Reportback on the July 25 International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners

The July 25 International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners was a resounding success! In addition to comrades in Britain, the United States, Finland, Australia, Germany, Sweden, and Bulgaria taking part, the call to action was translated into five different languages and shared thousands of times on social media. The Day of Solidarity brought awareness to antifas that have been imprisoned in the struggle against fascism, and we have shown them that they have support all over the world!


Antifascists in front of the Battle of Cable Street mural in London, England

In Britain, there was benefit with raffle, cakes, cider and a “bash the fash” piñata hosted by Anarchist Black Cross Bristol and Bristol Antifascists. In Pontypridd, Valleys Antifascists/Antiffa’r Cymoedd passed out flyers and stickers. In London, Dywizjon 161 organized a photo op in front of the Battle of Cable Street mural, and Brighton Antifascists and Berkshire Antifascists did similar events. In Corby, supporters of the Corby Anti Fascist Group held a benefit gig. And in Manchester, members of a variety of groups (including “Autonomous anti-fascists from the North West, Liverpool, 161 Crew MCR, ACA MCR and Irish republicans”) called for all antifascist prisoners to be freed, and conducted a moving tribute to our fallen comrades (See below for video).

Portland, Oregon. USA

Rose City Antifa in Portland, Oregon.

Many cities took part in the United States, as well. In New York City, the NYC Anarchist Black Cross hosted a night of videos of the fash getting what they deserve, while supporters ate vegan empanadas and listened to presentations on the prisoners, as well as a speaker from One People’s Project. Portland, Oregon’s Rose City Antifa called for a week of sending postcards to prisoners, asking that they be posted online with the hashtag #PostcardsToPrisoners. In La Puente, California, the Bunny Alliance and Bridgetown DIY hosted a night of music and talks about contemporary fascism, militant anti-fascist resistance, the social revolution in Rojava, and “dealing with fascists and white nationalists within animal liberation and earth liberation movements.” Philly Antifa, Southside Chicago ARA, and Columbus, Ohio’s Sporeprint Infoshop held letter-writings, while the Denver Anarchist Black Cross screened the film 161>88. And RASH USA issued a statement demanding the release of all antifa prisoners without reprisal.


Antifascist solidarity at the Puntala punk festival in Finland.

In Finland, the Varis antifascist network distributed literature at the Puntala punk festival in Lempäälä. In Helsinki, they held a small demonstration in support of Russian antifascist prisoners Alexey Sutuga and Aleksandr Kolchenko and painted solidarity graffiti; and in Tampere they also passed out flyers in support of the prisoners.

In Sweden, the Föreningen Fånggruppen, in conjunction with seven antifa prisoners, issued a statement about the importance of prison solidarity.

Anti-fascist Network in Sydney, Australia.

Anti Fascist Action in Sydney, Australia.

In Australia, AFA Sydney hung banners for Jock Palfreeman, an Australian man imprisoned in Sofia, Bulgaria for defending two Romani men who were attacked by fascist football hooligans. (The July 25 Day of Solidarity originated in 2014 as a Day of Solidarity with Jock Palfreeman.) And in Bulgaria, antifascists also held an event for Jock.

Last, in Berlin, Germany, Minor Treat held a joint benefit dinner for refugees in Germany, and also wrote letters to the antifascist prisoners.

We are excited by the support this event attracted, and hope it expands to even more countries next year—because until fascism is buried in its grave, our comrades will be imprisoned for helping to bury it. NYC Antifa will keep updating the list of anti-fascist prisoners, in order to facilitate solidarity with antifa prisoners year round. We thank everyone who participated in the July 25th Day of Solidarity, and urge all people to not only write these prisoners, but to also continue their work.

No Pasaran!
Until all are free!

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NYC Solidarity Rally with Rojava and the Amara Cultural Center

From Rojava Solidarity NYC:

It is with a heavy heart we share this news of what appears to be a suicide bombing in Suruc, a town in Turkey bordering Kobane. This and the recent attack on Kobane, show that the opposition will use any dirty tactic to destroy Rojava and its revolution. They are grasping at straws because the fighters in Rojava have already shown that their dedication can achieve the nearly impossible.

This attack was an attack on the radical left support structure that is helping sustain the social experiment in Rojava. If this revolution is to succeed, it needs the solidarity and support of anarchist and radical leftists around the world. It is time now more than ever for all those who struggle against the oppression of capitalism and the state to show their conviction.

All the solidarity and respect to those who have risked imprisonment and put their lives on the line to help Rojava!

All the solidarity and respect to those who have died for its cause!


It’s now been confirmed that two young anarchists were killed in the Suruc suicide bombing: Alper Sapan and Evrim Deniz Erol, both 19 years old. Another young anarchist named Caner was seriously wounded.

Revolución Real Ya's photo.
Revolución Real Ya's photo.
Revolución Real Ya's photo.

Rojava Solidarity NYC's photo.
Rojava Solidarity NYC's photo.
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Fourteen Years Later: Carlo Vive!

carloviveFrom our article last year:

[Fourteen] years ago today, Italian Anarchist Carlo Giuliani was murdered by carabinieri during the protests against the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy. Each successive mobilization of the Anti-Globalization years (1999-2002) became increasingly more militant, and attracted hundreds of thousands of protesters. State repression followed along these lines, and during the 2001 Genoa protest (which is often considered to be the apex of the Anti-Globe summit protests), the brutality and repression of the state also reached its height.

Carlo Giuliani was part of the black bloc, and came across a Land Rover with carabinieri, which was isolated from other state forces. (Carabinieri are the national military police of Italy, and they boast an illustrious history of violently suppressing dissent since Mussolini was in power.) The carabinieri and other security forces were brutal during the protests — they beat and gassed peaceful protesters as they were unable to catch the swift-moving bloc, one of the reasons this tactic is often employed by anarchists. Arrested protesters reported being beaten and tortured until they agreed to shout “Vive Il Duce!” When Carlo and others happened upon the Land Rover, rocks and a fire extinguisher were brandished. A carabiniere responded with a bullet to Carlo’s brain. Another then ran him over, as he lay bleeding, with their SUV. The carabinieri were never brought to trial and the charges against them were dismissed.

Carlo’s murder was not the end of state brutality during Genoa. One day later, on July 21st, carabinieri raided the Diaz School, where many protesters were sleeping, ostensibly looking “for the black bloc.” The witness testimony is horrendous:

But nothing could save our friends across the street, at the school where people were sleeping and where another section of the Independent Media were located. The police entered: the media and the politicians were kept out. And they beat people. They beat people who had been sleeping, who held up their hands in a gesture of innocence and cried out, “Pacifisti! Pacifisti!” They beat the men and the women. They broke bones, smashed teeth, shattered skulls. They left blood on the walls, on the windows, a pool of it in every spot where people had been sleeping. When they had finished their work, they brought in the ambulances. All night long we watched from across the street as the stretchers were carried out, as people were taken to the jail ward of the hospital, or simply to jail. And in the jail, many of them were tortured again, in rooms with pictures of Mussolini on the wall.

Today we remember Giuliani and all the others who have fallen in the struggle against fascism and oppression. Carlo Vive!


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NYPD a client of Italian Hacker fascists

Last week thousands of internal communications and invoices from the Italian firm Hacking Team were published on Wikileaks. In the emails it has been revealed that the NYPD was a client, along with the FBI and other government security agencies and death squads worldwide. Comrades in Italy have noticed something else in the leaked emails: Hacking Team CEO David Vincenczetti and his employees gleefully quote slogans from the fascist era. From Infoaut:

At the end of his email Vincezetti David, the pathetic CEO that we have seen scrambling in recent days to defend his indefensible (and incompetent) company, has a habit of greeting with a nice “Boia chi Molla” [note: this roughly translates to: Executioners who Spring, a phrase that means something like “death to traitors”]  ( 1  – 23 ). This nostalgia is confirmed by other Mussolini quotes… So, as usual, we know all too well who is going hand in hand with police, dictators, rulers and other worms …

Along with NYPD officers defending Stormfront in Wikipedia edits, ongoing collaboration between the KKK and US police departments, instances like this show how the liberal democratic State, although publicly rejecting fascist organizations as a radical threat, rely upon its authoritarian ethos and Blackshirt ideologues whenever threatened.

In related news, Open Whisper Systems’ Moxie Marlinspike was profiled in the Wall Street Journal, which quotes the government agencies and police departments who might purchase Hacking Team’s software concerns about his secure messaging app Signal – a reminder that we always need to say one step ahead of the Suits and Spooks out there.

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NYC Event for the July 25th International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners!

free all antifa prisonersvia NYC Anarchist Black Cross:

Saturday, July 25th

The Base
1302 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Directions Below
NOTE: The Base is on the ground floor, is wheelchair accessible, and has a gender neutral toilet.

(Watch fascists get what’s coming to them!)

(Delicious & Vegan!)

(Learn about anti-fascist movements from around the world and the comrades in jail for fighting the good fight!)

(Sign cards that we will send to all antifa prisoners!)

Free, but donations are appreciated.

Continue reading

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