Chilean Neo-Nazis Murder Punk Rocker

The news this week that a neo-Nazi gang in Santiago, Chile has murdered a punk rocker unfortunately comes as little surprise. Numerous countries in Latin America and Asia are now rife with neo-Nazi groups. They are reinterpreting the old, white Nazi skinhead culture — and it’s spawn “Rock Against Communism” — to create a new kind of neo-Nazism that’s open to Latinos and other people of color.

“Neo-Nazis kill a young punk with swords and knives in the Plaza de Maipú [Santiago, Chile]”
October 23, 2014


Legion 38

Members of the gang known as “Legion 38” ambushed a group of punks, beating them, leaving one dead and two wounded.

Security cameras at the intersection of Pajaritos and the 5th of April recorded the moments after the beating that killed Araya Isaac Herrera, 37, nicknamed “The Krusty”.

The man, from the punk subculture, was sharing beers with his friends in the Plaza de Maipú, when eight people approached from two vehicles attacking him with swords, stabbing him in the neck and abdomen. The man later died at the “El Carmen” Hospital.

The witnesses say it was a “raid” by a neo-Nazi gang known as “Legion 38”, who have photos on social networking sites with national socialist and anti-anarchist slogans. 

Friends of the dead man are waiting for the PDI [Investigative Police Force] to give information about the whereabouts of the assailants, otherwise they say there will be reprisals for what occurred.

Neonazis asesinaron a joven punk con sables y cuchillos en la Plaza de Maipú”


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