Fri, July 25: Antifa Prisoner Jock Palfreeman Event at the Base

from the NYC Anarchist Black Cross

BK/NY – Friday, July 25th – Day of Solidarity With Antifascist Prisoner Jock Palfreeman

WHAT: International Day of Solidarity
WHEN: 7:00pm, Friday, July 25th
WHERE: The Base1302 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11221 (directions below)
COST: Free, but donations are appreciated.

Jock Palfreeman is an antifascist prisoner in Bulgaria. Originally from Australia, he came to the aid of two Roma men being attacked by a mob of neo-Nazi football hooligans, and in the intervening fight one of the attackers was killed. After a biased trial, Jock received a 20-year sentence, which he is serving in a notoriously rundown prison in Sophia, Bulgaria. The Bulgarian government has refused to allow his transfer to Australia to serve his sentence, despite international agreements, unless his family pays a massive ransom.

In response to a call for an international day of solidarity with Jock, we’ll talk a little about the situation of the Roma, show a documentary about Jock’s case, eat popcorn, and write letters asking that Jock be transferred to Australia. At his request, we’ll be taking donations for the Bulgarian Prisoners Association, which he is chair of; they will be used for a legal aid defense fund and for lawyers to protect prisoners against punishments of the prison.

For more information on Jock Palfreeman:
Freedom for Jock Palfreeman (facebook group)

Getting to The Base is simple:
From the M Train:
Central Avenue Stop: Walk east on Myrtle Avenue (away from Hart Street, toward Cedar Street). We’re about two blocks down on the south side of the street.

Knickerbocker Avenue Stop: Walk west on Myrtle Avenue (away from Harman Street, toward Himrod Street). We’re about three blocks down on the south side of the street.

From the L Train:
DeKalb Avenue Stop: Walk south on Stockholm Street (away from Wyckoff Avenue, toward Irving Avenue). We’re about four blocks down, at the intersection of Stockholm Street and Myrtle Avenue.

From the J Train:
Myrtle Avenue Stop: Transfer to the M train and follow the above directions.

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Carlo Vive!

Remember CarloThirteen years ago today, Italian Anarchist Carlo Giuliani was murdered by carabinieri during the protests against the G8 summit in Genoa, Italy. Each successive mobilization of the Anti-Globalization years (1999-2002) became increasingly more militant, and attracted hundreds of thousands of protesters. State repression followed along these lines, and during the 2001 Genoa protest (which is often considered to be the apex of the Anti-Globe summit protests), the brutality and repression of the state also reached its height.

Carlo Giuliani was part of the black bloc, and came across a Land Rover with carabinieri, which was isolated from other state forces. (Carabinieri are the national military police of Italy, and they boast an illustrious history of violently suppressing dissent since Mussolini was in power.) The carabinieri and other security forces were brutal during the protests — they beat and gassed peaceful protesters as they were unable to catch the swift-moving bloc, one of the reasons this tactic is often employed by anarchists. Arrested protesters reported being beaten and tortured until they agreed to shout “Vive Il Duce!” When Carlo and others happened upon the Land Rover, rocks and a fire extinguisher were brandished. A carabiniere responded with a bullet to Carlo’s brain. Another then ran him over, as he lay bleeding, with their SUV. The carabinieri were never brought to trial and the charges against them were dismissed.

Carlo’s murder was not the end of state brutality during Genoa. One day later, on July 21st, carabinieri raided the Diaz School, where many protesters were sleeping, ostensibly looking “for the black bloc.” The witness testimony is horrendous:

But nothing could save our friends across the street, at the school where people were sleeping and where another section of the Independent Media were located. The police entered: the media and the politicians were kept out. And they beat people. They beat people who had been sleeping, who held up their hands in a gesture of innocence and cried out, “Pacifisti! Pacifisti!” They beat the men and the women. They broke bones, smashed teeth, shattered skulls. They left blood on the walls, on the windows, a pool of it in every spot where people had been sleeping. When they had finished their work, they brought in the ambulances. All night long we watched from across the street as the stretchers were carried out, as people were taken to the jail ward of the hospital, or simply to jail. And in the jail, many of them were tortured again, in rooms with pictures of Mussolini on the wall.

Today we remember Giuliani and all the others who have fallen in the struggle against fascism and oppression. Carlo Vive!


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W.A.S.P. Guitarist Blames ‘N***er Music’ For His Lack of Fans

crossposted from our comrades at One People’s Project

One People’s Project

In an interview with the metal website Riff Metal Mag, Chris Holmes, a former member of the 1980s metal band W.A.S.P., says he left America and will never return because hip hop and black culture ruined opportunities for heavy metal to flourish.

“Well, unless you’re the opposite of me — a hip-hop artist or a rapper — you won’t sell in America anymore,” he said in the videotaped interview during Hellfest 2014 last month in Clisson, France. “There’s no rock magazines anymore. The black culture has really… The black culture has taken hip hop to white… The white culture and all the kids act like that; they wear their pants down. I think it’s… I’m not 100 percent sure, but I when they go to school and they listen to hard rock, it’s called ‘pussy music.’ [They are told] ‘You need to listen to gangster rap.’ I think that’s what it is.”

Earlier in the interview, Holmes, 56, said that he sold all of his belongings in his native California and relocated to Cannes, France. “I left in February, L.A., I left — gone,” he said. “I don’t plan on going back. I’m gone. I ain’t going back to America… At all. I left. Gone, History. I sold everything I had there. I left my dog there. I’m gonna send for him.”

This was not the first time that Holmes has ranted against hip hop and the way it changed the musical landscape. In an interview with a Russian metal site, he was even more offensive in his rant against the music, and in particular whites who adopt the culture. “Yeah, it sucks!” he said to “It’s so called nigger music. I’ll say that word, I don’t care if niggers are in the room or not to get my opinion, that’s the way it is. Rap is just starting to hit Europe, and it kind of makes me sick, because I don’t like it when kids act like niggers.”

Holmes joined W.A.S.P. In 1982 and played with them until 1990, only to return in 1996, performing with them until 2001. Once married to metal guitarist Lita Ford, he is best known for his scene in Penelope Spheeris’s documentary The Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years, where he sat in a pool drinking vodka while his mother sat poolside.

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Nazi Shirts Celebrate German World Cup Win

nazi soccer

“Final Victory / World Champions 2014”; a Nazi cross topples Rio’s Christ the Redeemer

English translation from Dangerous Minds,  original in German at Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

Nazi shirts celebrating Germany’s World Cup triumph pop up on

The combination of Argentina and Germany surely put the subject of World War II in the minds of some onlookers—it turns out that not all of them were outside of Germany. After Germany’s impressive 1-0 victory over Argentina on Sunday, “Unbekannt” (Unknown) has produced Nazi-themed T-shirts to mark the great victory of “Die Mannschaft” (“The Team”—as the German national team is often called).

The iconography is unmistakable, but in order to help with the vocabulary: we all know what “Blitzkrieg” means—the term “Blitzsieg” punningly replaces the word for “war” (Krieg) with the far more innocuous yet in this context still somewhat sinister word for “victory” (Sieg). “Endsieg” means “Final Victory”—as Wikipedia points out, “The term is today almost exclusively used with reference to its meaning in the Third Reich.” (In other words, the use of the word can’t be brushed aside as a reference to the referee’s final whistle or some such.) That Wikipedia entry is worth reading in full, as it points out the complex uses such a term is put to in the present day, many of them sarcastic; Germans are far too aware of their loaded history to throw around such a term lightly. The German word for “World Champion(s)” is “Weltmeister.”

As of this writing, those shirts are still available on It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for to pull them and issue an inevitable apology.

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Polish “Fascists Against Nazism” in Britain

An illuminating backgrounder on fascist organizing in Britain’s Polish immigrant community. There is the same dynamic here in the New York City, in Greenpoint’s Polish enclave. But can you be a fascist and an anti-Nazi at the same time? Maciej Zurowski says Yes.

‘Christ of Nations’ in London

Maciej Zurowski

Workers Have No Country

It was one of those typical London neighbourhood events, where crusties and punks rub shoulders with local working class families. On June 21, a free techno, punk and reggae open-air festival in Tottenham’s Markfield Park, dedicated to the ‘international language of music’, offered residents of the north London borough a chance to enjoy the heat wave together. But the fun ended abruptly when up to 40 football hooligan types crashed the party, pelting bottles, throwing rocks and shooting flares at unsuspecting visitors. A young man was stabbed – fortunately, his injuries were superficial.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 12.48.28 PMThe attackers, who had also assaulted an orthodox Jew nearby, ranged from teenagers to middle-aged men, and wore T-shirts bearing slogans such as “Great Poland”. Most of them were local residents – members of a loose homosocial grouping named Zjednoczeni Emigranci Londyn (United Emigrants London), which largely consists of football ultras of a rightwing persuasion. According to the stickers they have been putting up around the borough lately, ZEL is at the forefront of fighting communism: crossed out hammers and sickles, and a graphic of a muscle-bound skinhead kicking someone on the ground, accompanied by the slogan, “Good night, left side”. Indeed, it appears that even a bunch of punk rockers and local families enjoying a day in the park can be construed as communistic.

Swiftly reacting on social media, the Socialist Worker Party’s front organisation, Unite Against Fascism, referred to the thugs as simply ‘neo-Nazis’, while withholding any further details for the time being. (1) Far-right Polish migrants violently attacking fellow members of ‘our multicultural society’ – these ingredients just proved too spicy for the comrades. And so UAF embarked on a tightrope walk, demanding “Nazis out of Tottenham” on a Monday evening protest in front of Tottenham town hall, while at the same time national secretary Weyman Bennett distanced UAF from any “backlash over immigration”.(2) Unfortunately for UAF, however, the first slogan begs the question as to where the Polish “Nazis” are supposed to go if not back to Poland.

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