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  • ’70s British Punks Against the National Front

    Anti-fascist history time: a story about punk rock, Rock Against Racism, the National Front, and the Anti-Nazi League in 1970s Britain. ‘See Them Ah Come, But We Nah Run’ – A view from the ground of campaigning against the National Front Colin Revolting April 1978 In the middle of 70,000 young people who’ve come to rock […]

  • Chilean Neo-Nazis Murder Punk Rocker

    The news this week that a neo-Nazi gang in Santiago, Chile has murdered a punk rocker unfortunately comes as little surprise. Numerous countries in Latin America and Asia are now rife with neo-Nazi groups. They are reinterpreting the old, white Nazi skinhead culture — and it’s spawn “Rock Against Communism” — to create a new […]

  • BLADE LOKI – No Pasaran!

    NO PASARAN (Blade Loki, 2006)

  • Chumbawamba – The day the nazi died

    Chumbawamba live, Düsseldorf, 23.04.2000 we’re tought that after the war the nazis vanished without a trace but battalions of fascists still dream of a master race the history books they tell of their defeat in ’45 but they all came out of the woodwork on the day the nazi died  they say the prisoners of […]

  • Love music /// Hate Fascism! #1

    Here is a recommend list of antifascist bands as of July of 2009. We will try to update this list soon with more genres and diversity…