Shut Down the pro-Nazi, RAC “Oi Fest” tonight at the Black Bear!

UPDATE: After outcry against them, Black Bear cancelled the second day of the festival. More on that later.

Another pro-Nazi, Rock Against Communism “Oi Fest” is being held this weekend in New York City. The first show is today, Saturday May 28, at the Black Bear, located on 70 N. 6th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This is the second time this year that the Black Bear has hosted a fascist-linked show.

Call, tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and leave Yelp reviews for the Black Bear and tell them to cancel the show tonight, and what you think of them booking pro-Nazi bands.

Phone: (917) 538-8399

“Rock Against Communism” (RAC) was a name invented by Nazi skinheads in the 1980s to make themselves sound less like, well, Nazis. Today the new RAC scene has become multi-racial, but the bands play the old Nazi songs, sieg heil at shows, play Blood and Honor concerts, welcome patched-in Nazi skinhead gang members at their shows, and have racist political groups table at their concerts.

For background on the RAC Oi Fest, see here, here, and here.

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