascists
Even with Trump’s election, the vast majority of organized white nationalists and fascists remain cowards who only share their views anonymously or around other fascists. This is why the KKK cloak themselves in masks and the Alt Right trolls use anonymous message boards and sock puppet Twitter accounts. However, they often make mistakes and expose personal information. Monitor their message boards, social media accounts, and document any information you find about them. Send it to your local antifa, start your own blog, or flier their neighborhood, workplace, or school to force them from the shadows.

The resistance is up against the full force of State, and will need to be well funded. Consider making personal donations or setting up fundraisers often. Here are some groups we recommend donating to:
Anarchist Black Cross Warchest
Just Info legal advice hotline
The Base
International Antifascist Defense Fund
It’s Going Down news
Queer Detainee Empowerment Project
Hoods For Justice

In the coming days, we will be releasing information about area fascist and Alt-Right/White Nationalist groups. Please send tips and info or

Update: a couple translations of appeared of this article, in French at La Horde, and in Finnish at Varis Antifasistinen Verkosto.


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NYC Antifa Fall Newsletter


Fasc Pepes beware

If our blog has looked a little slow recently, it might be because the work of an antifascist is overwhelming in 2016. We’ve also taken to updating our twitter account more frequently, as we are moving towards the blog being mostly for original content.

After the repression against Occupy and Arab Spring movements in 2010, global political trends have backslid into deeply regressive populism. The ascendance of Trumpism and the Alt-Right in the US are a result of the same fascist impulses that have solidified the power of Viktor Orban in Hungary, Putin in Russia, and Erdogan in Turkey — and convinced thousands to join the cause of ISIS.

As most realize that our only electoral alternative to neo-Nationalists and alt-right creeps is the continuation of the State’s atrocities at current levels with Clinton, we urge our readers to get organized now. Create or join an antifascist group to monitor your local Trumpists. Link up with immigration advocacy groups and start considering how to block ICE raids. Link up with prisoners who are struggling for their lives. Attend Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Use the fear and outrage of the election season to keep you going, and remind yourself, whatever you do, that voting (and mouthing-off on social media) is never enough!

Here’s what’s been happening in the New York area:

Brooklyn Commons triples down on support of anti-Semitism

Far Right conspiracy hack Christopher Bollyn had a lot of trouble with his September tour of the United States. Due to his obvious anti-Semitic agenda, venues in Connecticut, New York, and Washington, DC cancelled his bookings once they were made aware of Bollyn’s history of writing for White Nationalist papers, and working with David Duke and other holocaust deniers.

Nonetheless, one venue owner doubled down: Melissa Ennen of the Brooklyn Commons, a space better known for hosting radical and progressive projects such as Jacobin magazine and the Marxist Education Project. She defended her decision on the basis of free speech; in a statement now removed, Ennen said, “I agree that all forms of racism should have no place in leftist spaces, but in my opinion, to get to the root of racist thinking, confrontation works better than censorship.”

Local antifascists and other activists decided to take Ennen’s advice, and on September 7th, when Bollyn was escorted into the venue with hired security, a group of mostly anti-Zionist jewish protesters was waiting. Employees of the Commons called the police when one of them was spit upon for calling a protesters a “fat bitch.” Attendees interrupted Bollyn’s talk with questions, but were thrown out security. During the short Q&A, an attendee asked Bollyn about his blatant anti-Semitism; his response was to point to the exit, and say “There’s the door.” The crowd included


The Commons promoted the event on their website, Facebook, and hung posters in the Cafe itself.

Gabriel Brown of NATA and Cathleen McGuire, who loves to book holocaust deniers in left-wing spaces.

In the coming days, many projects pulled from the Commons or cancelled events, allegedly to a loss of $50,000. The Commons  tripled down by pulling the “progressive” label from their description page, and organizing a class called “No Free Speech for Fascists?” in a pathetic attempt to reframe their promotion of anti-Semitism as some sort of constitutional necessity.

In fact, Ennen is a 9/11 truther who is sympathetic to Bollyn’s nonsense. In the Brooklyn Paper, she claimed “Bollyn didn’t say anything derogatory about Jews,” and she, “doesn’t believe the government’s version of what brought the towers down.” (When Bollyn was asked during the brief Q&A if the Holocaust happened, he replied that it was “not his area of expertise.”)

Bollyn’s defenders are convinced that outrage at holocaust denial — and conspiracy-peddling in general which is designed to incite hatred against Jews — is a Zionist plot. On September 26, a new group calling itself Jewish Antifascist Action, which clearly denounces Zionism, went to an open mic event at the Commons. They were physically attacked with a mic stand, among other objects, for reading their position on the event. Clearly untrammeled “free speech” is not Ennen’s main concern. So why is she so ardent in creating a “safe space” for antisemites?

For those still confused about anti-Semitism and the Left we recommend checking the zine “The Past Never Went Anywhere

August Invictus speaks at “Liberty Fest”


Has little Augustus finally found love?

Earlier this year failed Florida Senate candidate, self-proclaimed fascist, and True Blood cosplayer August Invictus had his event shut down in Portland, was kicked out of Canada, was banned from a Left Hand Path conference, got dumped twice in one week, and likely spoke at a National Socialist Movement conference. Nonetheless, Ian Cioffi, who previously booked NATA’s Craig Fitzgerald to speak at anarcho-capitalist event called “Anarchy in the NYC” — before Cioffi was forced to drop him from the list of speakers after management caught wise — thought Invictus seemed like a fine speaker for his “Liberty Fest” event at the Cutting Room in Manhattan. (The venue did not returned our email when alerted of the event.) Invictus spoke to a small crowd from the balcony with alongside the aforementioned Gabriel Brown, who seems like some kind of neo-Nazi Zelig.

NSM to rally in Harrisburg


On November 5th the National Socialist Movement is planning to hold a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Local antifascists have called for a militant counter-demonstration, and are encouraging comrades from out of state to come through. See IGD’s post for more information.

KSS to Attempt Leif Erickson Day Rally Again


KSS and Matthew Heimbach were so scared of antifa they showed up the night before the announced day of the Leif Erikson rally in 2015. Hold your heads high, brave aryan warriors!

Philly Antifa are calling for antifascists to come to Philadelphia to oppose the annual neo-Nazi rally at the Thorfinn Karlsefni statue on Boathouse Row on Sunday, October 9 at 11 AM.

They write: “For the past 10 years, the city of Philadelphia has played host to a gathering of Neo-Nazis right under the noses of it’s residents. This gathering, known as ‘The Leif Erikson Day Celebration’ is organized, promoted, and attended exclusively by members of Neo-Nazi organizations. In past years the gathering has drawn upwards of 50 hardcore racists and fascists to Philly and served as an recruiting and organizing tool for the main organization involved, the Keystone State Skinheads (KSS).

In addition to KSS, past Leif Erikson day celebrations have been attended by members of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), The American 3rd Position Party/American Freedom Party (A3P/AFP), Volksfront (VF), The Vinlanders Social Club (VSC) and the Hated Skins. … Furthermore, individuals who have attended past Leif Ericson day celebrations have been tied to racist terror organizations such as Blood and Honour and the KKK.

After a massive turnout in 2013 to oppose that year’s event, KSS has worked to keep their plans very quiet to avoid having to face opposition whenever they come out. In 2014, they were successful in keeping those plans secret enough to hold the event without any opposition. In 2015 antifascists painted over the statue and a counter demo was organized.”

NYCFC supporters form Anti-fascist group


Love football, hate Nazi skinheads

New York’s newest Major League Soccer club, NYCFC, has been marred by the support of neo-Nazis, starting from their earliest games. Anti-racist fans have worked to identify and remove most of these types from the stadium, but the fash still congregate at bars and events outside the gates. Joining other antifascist fan clubs Cosmopolitan AFA and Garden State Ultras, NYCFC Antifa aims to nip fascist soccer culture in the bud.

Like them on Facebook and follow them on twitter: @NYCFCAntifa.



Sorry, Craig. Not anti-Semitic enough!

Our favorite local horizontalist-fascist clowns the National Anarchists Tribal Alliance (NATA) are having some  problems. As reasonable as it may sound for a Holocaust-denying, neo-Nazi loving anarchist group to endorse Donald Trump, the founder of the National-Anarchist Movement (N-AM) thinks differently. In a statement posted to N-AM’s Facebook, Troy Southgate cited NATA’s embrace of mixed racial organizing, Islamophobia, support for the Alt-Right and Trump — and even punctuation choices — as a reason for cutting ties with his international. In response, NATA commandant Craig Fitzgerald called Southgate an “esoteric Hitlerist hipster,” vowed to “cleanse” any dissidents in the group, and start a new American National-Anarchist network — despite not having the capacity to successfully organize a public event in years.

Here’s Southgate’s rollercoaster-ride of a purge speech in full:



Comrades at IWW Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) have been following and supporting a September 9th national strike against slavery which affected over 40 prisons nationwide. At the Holman facility in Alabama, corrections officers have joined the strike as well. Follow developments at Mask Magazine and check in with IWOC on how to support the prisoners in winning their demands and avoiding retribution.

Rojava Solidarity


With Turkey’s invasion of Northern Syria, the non-State of Rojava is now fighting a war on four fronts. Despite being the most effective fighting force against ISIS, Turkey has ordered their withdrawal and skirmishes have occurred between the alliance Rojava is part of (the SDF), the anti-Assad Free Syrian Aryan (which includes “moderate Islamists), and the Syrian Army.

Activists in New York are showing their solidarity with Rojava at demonstrations at the Turkish consulate and a banner drop. At the last consulate demonstration, ultra-nationalist thugs attacked the first pro-Rojava activists who arrived; when NYPD came, they threatened to arrest both sides, and then illegally tried to force the demonstration across the street. Rojava Solidarity NYC will return on October 9 for a rematch.



Feels good man

Keep up to date by following us on Twitter: @NYCAntifa



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J25 International Day of Solidarity Reportback!!

Much like last year, the second annual International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners was a great success, with events, actions, and other gestures of solidarity taking place on four continents! In addition to these benefit shows, letter-writings, dinners, banner drops, and solidarity photos, the call to action was translated into twelve languages, there is an ongoing t-shirt fundraiser by Antifa International, and social media was awash in #J25antifa solidarity!

North London Anti-Fascists break out the ultra-style and a sick mural for J25!

North London Anti-Fascists break out the ultra-style and a sick mural for J25!

In Great Britain, there were many solidarity photos taken by antifa crews in Manchester, North London, Cambridge, and South Wales. In Bulgaria, antifascists hung a banner at the courthouse in Sofia in support of Jock Palfreeman, calling for his freedom and the end of racist terror.

Anti-Fascist Action in Sydney does a banner action for Jock Palfreeman and all antifa prisoners!

Anti-Fascist Action in Sydney does a banner action for Jock Palfreeman and all antifa prisoners!

In Sydney, Australia, Anti-Fascist Action also hung a banner in support of Jock Palfreeman and all anti-fascist prisoners. In Indonesia, antifas attempted to march with banners in Cirebon and Surabaya, but were met with police repression.

Empty Cages/Progress for Science banner action in Los Angeles!!

Empty Cages/Progress for Science banner action in Los Angeles!!

Moving to the United States, in New York, local antifas organized a solidarity photo, and New York City Anarchist Black Cross hosted a letter-writing dinner for the prisoners. In California, Bay Area antifas held a bladed-knife defense workshop and a letter-writing; in Los Angeles, Empty Cages and Progress for Science held a banner action on the 101 freeway at rush hour (where passing cars honked in solidarity and passersby came up to reveal antifa tattoos as well as their support!). Antifascists in Denver, Colorado, and Minneapolis, Minnesota also hung banners for J25, while in Chicago, Illinois they held a Punk Rock Karaoke night to raise money for antifas injured in a fight with boneheads in Sacramento, California. Rose City Antifa in Portland, Oregon, once again facilitated the Postcards to Prisoners project, and also held a benefit for the Sacramento antifas.

The goal of July 25th is to bring attention to the many antifa prisoners behind bars and to raise awareness about the global struggle against fascism. Thanks to everyone who participated, we can say that solidarity knows no borders and that the fight continues stronger than ever. Now that the day of solidarity has passed, we encourage everyone to make prisoner support a part of your antifascist practice. We will do our best to keep our prisoner lists updated, so keep writing and keep the flow of solidarity moving!


Until All Are Free!!

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