Drawing Lines Against Racism and Fascism

Crypto-fascists and pro-White separatists are entering and recruiting from progressive circles. This essay offers some guidelines for identifying and dealing with this problem.

In the not-so-distant past, one had little problem identifying a White separatist. Generally, they came in two styles: white hoods and burning crosses, or oxblood Doc Martens and swastika tattoos. Both were usually shouting vulgar epithets about African-Americans, Jews, and LGBTQ folks. And their relationship with the Left was usually in the form of breaking either bookstore windows or activists’ bones—if not outright murder. Barring them from progressive spaces was an act of physical self-preservation—not a show of political principles in drawing a line against ideological racism and fascism.

Today, White separatists don’t always come in such easily identifiable forms, either in their dress or politics. A part of the White separatist and related Far Right movement has taken some unusual turns. Some fascists seek alliances with ultranationalist people of color—a few of whom, in turn, consider themselves fascists. New types of groups embrace White separatism under a larger banner of decentralization. For many decades, the Far Right has disguised or rebranded its politics by establishing front groups, deploying code words, or using other attempts to fly under the radar. As the years pass by, some of these projects have taken on lives of their own as these forms have been adopted by those with different agendas. Simultaneously, there is a revival of fascist influence within countercultural music scenes. And intertwined with these changes is a renewed attempt on the part of some White separatists to participate in, or cross-recruit from, progressive circles.

This essay was written after a multi-year collaboration with a number of anti-fascist activists; we have struggled to understand this new phenomenon and craft ways to deal with it. I will attempt to: explain why Far Right actors should not be allowed to participate in progressive circles, suggest criteria regarding where the line should be drawn in defining which politics are problematic enough to take action against, and offer suggestions on how to communicate with and encourage individuals who may want to leave those movements.

Read the full article “Drawing Lines Against Racism and Fascism” here.

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ALERTA! Ultra-Right Wing Paramilitary Group Issues 24-Hour ‘Leave or Die’ Threat Against Animal Rights Activists in Colombia

10983206_10153176036782813_8628928763847274685_nOn December 10th, a group of Colombian Animal Rights activists—who are fighting the barbaric ‘art’ of bullfighting—received death threats from the ultra-right wing Aguilas Negras (Black Eagles). The paramilitaries, in addition to narco-trafficking, are involved in the violent and often murderous suppression of the whole spectrum of the left in Colombia—all done with the tacit support of the government. The Aguilas Negras have targeted Afro-Colombian rights activists, trade unionists, anarchists, indigenous leaders, communists and journalists critical of the government and its right-wing policies. In December, they issued  a similar letter to 14 journalists and media organizations. This month, two journalists  have been assassinated. In the past several days, two other left-wing figures have also been given 24 hour ‘leave or die’ notices. Continue reading

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Urgent Protest Against Japanese Historical Revisionists!

bust japanese fascists

Japanese Nationalists are attempting to revise the history of “Comfort Women”* and are hosting an event in NYC.

The speakers include Yumiko Yamamoto, currently the president of the “Comfort Women” denialist group Nadeshiko Action, and formerly of the notoriously racist Zaitokukai, which has threatened the lives of Koreans in Japan with its explicit hate-speech demonstrations in the streets and in front of schools. With support by the current administration, far-right nationalism in Japan is rising faster than ever. We must let them know that we are here to fight back!


*”Comfort women” were the women forced into sexual servitude for the Japanese military during the WWII.

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’70s British Punks Against the National Front

Anti-fascist history time: a story about punk rock, Rock Against Racism, the National Front, and the Anti-Nazi League in 1970s Britain.

‘See Them Ah Come, But We Nah Run’ – A view from the ground of campaigning against the National Front

Colin Revolting

April 1978 In the middle of 70,000 young people who’ve come to rock against racism, me and two school friends join everyone around us singing, “Sing if you’re glad to be gay…” If we dared utter these words at school we’d be beaten up – which is what happened to two lads caught kissing in the bushes. There’s no sense of threat in this crowd today, singing along with Britain’s first openly gay pop star Tom Robinson. We’ve marched five miles from Trafalgar Square waving Anti-Nazi League lollipop placards to be part of this Carnival Against the Nazis and we will be leaving having expressed our solidarity with gay people. What an amazing day.

Leaving the area is not so much fun. As hundreds of coaches pull away from Victoria Park handfuls of racists crawl out of pubs to heckle the thousands leaving. They are hardly brave to shout at departing vehicles, but the three of us have lost our gang of school friends so we slip past the racists searching for a bus home to South East London. Meanwhile skinheads in a pub in Deptford make one of the local punk bands play “Happy Birthday” for Adolf Hitler. The majority of Deptford voters put their cross against anti-immigrant Nazi parties in the 1976 local elections. People are divided.   May 1978 Our 6th Form is 98% white. Racism is not as bad as it was in lower years, but there’s fear and ignorance about immigration.

Inspired by the carnival, me and some school friends agree to leaflet Eltham High Street against the NF. We meet outside the library (we are sixth formers) and an ANL man arrives on a motorbike with a pile of leaflets. As we hand them out some people are hostile, some welcome the leaflets and most don’t react at all. One bloke sees the swastika on the leaflet say National Front is a Nazi Front and sees red. “I fought against the Nazis in the war,” he spits. “We’re Anti-Nazis,” we say. “I don’t care what kind of Nazis you are, bugger off!” When we manage to clear up the confusion and he tells us about chalking slogans on the streets in the 1930s against Mosley’s Blackshirts and sticking posters on the backs of buses.

Click here for the rest of Part One, and here for Part Two.

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Fascists, neo-Confederates, and U.S. Communists in Moscow

Three Way Fight is reporting that the International Action Center (founded as a front group for the crypto-Trotskyist sect the Workers World Party) recently attended a Moscow conference along with Far Right groups like the white nationalist League of the South and the Eurasian Youth Union, a fascist Duginist group.

“Moscow conference draws fascists, neo-Confederates, U.S. leftists”

For decades, some far right opponents of the U.S. empire have been trying to make common cause with leftists. They got another opportunity in December 2014 at an international conference in Moscow on the “Right of Peoples to Self-Determination and Building a Multi-Polar World.” The conference was organized by the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia (AGMR). Participants included U.S. leftists from the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and the International Action Center (IAC) — both of which are closely associated with the Workers World Party — alongside Russian and Italian fascists and U.S. white nationalists from the neo-Confederate group League of the South.

It’s worth looking at this convergence in some detail as it speaks to an important pitfall confronting leftists involved in anti-imperialist coalitions. UNAC and IAC articles about the Multi-Polar World conference portrayed it as a progressive event against war, racist violence, and repression. The IAC reported, “Major themes of the discussion were the US-backed war against the people of Donetsk and Lugansk in eastern Ukraine, the expansion of NATO into the former Soviet Union and economic war against Russia, Venezuela and Iran, and the ongoing uprising against racism and police brutality in the United States.” Neither IAC nor UNAC mentioned that a number of far right groups were represented. UNAC did note that attendees included Israel Shamir, “a leading anti-Zionist writer from Israel,” but didn’t mention that Shamir is also a notorious antisemite.

Read the rest of the article at Three Way Fight

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