Shut Down the pro-Nazi, RAC “Oi Fest” tonight at the Black Bear!

Another pro-Nazi, Rock Against Communism “Oi Fest” is being held this weekend in New York City. The first show is today, Saturday May 28, at the Black Bear, located on 70 N. 6th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This is the second time this year that the Black Bear has hosted a fascist-linked show.

Call, tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and leave Yelp reviews for the Black Bear and tell them to cancel the show tonight, and what you think of them booking pro-Nazi bands.

Phone: (917) 538-8399

“Rock Against Communism” (RAC) was a name invented by Nazi skinheads in the 1980s to make themselves sound less like, well, Nazis. Today the new RAC scene has become multi-racial, but the bands play the old Nazi songs, sieg heil at shows, play Blood and Honor concerts, welcome patched-in Nazi skinhead gang members at their shows, and have racist political groups table at their concerts.

For background on the RAC Oi Fest, see here, here, and here.

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600 Thousand Euros from the European Parliament to Roberto Fiore’s neo-Nazis

Roberto Fiore

Roberto Fiore

600 Thousand Euros from the European Parliament to Roberto Fiore’s neo-Nazis

The pan-European party, whose president is the leader of the Italian far-right party Forza nuova (The New Power) and whose members are Holocaust deniers and white supremacists, is on the list of those that will be generously supported by Brussels.

by Letizia Pascale
(Translated from Italian by Berni Consuelo Cannuscio and Daniel Armenti)

[Note: Fiore was a key figure in spreading the Italian “Third Position” doctrine to Britain in the 1980s, first influencing the National Front, and then the American Front, White Aryan Resistance, and ultimately National Anarchism.]

Brussels – In 2016, the European Parliament will provide almost 600 thousand euros in funding to a pan-European party of fascists, neo-Nazis, and Holocaust deniers founded by Roberto Fiore as well as the foundation affiliated with it. This information comes from official documents relating to the contributions that the European Parliament allocates each year to political parties and foundations that operate at the European level. According to documents dated January 2016, € 197,625 will go to the German foundation Europa Terra Nostra, which is linked to the European party Alliance for Peace and Freedom (AFP). That party will receive € 400 thousand in funding that is usually allocated to European parties. In total, the party will therefore receive almost € 600 thousand. The decision was made by the Bureau, which is the highest administrative decision-making body in the Parliament, composed of President Martin Schulz, 14 vice presidents (including Italians Antonio Tajani and David Sassoli) and five commissioners. However, Sassoli backed off after Eunews released the information and, after voting in favor of the budget, he has since re-analyzed the issue and is now calling for an audit of the procedures that led to these decisions.

If the the name of the party “Alleanza per la pace e la democrazia” (Alliance for Peace and Democracy) leaves space for ambiguity, the figures leading it give no room for doubt. The president of the group is Roberto Fiore, well known in Italy as the founder of Forza Nuova, sentenced in 1985 by the Italian magistrate to nine years in prison for participation in an armed group in association with the NAR (Nuclei armati rivoluzionari – Armed Revolutionary Nuclei). The secretary general of the party is the Swede Stefan Jacobsson, leader of the now-defunct Swedish Neo-Nazi party and a long-time militant of the white supremacist movement. Other members of the AFP include the Belgian Hervé Van Laethem, condemned more than once by Belgian courts for racism and a proud supporter of freedom of expression for Holocaust denial; exponents of the Greek neo-Nazi party, Alba Dorata (Golden Dawn), three members of which have seats in the European Parliament; and members of the National Democratic Party of Germany, also neo-Nazi—five governors of German states have recently decided to petition the German Constitutional Court to outlaw it.

To these individuals, the European Parliament will provide a total of approximately € 600 thousand—a surprising decision, given that the regulations on the matter of EU funding for European parties stipulate that any party that receiving funding must respect the principles of “liberty, democracy, respect of human rights, fundamental freedoms, and the state of law.” These safeguards have also been reinforced by the regulations approved by Brussels in 2014 that specifically address the criteria for funding political parties and foundations. Among other things, these new rules, which will come into force by January 2017, include as a prerequisite “respect for European values” as ratified by Article 2 of the Agreements—values that are quite different from those that motivate Roberto Fiore and company. According to its press service, “The European Parliament verifies that the party or the foundation which receives funding respects European values.” It confirms that, “there is nothing which is against Europe, liberty, or democracy” on the AFP’s website. And that seems to be all there is to it: the statement tersely indicated that, “We cannot be required to evaluate the statements of individual members of a party”.

Nonetheless, it is possible for the deputies to block this decision. A quarter of them, representing at least three parliamentary groups, can ask that funding undergo an applicability check to verify whether the party or foundation that receives it still respects the founding principles of the European Union on the subjects of democracy, respect of human rights, and fundamental freedoms.

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Thurs, Apr 14 – Trump on LI, Vigil for Marcelo Lucero

A framed image of Marcelo Lucero at a 2009 vigil in Patchogue a year after his murder.

A framed image of Marcelo Lucero at a 2009 vigil in Patchogue a year after his murder.

Eight years ago Marcelo Lucero, an Ecuadorean immigrant, was brutally murdered by seven teenagers on Railroad Avenue in Patchogue, Long Island. The case drew national headlines at the time not because it was an isolated incident but because it seemed like the peak after a build up of anti-immigrant sentiment during the Steve Levy’s term as County Executive.

Just last week, the Suffolk County Republicans invited Donald Trump to speak at their fundraiser this Thursday, April 14, at the Emporium in Patchogue — on the same block that Marcelo Lucero was stabbed to death. The family has requested that the event be canceled out of respect for Marcelo. Joselo Lucero (Marcelo’s brother), who became an activist after the death of his brother, said that the anti-immigrant rhetoric of politicians like Steve Levy led to his bother’s death. For Trump — an icon who has inspired hate crimes and bold racism from the country’s right wing — to speak at the same location as his brother’s death is a slap in the face.

“This is personal,” Joselo Lucero said. “You know, this is not a reality show where you can say something and you can get away with that…. Every dollar he’s going to collect on Thursday is going to have blood. If he uses this money for his campaign, he’s going to have blood in his hands.”

As expected, Long Island Republican’s have no empathy or respect for the Lucero family, or Long Island’s immigrant community at large. Suffolk Republican Chairman John Jay LaValle has confirmed that the fundraiser will go on, denied any correlation between anti-immigrant sentiment and having Trump as a speaker, and instead blamed immigrants for “opening old wounds.”

The family and supporters will hold a vigil on Thursday starting at 4pm, which is the time of day that Marcelo Lucero was attacked, until 6pm, when Trump is scheduled to leave the fundraiser via helicopter for his NYC appearance.

Vigil for Marcelo Lucero
Thursday, April 14, 2016

4PM to 6PM
95 Railroad Avenue, Patchogue, NY (Corner of Railroad Avenue and Sephton Street

Also, call the Emporium (631) 627-8787 and let them know your thoughts on hosting a racist on the same block an immigrant was murdered.

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Women and Queer convergence called against Trump in Manhattan



On Thursday, April 14th Donald Trump, will attend Manhattan’s GOP gala. Jon Kasich and Ted Cruz, who was not well received in the Bronx, will also be in attendance.  One counter protest group has 4,500 interested, and there’s at least one call for a more militant, Women and Queer-fronted contingent.

From Stay WoQ’s Facebook page:

We are calling a Women and Queers (WoQ) convergenance to
#CrushTrump and #StayWoQ

Say no to Trump, to Clinton and to racism, sexism and homophobia in our movement!

Thursday April 14th, 5:00pm
Rally on the steps of the NYPL
455 5th Ave


The 2016 Republican Primary has become a platform for extreme bigotry and hatred. Since he entered the race, Donald Trump has used this platform to advocate violent misogyny, racism, homophobia, and ableism. He has verbally attacked women and supported patriarchal austerity such as defunding planned parenthood. He has supported state violence against black people and encouraged his supporters to assault black protesters at his events. He has called for a ban on Muslims entering the US and the deportation of all undocumented immigrants. Trump and his supporters live in fear of losing the social benefits they expect from whiteness, masculinity or ‘entrepreneurship,’ AKA getting over by exploiting others. To them, these things made America “great,” while women, queers and people of color are ruining it. If we want to survive, Trump and his supporters must be fought. And the fight is already beginning.

On March 19th, after mass protests took place in Chicago, St Louis, and Kansas City, the anti-Trump movement came to New York. Hundreds of communists, socialists, and liberals came together against a common enemy. Yet despite violent misogyny being a staple of the Trump campaign, many liberal men involved protest seemed more interested in parroting his misogyny than fighting it. Slogans like “Trump sits down to pee” and “Trump is a c****” were common, and women protesters were sexually harassed by men.

But our counterattack on Trump can’t be reduced into a campaign for Hillary. Clinton actively bullied rape victims to keep them quiet, who expanded wars that have caused the death and displacement of millions, who endorsed welfare reform that demonized women of color and pushed most working class women and the majority of children in the USA into poverty. We will never back a candidate who supported coups that have lead to murders of activists like Berta Caceras, and whose feminism is about empowering rich white women while undocumented women are deported and locked away in detention camps. Clinton fronts like a feminist fighting for “working mothers,” but the reality is that most women and queer people still work the least glamorous jobs for lower wages than men, or for no wages at all. Even liberal queer organizations, like HRC, tell us that Hillary called Nancy Reagan a “low-key advocate” who “started a national conversation about HIV/AIDS” when in reality Nancy Reagan ignored and mocked tens of thousands of queer people dying of what was then known as “the gay plague.”

Women and queer people, especially people of color, are the most affected by the social and economic crisis that created the Trump candidacy, and we have the most to lose if Trump gains power. We can’t afford to be ignored by the Democrats, or harassed by sexist and heteronormative activists. We refuse to run and hide from bigots and misogynists, and we dont get fooled by liberals. Instead, we fight back. We stay woke.


This space will respect a diversity of tactics. We will not aid the police by physically preventing protesters from taking actions they deem necessary, collaborating with politicians or police, publicly denouncing protesters for engaging in self-defense or property damage. We will avoid posting potentially incriminating photos or video.

Be sure to also check out It’s Going Down’s essays about organizing against Trump and his supporters.

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Protest Trump on Long Island & NYC – April 6th & 14th

9599_1691109527774780_7089893108126193482_nLONG ISLAND:
Weds, April 6, 4:30 PM
Bethpage, NY

Thursday, April 14, 5:30 PM
New York State Republican Gala
Grand Hyatt Hotel,

109 East 42nd Street (at
Grand Central Terminal)

We have listened for long enough. Now it is time to come together on Long Island against hate. It is time to stand on the shoulders of those who built our communities, and come together as Long Islanders and say, “Mr. Trump – you do not speak for us; you do not represent us and we will not let your bigotry, xenophobia, misogyny, racism and hatred go unanswered anymore.”

Since June, we have listened to Donald Trump attack women, Mexicans, Muslims, the disabled, and anyone who didnt support Making America Hate Again. We have listened to Mr. Trump encourage his supporters to “knock the hell” out of protestors offering to pay their legal fees and suggest that he’d like to “punch (a protestor) in the face.” We have listened to him disparage his fellow republican candidates, denigrate the democratic candidates, belittle the press and deprecate all who disagree with him.

On this day we will come together, and say no to his thirst for hatred and violence.

for more, see —
Long Island:
New York City:

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