iTunes pulls White Power music

from Rolling Stone

“Apple Pulls White-Power Music From iTunes”

Apple has removed music with racial supremacy–themed messages from iTunes, following scrutiny from the Southern Poverty Law Center (via Noisey). The winter edition of the organization’s “Intelligence Report” criticized the company for offering music by white-power groups like Skrewdriver, Max Resist and the Bully Boys, as well as offering a “Listeners Also Bought” feature that suggested like-minded hatemongers.

An Apple spokesperson confirmed to Rolling Stone that music was removed. The company was not involved in the creation of SPLC’s report – which an organization spokesman says he compiled from monitoring 15 to 20 white-power websites and combing through the catalogs of defunct white-power label Resistance Records and cross-checking to see if they were hateful – but it took some of the music down as a result of the publication.

read the whole article:

Kory Grow, “Apple Pulls White-Power Music From iTunes”

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Reportback from #IndictAmerica March


#IndictAmerica march on the way to block FDR Drive last night

Last night NYC antifascists joined the Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee’s #IndictAmerica march in Lower Manhattan. Hundreds strong, we were only one march of several taking the streets back from the murderous NYPD, who looked on helpless as we marched on the FDR Drive, Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Flatbush Avenue all the way through Crown Heights and Bed Stuy.

While Anonymous’ #OpKKK has unmasked  Klan and police cooperation in Missouri, the police should be a target of antifascists everywhere. Darren Wilson may be a racist liar, but regardless of the alleged KKK connections he was doing his job—terrorizing people of color.

Even in New York, where the NYPD is said to reflect the city’s diversity, young people of color are constantly harassed and murdered. The United States’ history of slavery and lynch mobs continue with mass incarceration and racial-profiling, trigger-happy cops. For that reason we stand with the unruly youth of Ferguson who have no access to justice, and thus promise this thoroughly White Supremacist society no peace.

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Radical Ecology Against Hipster-Fascism

Anti-CryptofascismThis article by Sasha from Earth First! is partly a reportback from the confrontation at the recent Death in June show in Portland, Oregon. The full article is a longer analysis of what he calls the “hipster-fascist” trend that’s currently the rage in parts of the neofolk, radical ecological, occult, and related scenes, especially on the West Coast.

“Reportback: Fighting the Trojan Horse of Hipster-Fascism in Portland”

“No one surrounds themselves with Runes, totenkopfs and neofolk and REALLY likes the jews. They just pretend they do because they are cowards.”

– James Porrazzo, former leader of the American Front

Some who join me in coming from an ecological background might wonder, why would you protest Death in June, a subcultural neo-folk band that doesn’t really make any ecological claims? Why act against a musical act unless their music sucks? Why not protest somebody more mainstream who is using fascist propaganda, like Nicki Minaj? Then again, why fight people who are literally hipster-fascists, instead of fighting hipsters who are perpetrating gentrification and forwarding state capitalism (which seems, with its prison industry complex, to be almost indistinguishable from fascism).

To be honest, I’ve never listened to Death in June, though I generally dislike what I know about the cultish aspects of neo-folk. It’s not that big of a deal, and I don’t intend to give the band more attention than they’re worth (not a lot). What I’m most worried about, in fact, is the mass politics of the ecology movement becoming fascistic, and DIJ’s politics provide one among many models through which the infiltration of fascist ideas becomes possible.

I showed up to the concert to see whether I could talk to Death in June’s fans and get a sense of what they believe. We hung out outside with some protestors who had arrived early. We spoke about places we’d lived, and we talked a bit about the band. Some people of color showed up to the protest, some anti-racist skinheads, and the energy level was high in the crisp autumnal evening, with a deep sense of solidarity among our side.

As fans began to line up for the show, I took the handy megaphone that my cohort had borrowed from a friend, and I started to ask questions. To repeat: the reason I came to the event, in fact, was to discuss issue-oriented politics with the fans of Death in June, and to express my concern to them in a respectful manner. I prodded them: “Who knows where Death in June gets their name?”

They responded with zombie-like boredom: “We know.”

“Is it from the Nazis?”

“Yes, it’s from the Night of the Long Knives.” …

All these claims rolled like water off a ducks back off the concert-goers. Representing genocide? Situationism! Giving money to a genocidal military? No answer. The crowd continued to insist, “We’re not Nazis! We don’t like Nazis,” until some real Nazi skinheads started to show up and regulate. Even the fans that seemed less Nazi and more Indy (meaning independent, not Indo-European), wore the symbols that the band uses: the totenkopf (the SS’s skull and bones insignia) over a rainbow-colored background, for example. Indeed, the fact that the lead singer is gay is used by fans of the band to suggest the band is actually anti-Nazi. Then again, the leader of the SA, Ernst Röhm, was gay, and noted for hiring his lovers up the SA’s hierarchy. This, of course, did not stop some of the band’s fans from calling the group of around 50 antifascists who came to protest “homophobes.”

read the rest here: Sasha, “Reportback: Fighting the Trojan Horse of Hipster-Fascism in Portland” / Earth First! Newswire

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Darren Wilson is innocent? Indict America

From the Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee:

#INDICTAMERICA: National Day of Action for Mike Brown!

Troy Davis Park (Woodruff Park), 7 pm
Mckeldin Square, 4pm
Detroit Police Department- Eastern District, 7pm
MacGregor Park, 5 pm
Kansas City
Brush Creek Park, 7 pm
List of cities will be updated as more cities announce plans. If you are planning something in your city, contact us as 

Darren Wilson is Innocent. Indict America.

America made Darren Wilson innocent. How long will we dispute these court rulings before we realize they’re telling the harsh truth? Killer cops are law abiding citizens. Darren Wilson says he was just doing his job. He’s right. Richard Haste, Ramarley Graham’s murderer, claims he did nothing wrong. He’s right. Cops who murder black and brown people in the name of capitalist white supremacy aren’t just innocent; they’re commended for a job well done.

We’re sick of pinning our hopes on the courts. Their justice system is a joke. White supremacist capitalism is the law of the land in the U.S., and no judge or jury can change that. Maybe a few cops will see some jail time if people get mad enough. But capitalist courts can never give us justice.

We’re sick of waiting for bogus legal decisions. We understand that people want closure, and our hearts go out to everyone who has lost someone to police murder. But the sooner we realize the courts are incapable of giving us closure, the better.

To America, Darren Wilson is innocent. George Zimmerman is innocent. Richard Haste is innocent. Paul Headley, Michael Carey, Marc Cooper, Gescard Isnora, and Michael Oliver — the pigs who pumped fifty bullets into Sean Bell — are only guilty of loving their jobs a little too much. They’re free to knock back beers with the pigs who murdered Amadou Diallo, and have a good laugh that we’re still holding out for a conviction, for capitalism to reform itself.

- Trayvon Martin Organizing Comittee
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A Response to Sean Ragon

[Sobibór "Himmelstrasse"]

The original Heaven Street. Sobibor Concentration Camp, Poland

NYC Antifa presents this essay in order to further a constructive discussion on the growth of fascist aesthetics in New York’s punk scene. A major problem with asserting our opposition to racist and fascist bands in this scene is that they are entangled with respectable artists, labels, and shops. Nonetheless, the trend is worthy of critique.

Perhaps central to the problem is Sean Ragon, the friendly and generally well-liked singer of Cult of Youth and owner of Heaven Street Records in Bushwick. Ragon has collaborated with many of New York’s best new artists and his record store is an undeniable nexus of New York’s DIY punk scene, known for stocking new releases hard to find elsewhere and for selling exclusive tickets for larger shows and fests.

But for all Ragon’s contributions, he is a main figure in-between fascist music and the generally left-wing or apolitical New York noise, metal, industrial, and punk scenes. The most well-known instance being his support of Death in June through his band Cult of Youth (a euphemism for fascism) and Heaven Street Records (named after a Death in June song about the road in Sobibor concentration camp where up to 200,000 Jews were marched to gas chambers).

Ragon, we presume, is no fascist, he just promotes fascist imagery as way to challenge ideological “systems of control.” He elaborates in an interview with Noisey, Continue reading

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