Call for Submissions: ‘No Fascist USA’

from Philly Antifa

Call for Submissions: No Fascist USA

No Fascist USA is an upcoming no-budget documentary about the Antifascist movement in The United States, made by a longtime militant Antifa with the assistance of members (current and former) of the Torch Antifa Network, The Anti-Racist Action Network, Red and Anarchist Skinheads and several independent Antifa groups.

In the fashion of Chasseur De Skins (France), 161>88 (UK), and Antifascist Attitude (Russia), this film will tell the history of our movement through a mixture of found footage and interviews with longtime Antifa from all around the U.S. It will seek to dispel several myths about Antifascism as well as address relevant criticisms, and ultimately create more and better prepared Antifascists.

Just some of the topics shown and discussed in the film include:

  • The John Brown Anti-Klan Committee
  • The founding of Skinheads against Racial Prejudice, Anti-Racist Action and Red and Anarchist Skinheads and the war against Nazis in Punk and Hardcore music.
  • The Coalition for Human Dignity
  • The rise and fall of the National Alliance and Creativity Movement
  • The Murders of Anti-Racist Skinheads Dan and Spit in Las Vegas in 1999 and the trials of John Butler and Ross Hack.
  • The 2002 “Battle of York”
  • The 2005 Toledo, OH Riots against the National Socialist Movement
  • The events surrounding the Jena 6.
  • The 2011 attack on the National Socialist Movement national conference in Pemberton, NJ
  • The 2012 attack on the White Nationalist Economic Summit in Tinley Park, IL and the resulting repression and imprisonments.

Due to time and money constraints, traveling to every city we would like to interview Antifa just isn’t feasible. Therefore, we are asking for your help.

If you have special knowledge of these events or others like them, we want to hear from you. Record a short video with yourself telling us what you want us to know. If you are knowledgeable about relevant historical or current topics, make a recording.

As we said before, the interviews are only half the film. We need footage. Protests, conferences (political or press), fights, benefit shows, news clips; anything that could be used to make the movie a more complete history. If the clip is not self-evident, please include a short anecdote, for example, “The KKK came to my town in 1999 and Antifascists mobilized against them here is an old local news broadcast about it.”

Please DO NOT send footage of anything illegal (unless the statute of limitations has long expired), nor confessions to crimes. If you are interested in being interviewed we would also like to hear from you. However, because of previously mentioned constraints no one is guaranteed an interview and no one who cannot be independently confirmed and vouched will be included.

Finally, if you are a member of an Anti-Fascist musical project of any genre and would like your music included in the film, we are also accepting song submissions. All submissions should please include lyrics.

There has never been a film about the U.S. Antifascist Movement. The closest one, Invisible Revolution, included no history and spent half the film giving a platform to Klansmen. It is also 15 years old. This project is long over-due and we hope that Antifascists all over the country will help make it a reality.

We can be contacted at


Edelweiss Pirates Productions

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Support SC anti-Klan arrestee Eddien Patterson


Columbia, SC native, Eddien Patterson was arrested during the July 18 anti-KKK demonstration in South Carolina. He was initially charged  with 2nd degree felony assault and battery by a mob as well as 3rd misdemeanor assault and battery. Eddien was on probation at the time of arrest and now is serving ten months for violating the probation. He is currently being held at the Richland County jail.

On July 29 Eddien was given the additional charge of Breach of Peace of a High and Aggravated Nature for allegedly breaking the windows of a KKK members pick up truck.  Currently we are trying to find a lawyer for Eddien, but he has requested that money be added to his books and desires to receive letters.

to send money, either send donations to on PayPal or go to his # is 591561.

For more info:

Write Eddien:

Eddien Andre Patterson #591561
E Dorm
Alvin S Glenn Detention Center
201 John Mark Dial Dr
Columbia, SC 29209

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Anti-Immigrant Racism on Long Island

The Klan group in Long Island held a recruiting drive based on anti-immigrant hysteria and supporting Michael Brown's murderer.

A Ku Klux Klan group on Long Island held a recruiting drive based on anti-immigrant hysteria and support for Michael Brown’s murderer.

Special guest post from our antifascist comrades on Long Island:

From the “social cleansing” of Haitians in the Dominican Republic to Golden Dawn’s increasing power over parliament and police in Greece, the worldwide backlash against immigrants is increasing. The United States is no exception to this global rightward shift: over 2 million have been deported under Obama—who has also increased funding for more detention facilities and a militarized border patrol—while leading GOP candidate Donald Trump claims Mexico brings rapists across the border. Immigrant communities are continually scapegoated for the benefit of presidential campaigns and the prison industrial complex.

Just a train ride away from the five boroughs, Long Island has historically been a haven for white flight, complete with gated communities, segregated neighborhoods, right-wing politicians, and KKK organizing.  The racist rhetoric has always been there, but is usually masked as concerns over property values, increased taxes, crime, and complaints about immigrant children “ruining the schools.”

In the past couple decades, the immigrant population on Long Island has quickly grown—now making up to 18% of the population. Some white Long Islanders have responded with a surge in violence against the Latino population and those who are perceived to be immigrants.

Recently in Farmingville, a Guatemalan man named Juan was on his way home from work when he was jumped by 3 men, one who said “I hate these people.” Earlier this year, one of the cops in the Suffolk Police department, who are handling the case, was caught on video stopping Latino drivers and robbing them. This is the basis of a class-action lawsuit, along with the of a case of a day laborer who was sodomized to death, which the department had ruled as “death by natural causes.”

Just weeks after Juan from Farmingville was beaten, the Riverhead town board (all ex-cops) spoke to the press in support of detaining people (not charged with any crime), solely based on immigration status.  While police look the other way regarding vigilante racism and politicians spew anti-immigrant rhetoric, the neighborhood has reacted with their white flight fears in a pretty predictable manner, patrolling the area under the name Guardian Angels—a “neighborhood watch” group.

Last, Suffolk County is home to an active chapter of the Loyal White Knights of the KKK. In the last year, they have spread recruitment propaganda—and threats—in Port Jefferson, Patchogue, Wantagh, Rockville Centre, West Babylon, Shirley, and Hampton Bays. In the latter town, the flyers included racist cartoons which cautioned the “recipients to ‘beware’ of people looking to steal their jobs in the Suffolk County community.” In 2013, the Suffolk County Hate Crimes Unit recorded 83 “incidents of intolerance,” which ranged “from swastikas spray-painted on train stations to bias against black and Latino people. The number increased 5 percent to 87 in 2014.” The actual number of incidents is much higher, as traditionally many hate crimes go unreported.

If you have any information on racist and far-right organizing on Long Island, please send us a tip at

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Support needed for VA anarchist arrested after SC KKK rally counterdemo

From itsgoingdown:


On Monday, July 27th, our friend and comrade, Stephen Loughman, was arrested and charged with “breach of peace” for his support the week before at an anti-KKK rally in Columbia, SC on July 18th, 2015. Local activists had called on folks from across the southern region to help South Carolina’s communities stand against the Klan and other hate groups, who like many groups were trying to use the Confederate flag debate as a recruitment tool.

We would like to bring attention to the many mistakes the media made while covering this story. Even though the chapters of the Ku Klux Klan and National Socialist Movement (a neo-Nazi group) were also from out of state, the media and the local sheriff’s office would have you believe that Stephen makes “a career” out of traveling around and causing trouble. This is blatantly untrue and is a tactic that has been historically used to undermine people’s movements struggling for liberation, particularly in the South. In addition, the skewed coverage by WISTV10 also fails to mention Stephen as an explicitly anti-racist protester, potentially putting his reputation and safety on the line. Stephen was also never contacted for his part of the story. While we understand that white power hate groups have a history of seeking retaliation against people who oppose them, including harassment, intimidation, and physical violence, we want to take this opportunity to clarify why Stephen was there because the media did not do so. This irresponsible coverage has the potential to put our friend in real danger in a multitude of ways.

The smear campaign that has begun against Stephen is an obvious attempt to distance South Carolina residents from any image of discontent and anger against both popular and institutional white supremacy. The KKK and the NSM are trying to defend and proliferate white supremacy at all costs. In the wake of righteous sadness and anger, fueled by Dylann Roof’s acts in Charleston, the state and the police still stand to protect these and other hate groups that inspired him. His political violence in the murder of 9 black people was a spark that lit the fire against institutions set up in South Carolina centuries ago. From the clandestine attacks on a dozen black churches, to the every day brutality of police departments and prisons across the country, we can be sure that white supremacy is alive and well in the U.S.

Although Stephen was in direct contact with the arresting officer the day of the protests, he was never arrested or told he had a warrant until he went back to South Carolina to retrieve his confiscated phone a week later. He was then taken to the deplorable Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, where he was held in unclean facilities. Steve has since had to see a doctor for a Staph infection he received in custody.

Don’t let the authorities and the media paint the events of July 18th as the work of a lone white anarchist. The communities that stood against white supremacists, the true “outside agitators,” that day did so on their terms, to defend their city. If that means calling friends for help, so be it.

Towards a world without white supremacy,
The Defend Steve Support Committee

Plz circulate and donate to Steve’s support fund:

Keep Updated:

A Sample of the Smearing being done in the media:

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Reportback on the July 25 International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners

The July 25 International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners was a resounding success! In addition to comrades in Britain, the United States, Finland, Australia, Germany, Sweden, and Bulgaria taking part, the call to action was translated into five different languages and shared thousands of times on social media. The Day of Solidarity brought awareness to antifas that have been imprisoned in the struggle against fascism, and we have shown them that they have support all over the world!


Antifascists in front of the Battle of Cable Street mural in London, England

In Britain, there was benefit with raffle, cakes, cider and a “bash the fash” piñata hosted by Anarchist Black Cross Bristol and Bristol Antifascists. In Pontypridd, Valleys Antifascists/Antiffa’r Cymoedd passed out flyers and stickers. In London, Dywizjon 161 organized a photo op in front of the Battle of Cable Street mural, and Brighton Antifascists and Berkshire Antifascists did similar events. In Corby, supporters of the Corby Anti Fascist Group held a benefit gig. And in Manchester, members of a variety of groups (including “Autonomous anti-fascists from the North West, Liverpool, 161 Crew MCR, ACA MCR and Irish republicans”) called for all antifascist prisoners to be freed, and conducted a moving tribute to our fallen comrades (See below for video).

Portland, Oregon. USA

Rose City Antifa in Portland, Oregon.

Many cities took part in the United States, as well. In New York City, the NYC Anarchist Black Cross hosted a night of videos of the fash getting what they deserve, while supporters ate vegan empanadas and listened to presentations on the prisoners, as well as a speaker from One People’s Project. Portland, Oregon’s Rose City Antifa called for a week of sending postcards to prisoners, asking that they be posted online with the hashtag #PostcardsToPrisoners. In La Puente, California, the Bunny Alliance and Bridgetown DIY hosted a night of music and talks about contemporary fascism, militant anti-fascist resistance, the social revolution in Rojava, and “dealing with fascists and white nationalists within animal liberation and earth liberation movements.” Philly Antifa, Southside Chicago ARA, and Columbus, Ohio’s Sporeprint Infoshop held letter-writings, while the Denver Anarchist Black Cross screened the film 161>88. And RASH USA issued a statement demanding the release of all antifa prisoners without reprisal.


Antifascist solidarity at the Puntala punk festival in Finland.

In Finland, the Varis antifascist network distributed literature at the Puntala punk festival in Lempäälä. In Helsinki, they held a small demonstration in support of Russian antifascist prisoners Alexey Sutuga and Aleksandr Kolchenko and painted solidarity graffiti; and in Tampere they also passed out flyers in support of the prisoners.

In Sweden, the Föreningen Fånggruppen, in conjunction with seven antifa prisoners, issued a statement about the importance of prison solidarity.

Anti-fascist Network in Sydney, Australia.

Anti Fascist Action in Sydney, Australia.

In Australia, AFA Sydney hung banners for Jock Palfreeman, an Australian man imprisoned in Sofia, Bulgaria for defending two Romani men who were attacked by fascist football hooligans. (The July 25 Day of Solidarity originated in 2014 as a Day of Solidarity with Jock Palfreeman.) And in Bulgaria, antifascists also held an event for Jock.

Last, in Berlin, Germany, Minor Treat held a joint benefit dinner for refugees in Germany, and also wrote letters to the antifascist prisoners.

We are excited by the support this event attracted, and hope it expands to even more countries next year—because until fascism is buried in its grave, our comrades will be imprisoned for helping to bury it. NYC Antifa will keep updating the list of anti-fascist prisoners, in order to facilitate solidarity with antifa prisoners year round. We thank everyone who participated in the July 25th Day of Solidarity, and urge all people to not only write these prisoners, but to also continue their work.

No Pasaran!
Until all are free!

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