Please contact the venue – Otto’s Shrunken Head – and let them know
how you feel about bands with white supremacist politics playing at
their club:



On Saturday, October 9th, Otto’s Shrunken Head in the East Village is
slated to hold a show featuring three bands who have direct
connections and affiliations with the white power scene.

Two of the bands, Venganza Tatuada from New Jersey
(http://www.myspace.com/venganzatatuada) and Combate 49
(http://www.myspace.com/combate49) are nationalist supporters of
Colombian death squads. They also proudly count themselves as part of
the Rock Against Communism “music genre,” which despite its name
rarely focuses on the specific topic of anti-communism but instead
have lyrics which typically feature nationalist, neo-Nazi,
anti-Semitic, racist and other violent themes.

Both bands also have strong links with a variety of neo-Nazi groups
both in the United States and in Latin America. In Bogota, Colombia,
Venganza Tatuada is connected to Tercera Fuerza
(http://www.tercerafuerzanacion.org), a neo-Nazi paramilitary
organization. The band is also friendly with several neo-Nazis groups
in Medellin, Colombia.

Neo-Nazi literature, symbols and politics have a long history in Latin
America. They are almost always connected to the death squads and
military regimes that killed or “disappeared” hundreds of thousands of
people in the continent. Hitler’s writings are all well-read, and the
fascists who have read them are the same people who have erased entire
towns off the face of the
planet, run torture chambers, murdered unionists and tortured children.

This is slated to be Venganza Tatuada’s first show, and we certainly
don’t mind stopping them from promoting their hate-fueled brand of Oi!
Colombia has a large antifascist punk scene, currently under attack by
those who share the same politics as Venganza Tatuada and Combate 49.
In opposing these bands in New York, we are standing with our
antifascist comrades in Colombia, extending our solidarity across
borders and sharing in the very real fight against fascists everywhere
they rear their ugly heads.

The other shady band scheduled to play Saturday night is First Strike
(http://www.myspace.com/first1strike). In an interview, members of
First Strike claim to not be a political band. However, they went on
to say “We stand against tyranny be it from the left or the right. You
can say we do have patriotic leanings though.” This is the usual line
of crap we hear from other right-wing bands. They are openly
anti-communist and anti-anarchist, and ally themselves with more
openly white supremacist bands with Odinist themes.

This is a callout to all people who value our music scene, and are
interested in keeping it free of fascist trash, to call or email
Otto’s Shrunken Head and demand that these bands be pulled from
Saturday’s bill.

Anti-Racist Action understands that not all of the bands playing the
show on October 9th are associated with the white power music scene,
but we know some of the bands definitely do have very strong links to
this genre of music. We take issue with bands who might attempt to
keep their lyrics relatively free of racist ideology so they can’t be
accused of being neo-Nazis, but then turn around and support neo-Nazi
causes and use the money from their shows to further white power
culture and ideology. This is the case with at least 3 of the bands
playing this show in the East Village, and we as a community will not
put up with it.

Please contact Otto’s Shrunken Head and let them know how you feel
about bands with white supremacist politics playing at their club:

Otto’s Shrunken Head

For more information, please email NYC Anti-Racist Action –

In solidarity,
NYC Anti-Racist Action


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