Chilean Neo-Nazis Murder Punk Rocker

The news this week that a neo-Nazi gang in Santiago, Chile has murdered a punk rocker unfortunately comes as little surprise. Numerous countries in Latin America and Asia are now rife with neo-Nazi groups. They are reinterpreting the old, white Nazi skinhead culture — and it’s spawn “Rock Against Communism” — to create a new kind of neo-Nazism that’s open to Latinos and other people of color.

“Neo-Nazis kill a young punk with swords and knives in the Plaza de Maipú [Santiago, Chile]“
October 23, 2014


Legion 38

Members of the gang known as “Legion 38″ ambushed a group of punks, beating them, leaving one dead and two wounded.

Security cameras at the intersection of Pajaritos and the 5th of April recorded the moments after the beating that killed Araya Isaac Herrera, 37, nicknamed “The Krusty”.

The man, from the punk subculture, was sharing beers with his friends in the Plaza de Maipú, when eight people approached from two vehicles attacking him with swords, stabbing him in the neck and abdomen. The man later died at the “El Carmen” Hospital.

The witnesses say it was a “raid” by a neo-Nazi gang known as “Legion 38″, who have photos on social networking sites with national socialist and anti-anarchist slogans. 

Friends of the dead man are waiting for the PDI [Investigative Police Force] to give information about the whereabouts of the assailants, otherwise they say there will be reprisals for what occurred.

Neonazis asesinaron a joven punk con sables y cuchillos en la Plaza de Maipú”


“Chile: The New Nazis” (slideshow)
“Neo-Nazism in Latin America”

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NYC Ukraine/Syria Photo Exhibit Attacked

Literature left at the exhibit  (photo: Benjamin Hiller)

Literature left at the exhibit (photo: Benjamin Hiller)

According to Hyperallergic, the curator of a photo exhibit about Syria and Ukraine called Material Evidence was attacked and maced on the morning of Friday, Oct0ber 3. Apparently two individuals entered the exhibit, held on West 21st Street in Manhattan (at the old Eyebeam space) and distributed propaganda in favor of  Ukrainian fascist groups (including the Azov Battalion), before a third came in and maced the exhibit’s curator, Benjamin Hiller. Regarding his assailant, Hiller said:

He asked me if I am the guy responsible for the exhibition, that we have brought shame on the Ukraine people. I tried to explain that we show also the killed [Euromaidan] protesters, but then he pulled out pepper spray, sprayed it in my face and kicked against the table and my laptop fell on the ground.

This is not the first time pro-fascist Ukrainian activists in the United States have attacked those who they perceive to be their opponents; in April, Right Sector activists stormed a meeting in Chicago.

Read the full story: Mostafa Heddaya, “NYC Photo Exhibition Vandalized, Curator Attacked”

See also: Colin Moynihan, “Exhibit on Ukraine Displays Signs of Vandalism

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Matthew Lyons on the Anti-State Right

from Three Way Fight

Anti-State Politics on the Far Right: audio and readings

[Matthew Lyons] gave a talk on “Anti-State Politics on the Far Right” at the A-Space Anarchist Community Center in Philadelphia, 9 June 2014. An audio recording of the talk is available here. (Thanks to Suzy S. for recording it!)

This is the description of the talk from the A-Space calendar:

In the era of Hitler and Mussolini, fascists glorified strong nation-states and highly disciplined, top-down organizations. But today, many far rightists advocate political decentralization. Some neo-nazis argue that any law enforcement above the county level is illegitimate, while others promote a strategy of “leaderless resistance” to establish an all-white society. Some far rightists even call themselves anarchists, notably the National-Anarchists, who call for a decentralized system of separate ethnic groups. Meanwhile, one of the most hardline branches of the Christian Right, known as Christian Reconstructionists, wants to impose a theocracy based on biblical law, which would be enforced mainly through local institutions, especially the church and the patriarchal family.

Matthew Lyons will discuss how anti-state politics became so popular on the far right, what the main versions of it look like, and how it relates to the far right’s commitment to social hierarchy and exclusion. He will also address efforts by some far rightists to build alliances with anarchists and other leftists, and how leftists have responded.

read the rest of the post here

from the talk:

“I think that there are certain features of US history that lend themselves to this kinds of politics. From the colonial period on, the US power structure has always relied on decentralized groups of armed men to enforce order: the slave patrols, lynch mobs, the militia units on the border that were fighting Indians. These are not disciplined, centrally created or directed organs of state power—but they have been vital for maintaining the system of racial oppression, and the system of economic oppression, that the US has been based on for centuries.”

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We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget: RIP Pavlos Fyssas

RIP KILLAH P One year ago today, September 18th, Greek rapper and antifascist, Pavlos Fyssas, also known by his stage name, Killah P, was fatally stabbed after he was assaulted leaving a cafe in Piraeus, Greece, with his girlfriend and two other friends by the black-shirted thugs of Golden Dawn. Pavlos helped his friends to escape and stood to confront the 20-25 neo-Nazi scum surrounding him, many wielding sticks.

Police officers of the loathsome Greek DIAS motorcycle squad were on the scene. DIAS cops–as all of them do–routinely brutalize protesters, anarchists, immigrants and collude with and offer protection to Golden Dawn. Such was the case last year, when appeals by Pavlos’ friends to intervene to prevent the assault were met with responses such as, “They are too many,” and, “What can we do?”

While the police did nothing to help, as is the norm, a man drove up to Pavlos, jumped out of the car, and stabbed him twice in the chest and once in the abdomen. Pavlos held on to life for 20 minutes afterwards, and named his assailant repeatedly. The name of his killer were the last words he spoke.

Four months later, in January 2014, over 100 Golden Dawn members destroyed the memorials for Pavlos at the place he was stabbed to death. Afterwards, they marched through town, destroying anti-fascist, anarchist and leftist posters, banners, and graffiti, escorted by their friends, the DIAS motorcycle police. The neo-Nazis then went on to attack the Resalto, an anarchist social center. The dozen or so anarchists inside the space were able to repel the attack, and watched as the cops told Golden Dawn, after awhile, to simply leave–there were no arrests or consequences for their thuggery.

Today, we remember Pavlos Fyssas, and we echo our comrades in the Resalto– “FASCIST MURDERERS, WE WILL CRUSH YOU!”

never forgive; never forget

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Philadelphia, Sept. 6 “March Against Racists and Rapists”

From Philly Antifa

March Against Racists and Rapistsphilliemarch

6:00 PM SHARP September 6th, 2014

Tacony Library, 6742 Torresdale Ave, Philadelphia

Drive the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis Out of Philly

Neo-Nazis and members of the KKK are living and organizing in Tacony, and Philadelphia in general.  KKK grand dragon William Walters, who lives at 7111Torresdale, infiltrated a local neighborhood watch until he was discovered and expelled.  Following his expulsion, Walters and several other Klansmen staged a demonstration outside the Tacony library.  With almost no notice, a protest was called and many people from Tacony who happened to just be passing by joined with Anti-Racists to oppose the Klan.

Since the rally, Walters has been giving interviews to media advocating for a return to the racism, segregation and sexism of 1860’s America. Walters is also attempting to start his own Klan-run neighborhood watch in Tacony.

Another Racist and Fascist organization operating in the area is the Keystone State Skinheads (KSS), also known as Keystone United (KU) and/or the Be Active Front USA (BAF).  Several members and supporters of KSS live in Philadelphia, some of them in Tacony.  KSS organizes a march and rally in Fairmount Park annually (billed as a “Leif Ericson Day” celebration) and has recently been spotted putting up racist and fascist graffiti around North Philly, some of which has been covered up by

Like Walters’ Klan group, KSS claims to not be racist or violent.  But like the KKK, members of KSS have been involved in assault, rape and murder, often purely because of the victims race. In fact, the head (and co-founder) of KSS, Steve Smith, is a former Klansman himself.

In May, a supporter of KSS and former attendee at their Leif Ericson Day event, Vincent Pellegrino, raped a woman in Kensington before driving his car into a wall, killing himself.

Vincent’s brother, Nunzio, is a KSS member who as been putting up Nazi and Racist graffiti around Philadelphia. He lives at 6403 Ditman street.

The Philadelphia director of KSS, Anthony James (A.J.) Olsen, lives at 2912 Knorr Street with his girlfriend and KSS Supporter Briana Pietropaula.

Philly KSS member Joseph Phy lives with his partner and fellow Nazi Stacey Sautner at 4383 Salmon Street in Bridesburg.

In good news, shortly after a demonstration by a small group of Tacony residents and Philly Antifa, 2 key organizers for KSS who were also living in Tacony moved out of the city.

Antifa Philadelphia thinks enough is enough.  We are calling on all Anti-Racists, Anti-Fascists, Feminists, GLBT and anyone else opposed to the KKK and KSS organizing and living in our city to join us for a March Against Racists and Rapists through Tacony.

We will gather at the Tacony Library at 6:00pm.

A better world is possible, but not if we have to be dealing with these assholes for the rest of our lives. Be part of the solution to inequality. Be Anti-Fascist.

In Solidarity,
Antifa Philadelphia

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