Rose City Antifa statement on the SPLC

From our comrades at Rose City Antifa:

The SPLC article about Stormfront has been circulating around. We did not publish it due to serious political disagreements with the SPLC and their position in the article itself. It may however be useful to outline those issues briefly, and post an article based on the SPLC piece.

The SPLC characterizes the far left as equally problematic as the far right. Groups like ARA and Earth First! are also classified as dangerous extremist organizations by the SPLC. The SPLC has published numerous smear pieces on militant antifascists while simultaneous co-opting our research and taking credit for our gains. We must admit, the SPLC does do useful research on ongoing far right activity. However the over-arching politic is not one we can support.

In the article the SPLC posits that increased government intervention including censoring Stormfront and increased surveillance of neo-Nazis are good solutions. We feel that this misses the very obvious point that the U.S. gov’t is an agent of white supremacy. Any increased gov’t powers will be used more, and with greater force against the left. There are very clear *reasons* why neo-Nazi and far right activity is ignored whereas leftist activity faces constant repression, is branded terrorism, and gets long prison sentences. It is not a case of the Department of Homeland Security having “taken its eye off the ball”, it is a case of a system devoted to maintaining massive inequalities that serve capitalist interest.

Anyway, we feel the SPLC statistics when extracted from their messaging are important. They demonstrate that white supremacists are extremely dangerous, which is something that we are constantly stressing in our education and outreach. We feel that the far right should be monitored and vigorously opposed. They should not be allowed to have platforms or networking opportunities. However, we feel that this opposition should come from working class communities themselves and not from the state.

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New Campaign: Welcome Home Cody Lee Sutherlin (Tinley Park Five)

Originally posted on NYC Anarchist Black Cross:

cody_2013 Cody Lee Sutherlin of the Tinley Park 5 is due to be released from prison in June. So Bloomington ABC , NYC ABC , and Sacramento Prisoner Support have launched a campaign to start a release fund for Cody Lee.

“In May 2012 five antifascists were arrested and, in early 2013, took non-cooperating plea deals for 3 felonies each for taking part in emphatically stopping a meeting of white supremacists organizing under the guise of the Illinois European Heritage Association at a restaurant in Tinley Park, Illinois. For more information, see

Cody Lee Sutherlin is the third of the five to be released, rejoining us in early June. Bloomington ABC, NYC ABC, and Sacramento Prisoner Support have launched a campaign to start a release fund for Cody Lee. By the time Cody Lee is released he’ll have been locked up for just over two years…

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Ride for Freedom: an Anti-deportation Internationalist motorcade

photo 4iceCream[English]

A caravan of NYC activists –in solidarity with immigration resistance– rode in “Ride for Freedom: an Anti-deportation Internationalist motorcade”, to arrive to the Immigration and Costumes Enforcement Detention Facility at 182-22 150Avenue, Queens, NY for a noise demonstration.

The demo was a success, there were no arrests and we made our voices heard loud and clear against the cruelty of the prison complex and against the massive deportations taking place recently. The demonstration was also in solidarity with the hunger strikes: “This month alone, 1,000 immigrant detainees in Washington state launched a hunger strike against inhuman conditions and deportation. Demonstrators outside chained themselves together and blocked deportation busses bound for the border.”

We were joined by class traitors such as: the riot police from the prison, the prison guards (who in their confusion and not knowing what to do started filming us, even though we were fully aware there is CCTV everywhere outside the prison in plane sight.) There was also a white van apparently used for prison transport, a few cop cars and a police van to carry arrestees.


Una caravana de activistas de la ciudad de Nueva York –en solidaridad con la Resistencia inmigratoria– conducieron en: “ Viaje por la libertad: caravana motorizada internacionalista anti-deportación”, que arribó al Immigration and Costumes Enforcement Detention Facility at 182-22 150Avenue, Queens, NY para una ruido-manifestación.

La manifestación fue un éxito, no hubo arrestados e hicimos que nuestras voces se escucharan fuerte y claro en contra de la crueldad del sistema de prisiones y en contra de las deportaciones masivas llevadas acabo recientemente. La manifestación fue también en solidaridad con la huelga de hambre: “En lo corrido de este mes, mil inmigrantes detenidos en el estado de Washington lanzaron una huelga en contra de las condiciones infrahumanas y las deportaciones. Los manifestantes afuera se encadenaron juntos y bloquearon los autobuses de deportación que iban camino a la frontera.”

Nos acompañaron traidores de clase como: la policía antidisturbios, los guardias de la prisión (que en su confusión y sin saber que mas hacer, nos empezaron a filmar, aunque sabíamos plenamente que las cámaras de circuito cerrado estaban en todas partes fuera de la prisión a plena vista.) También había una camioneta, aparentemente usada como forma de trasporte para prisioneros, unos cuantos automóviles de policía y una camioneta policiaca para transportar arrestados.

photo 3


This is the call for the noise demo:

“Immigrants across the country are standing up. This month alone, 1,000 immigrant detainees in Washington State launched a hunger strike against inhuman conditions and deportation. Demonstrators outside chained themselves together and blocked deportation busses bound for the border. In San Diego, 150 previously deported Mexican immigrants re-crossed the U.S-Mexico border to rejoin their families in an act of civil disobedience. And in Texas, immigrant detainees have declared a second hunger strike against detention and deportation.

In New York City, the American Dream remains a nightmare. After crossing militarized borders, immigrants arrive to find only brutal exploitation, racist cops, cruel bosses, and dilapidated housing. The state government refuses to provide financial aid for undocumented college students, robbing immigrant youth of a future.

Against these obscenities, the recent wave of immigrant resistance offers hope to everyone who is poor, exploited, policed or incarcerated. Stand with the rebels in Washington, California and Texas! Together we can demolish every jail and every border, and share the wealth and freedom that belongs to us all.”



“Lxs migrantes de todo el país se están levantando. Solo en este mes, 1000 migrantes detenidxs en el estado de Washington lanzaron una huelga de hambre en contra de las condiciones inhumanas de las prisiones y de la deportación. Fuera del centro de detención, manifestantes que estuvieron en solidaridad con las huelgas se encadenaron juntxs y paralizaron los autobuses enviados a dejar migrantes en la frontera. En San Diego, 150 migrantes Mexicanxs deportadxs, se atrevieron a regresar a los Estados Unidos por la frontera para reunirse con sus familias en un acto de desobediencia civil. Y hasta en Tejas, detenidxs migrantes declararon otra huelga de hambre en contra de la detención y deportación.

En Nueva York, el Sueño Americano sigue siendo una pesadilla. Después de cruzar fronteras militarizadas, los migrantes llegan a encontrar la brutal explotación, racismo de la autoridad, jefes crueles, y hogares inhabitables. El gobierno estatal también niega proveer apoyo financiero para estudiantes universitarixs sin documentos, robándole el futuro a la juventud migrante.

En contra de esta brutalidad, la reciente ola de resistencia migrante ofrece esperanza a todxs lxs pobres, explotadxs, controladxs o detenidxs. ¡Ponte de pie con lxs rebeldes en Washington, California, y Tejas! ¡Juntxs podemos demoler cada cárcel y cada frontera para compartir la riqueza y libertad que nos pertenecen a todxs!”

photo 1


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Updates on National Anarchist infiltrations in the New York area

In a recent interview with a fascist Dutch Magazine NATA‘s commander, Craig Fitzgerald, boasted that despite being rejected by all anarchists in NY for their support of White Nationalism and Holocaust denial, they are “Continuing to collaborate with groups as diverse as We Are Change, Occupy Wall Street, Earth First [see update], the Libertarian Party and others.”

Here’s some of NATA’s most active faces. If his claims are true, hopefully these collaborators will find this post and kick the scum from their ranks.


Donald Pomeroy

Pomeroy at NATA's November "Spiritual Anarchy" event

Pomeroy with Leia von Hessen at NATA’s November “Spiritual Anarchy” event

A former Columbia student and software writer currently living in Connecticut, Pomeroy skirts the scenes of “voluntaryism” (anarcho-capitalism) and Occidentalism (Nationalistic European romanticism). He joined the National-Anarchist fray this November by renting the backroom of a Williamsburg bar under the pretense of a birthday party. In reality, the event was a NATA social with power-point presentations and distribution of  their literature. After the bar found they had been duped, the owner told Pomeroy the money from the rental would be donated to Lower East Side punk community center ABC No Rio, which NATA threatened to protest last year.


**UPDATE:** After discussions with comrades at Earth First! the individual in question has formally quit NATA, so we have removed his information.

Miguel Peralta

Mumia would hate you.

A Jersey City based founding member of NATA, Peralta hosts an internet radio show. In 2011, Peralta, along with Gabriel Brown, Jamie O’Hara, and Danny Panzella, hosted an event for Hitler apologist and holocaust denier David Irving.

While Peralta constantly uses his skin color as a defense for associating with the White Power crowd, APOC kicked him out of their Facebook group.

In our own email discussion with Peralta, he confirmed his commitment to Holocaust denial and other racialist NATA positions.

This Winter, Peralta set up a screening of Long Distance Revolutionary, a film about Mumia Abu-Jamal, despite the film’s distributor asking them not to. NATA was in attendance with a table of their propaganda.


Gabriel Brown

Gabriel Brown. Despite his attire, this is the guy who wrote a piece calling antifascists "clowns."

I thought fascists were supposed to have good style?

NATA’s own Goebbels recently posted photos of their participation in Keystone Pipeline and AIPAC protests. At neither event were NATA banners, flags, or propaganda visible, but it would be good to keep an eye out for him in the future. He shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

Robert Erick

Robert Erick

Yes Erick, the Party’s Over, FOR YOU!

Tompkins Square Park wingnut Robert Erick may be borderline illiterate, but he has a lot of connections in the LES radical community, including with many Occupy folks. Recently Erick has been spouting-off about International Jewish Conspiracy more often. Here’s one example:

Picture 10


After all the grief Occupy has had with accusations of connections to right wing groups, hopefully Erick won’t be “collaborating” with post-OWS groupings for much longer.

Danny Panzella

Picture 6

Former Libertarian state senate candidate, former Vice Chairman of the Staten Island Libertarian Party, We Are Change wingnut, and Tea Party member, Panzella supports NATA financially and has come out to their events. Good luck in the next election, Danny!

Finally, we’ll leave you with this delightful screenshot:

Picture 17

ANTIFA never sleeps

As always, any tips are appreciated. Email FascismWatchNYC @

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A few pieces on the upsurge of right-wing populism in the global uprisings



Ukraine's fascists steal our colors

Ukraine’s fascists steal our colors

From Cicada Press: The Circling of the Squares, an upcoming broadsheet with communiques from some of the anti-authoritarian workers and artists countering the Nationalist upsurge in Ukraine.

From Crimethinc: The Ukrainian Revolution and the Future of Social Movements, an analysis of the Nationalism of the Maidan uprising in Ukraine and it’s what it means for the trajectory of mass protest movements.

From Kasama Project: The Solstice. A schematic look at Ukraine, Italy, the United States, and an excellent longer essay about Thailand’s Red vs. Yellow (democrats vs. royalist) conflicts. Ends with a Marxist analysis through a non-parliamentarian historical understanding of the “party.” Worth a read for the Thailand section, for sure.

From Vice: The Egyptian Military’s Long Con is Almost Complete, How the military defeated the Libertarian aspects of the Egyptian revolution with counter-insurgency, including their most recently horrific tactic of sentencing over 500 alleged Islamists to death for their involvement in a protest in which an officer was killed.

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